How to Find a Job Online (Tools + Tips)

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April 30, 2024
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3 key takeaways

  • Applying for jobs online is the default option for many US job seekers.
  • Multiple job boards can help you find jobs online—learn which one is right for you.
  • Use Teal’s AI Resume Builder and Job Search feature to help you stand out.

Finding a job is never easy. In some ways, finding a job online is even harder.

Before the pandemic, only six percent of employees worked remotely, but over the past year, that number has hovered close to 30 percent. According to the Harvard Business Review, managers don’t expect that number to go down anytime soon.

Due to the rise of remote work, companies are more open to hiring outside their geographical regions, which means job seekers are competing against more applicants.

This is an emerging trend across industries. The top remote jobs include usual suspects like information technology, marketing, accounting, and finance, but even jobs in industries like healthcare have made the list.

This guide will walk you through how to find a job online, how to navigate job-search platforms, tips for applying to online jobs, and advice for landing the gig—including how to track job applications to help you maximize your online job search efforts.

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How to Find a Job Online

In a remote-first world, you need to feel comfortable with the entire job search process, including how to effectively use job-search apps, create an appealing online profile, and tailor your resume for online applications.

Here's how to find a job online using popular platforms and sites:

How to find a job online using job boards

When applying for jobs online, it all starts with the online job platforms. Classified ads are a relic of a bygone era. Knowing the best job-search websites can give you an advantage in your online job search.

Two common online job boards are LinkedIn and Indeed. Teal’s Job Search feature is also an excellent resource for job seekers. Here's a breakdown of all three:

How to find a job online using LinkedIn

LinkedIn is one of the most popular online job platforms in the world. About 95 percent of all job recruiters use LinkedIn to find candidates and LinkedIn claims approximately 65 million people look for jobs on its platform weekly.

Pros to using LinkedIn to find a job online

Apart from the large volume of new postings daily, you can apply directly through LinkedIn. Some jobs even offer an Easy Apply option, which lets you apply using saved profile information. LinkedIn also offers groups and social networking to help you connect directly with hiring managers and recruiters.

LinkedIn Jobs
LinkedIn Jobs show open positions and allow you to filter results

How to use Indeed to Apply for a Job Online

Another noted job board, Indeed boasts 60+ million monthly active users, about a fifth of what you’d find on LinkedIn. Unlike LinkedIn, Indeed is a job board first.

Some career experts rate Indeed’s job search functionality as superior to LinkedIn’s. For instance, you can customize prompts in your search bar with more unique parameters to make it easy to find job postings with the right fit.

Indeed Job Board
Indeed’s job board shows results for a particular job title

Using Teal to apply for a job online

The Job Search feature in Teal is an excellent resource for job seekers looking for an edge over other applicants while job searching online.

Teal’s job board includes helpful features like filters to find remote and hybrid roles, plus you can filter via a combination of job titles, job categories, and keywords to optimize results.

You can also search by salary range and even exclude postings that don’t contain salary information to ensure you spend time on applications you know will be worthwhile.

What’s more, it connects with Teal’s wider platform, including its Job Application Tracker, so you can save jobs directly to a job tracker and also bookmark jobs from anywhere online to help you stay on top of applications during follow-up stages in the hiring process.

Teal’s Job Search features helpful filters to find a remote job online and a one-click “Add to Job Tracker” feature.
Teal’s Job Search tool enables you to save found jobs to a Job Application Tracker to keep track of applications and connects with Teal’s AI Resume Builder.

Plus, Teal’s Job Search feature doesn’t have a bias towards the job listings in search results from companies sponsoring for visibility, which means job seekers can easily focus their time on finding the best jobs for when applying for jobs online.

How to find a job online with no experience

With so many work-from-home jobs available, there are increased opportunities to find a job online, even if you lack relevant experience.

How can you increase your odds of landing a job with no experience and what kinds of things should you look for?

First, try to find high-paying, entry-level jobs that don’t require experience to help you get your foot in the door in a new industry.

In general, jobs that provide mentorship opportunities are ideal when looking for a job online with no experience. These benefits can help you overcome any experience gaps you may have.

Lastly, when applying for a job online when you have no experience, highlight how the accomplishments, skills, and work experiences you have relate to the job description you’re applying for on your resume.

This can be tricky, but thankfully, Teal’s AI-Powered Resume Builder helps edit your resume with suggested keywords and resume best practices tailored for each posting.

Teal's Matching Mode
Teal’s AI Resume Builder provides a Match Score to give instant feedback about keywords and resume structure to help you match your resume to a job posting.

How to find a job online that offers work from home

To secure a work-from-home job, highlight on your resume and cover letter any skills and experiences that showcase your talents in working async, such as time management, self-motivation, and strong organizational skills.

To find remote jobs, focus on online job boards specializing in work-from-home opportunities, or with the option to filter by remote work, like Teal's Job Search engine.

Find remote jobs on Teal
Using Teal’s online Job Search tool, you can choose from any combination of remote, hybrid, or on-site jobs to help find a remote job or a job in another state.

How to apply for a job online

When you’re applying to remote jobs online, any advantage you can gain in the job hunting market can make a big difference in your success rates.

Picking the right job search platform is half the battle. Remember, you need to optimize the whole application process—from searching for jobs online to applying to following up with hiring managers and recruiters.

Let’s look at six online job search tips to help you get ahead.

1. Evaluate what’s most important to you

Ensure the job you land aligns with your goals, values, and needs so you don’t find yourself right back on the job hunt anytime soon.

When applying for remote jobs online, remember, there’s the added element of not having local, physical connections with coworkers. If that’s important to you, consider hybrid or in-office roles.

2. Narrow your job search

Apply for jobs you feel confident you can succeed and enjoy the work. Although it’s not a bad idea to consider postings you’re not fully qualified for, don’t overcompensate by responding to countless postings  you’re underqualified for in bulk. There are better uses of your time.

Narrow your job search by using filters on job boards.

3. Don’t wait too long to apply

If you’re searching for jobs online, the old saying from pre-internet days still applies: The early bird gets the worm.

Within how much time after a job posting is published should you apply? According to a recent Brazen report, applications sent within the first two weeks have the best chance of success as more than 40 percent of postings are filled within 30 days.

It also helps to make a good first impression on recruiters by being near the top of their list. This is especially true online, where remote jobs are now common because many job applications are more competitive than pre-pandemic days.

4. Follow up on applications

Remember, because of the high volume of applicants when you’re searching for a remote job, you might be up against candidates beyond your geographical region. Give yourself any advantage you can give yourself to stay top of mind with hiring managers.

As part of a strategic job-search plan, make sure to always follow up on applications and stay on track with the hiring process for each opportunity you’re pursuing.

Create a resource for yourself such as a job-search tracking spreadsheet or by using Teal’s Job Application Tracker to help you manage the job-search process and keep yourself accountable.

5. Customize your resume

One of the best tactics you can employ in an online job search strategy is to tailor your resume to the job.

Especially when searching for remote jobs online, creating a unique resume is crucial because it increases your odds of earning an interview, helps you get noticed, and demonstrates to recruiters that you’re the best fit for the job because of the customization of your resume.

When your competition applies for the same jobs online, it becomes easy for candidates to apply en masse with the same generic resume. By using Teal’s AI Resume Builder to match your resume with keywords from postings, you instantly have an edge over others.

6. Research the Company

The name of the game for how to find a job online is to stand out from the crowd. If it looks like you’re just applying for a job for the sake of it and you know nothing about the company or why you’d be the best for the position, you’re not doing yourself any favors.

When you apply for the job, research the company’s gaps, its mission, its product and services, and its values. This will help you say something personal and unique about yourself that aligns with the company.

7. Nail the online interview

Perhaps the most important part of finding a job online is learning how to optimize your interview skills over platforms like Zoom or Google Meet.

This extends beyond basic video etiquette too, like meeting in a quiet room with good lighting and a decluttered background. You’ll set yourself up for success with virtual interviews by maintaining a professional online presence and image on your social media profiles.

Even if the company is based in your region or the recruiter lives in your city, experts say to avoid offering to meet a potential employer in person. It’s a flattering request, but can reflect anxiety on your part if not first suggested by the hiring manager.

Pro tip: Teal’s LinkedIn Profile Review Tool is a free Chrome extension that automatically analyzes your LinkedIn profile and offers suggestions for improvement to help your profile stand out and strengthen your professional image online.

Why job seekers prefer Teal to find jobs online

It’s a virtual-first world, which means the search process and the jobs themselves are happening remotely, more candidates are applying for the same jobs as you are, so finding a job that’s a perfect fit for you is more difficult than ever.

You need to pick the right job board to help you discover your dream gig, tailor your resume for the position, and make sure you keep track of your applications to stay ahead of the competition.

Teal’s Job Search and AI Resume Builder can help you find a job and apply for better jobs online.

Sign up for Teal for free to find your next job.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to find a job online?

The best way to find a job online is to use a job board designed to help you discover opportunities for remote work and to update your resume online to show off skills and experiences working remotely. Teal’s Job Search tool helps you find jobs online that are fully remote or by location, and Teal’s AI Resume Builder enables you to customize your resume for remote jobs so you can land an interview.

Which website is best for getting jobs online?

There are lots of websites for getting a job online, including Teal, LinkedIn, and Indeed, and niche sites like FlexJobs or sites for freelancers like Upwork or Toptal. When looking for an online job-search app or website, choose one that helps you find jobs that suit you and manage your applications. Teal is best for finding jobs because it lets you filter by keywords, remote jobs, location, salary, and more and offers a Job Application Tracker to stay organized during your job hunt.

Which jobs are popular for looking for work online?

The most in-demand jobs online are ones that allow you to work from home and do the job remotely. Popular jobs to find online include sales representative, email marketer, SEO specialist, bookkeeper, recruiter, customer service representative, copywriter, and more.

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