10 Best Job Search Websites in 2024 (For Tech and Remote Work)

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February 23, 2024
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3 key takeaways

  • Discover the best websites for your job search.
  • Find niche job search websites to get in-demand jobs in tech.
  • Use Teal's AI Resume Builder to improve your chances of landing your dream job.

Finding job search websites featuring jobs you’d actually want and career tips you’d actually implement is harder than it should be. 

Even when you find a good job board, it may not be applicable to your region or industry. This guide covers job search sites specific to the USA, Canada, and Europe and specialized niches like IT and technology to elevate your job search.

This article covers 10 top job search websites, including niche sites for tech, global, and remote jobs:

  1. Teal Job Board
  2. Glassdoor
  3. Dice
  4. Out in Tech
  5. Indeed (USA)
  6. Workopolis (Canada)
  7. StepStone (Europe)
  8. FlexJobs
  9. We Work Remotely
  10. Remote.co

Understanding job search websites: what to look for

Job search mobile apps and sites have become the digital era's answer to classified ads, offering a streamlined, efficient way to connect job seekers with potential employers.

These job search tools serve as a comprehensive database, aggregating job listings from various sources, including company career pages, job boards, and recruitment agencies. They play a pivotal role in the job search by providing users with tools to find roles across industries, experience levels, and geographical locations.

Most job search sites offer advanced search features, allowing candidates to filter opportunities based on their specific criteria, such as job title, location, salary range, and more.

Tech job search websites

The tech industry continues to boom, drawing more individuals to seek careers in IT and technology fields.

This surge is driven by the promise of innovation, competitive salaries, and the chance to work at the next Google or Apple. As a result, job seekers are looking for the best job search sites tailored to IT and technology roles, offering them a gateway to exciting career opportunities.

Here are some of the best job search sites for IT and tech:

1. Teal Job Board

Teal job search website
Browse Teal's Job Search tool for the best remote and in-demand roles

Best for: Tailored and streamlined job searches that fit customized career goals and personal preferences.

Teal's Job Board simplifies the job search process with its comprehensive database of opportunities with advanced filters to help narrow your search to the things that matter most to you.

The platform's strength lies in its detailed filtering, which allows users to refine their search based on:

  • Title, Keyword, or Company
  • Date Posted
  • Employment Type
  • Years of Experience
  • Lowest Acceptable Salary
  • Work Mode
  • Location
  • Keywords to Include
  • Keywords to Exclude

The user-friendly interface further improves the job search experience, enabling users to effortlessly navigate through the site and apply filters to their searches. This ease of use, combined with the ability to save searches directly to Teal's Job Tracker, remove listings from any future searches, or directly view the original job posting, means job seekers can efficiently track new openings and apply to in-demand roles.

Additionally, you can save these roles alongside other jobs you find on different boards using Teal’s Chrome Extension—allowing you to easily organize and keep track of all your job opportunities in one place.

job bookmarker chrome extension with salary information
Use Teal's free Chrome extension to save job listings across the web

Check out Teal's Job Board here.

2. Glassdoor

job search engines to find open positions
Teal's Chrome extension is compatible with Glassdoor

Best for: Gaining insights into company cultures and salary benchmarks. 

A well-known job search site, Glassdoor provides job seekers with detailed company reviews, company culture, salary reports, and interview questions, all submitted by employees.

This inside information can be incredibly beneficial for tech job seekers looking to understand a company's work environment and growth opportunities. 

While it offers a comprehensive list of job openings, navigating through promotional content to find suitable listings can be a minor drawback.

3. Dice

job search engine

Best for: Specialized tech and IT job listings. 

Dice is a niche job board focused exclusively on the technology sector, offering many listings for IT professionals. Its targeted approach means job seekers can find highly relevant opportunities without sifting through unrelated listings.

The drawback to this job search site's specialized nature also means a smaller pool of listings than generalist sites like Indeed (covered later).

4. Out in Tech

professional networking site with salary ranges
Teal's Chrome extension works on Out of Tech job listings

Best for: LGBTQ+ individuals in tech seeking community and career opportunities.

Out in Tech is a community platform dedicated to uniting LGBTQ+ tech professionals. While it offers job opportunities, its primary value lies in networking, mentorship, and support for diversity and inclusion in the tech industry.

This unique focus makes it an invaluable resource for those looking to connect with like-minded professionals and companies that value diversity.

For those exploring the tech job market, Teal's remote tech job search database also offers a curated selection of opportunities, with tools to streamline the application process and enhance your job search strategy.

Best job search sites for remote jobs

Job seekers are increasingly searching for opportunities that offer flexibility, work-life balance, and the chance to work from anywhere.

Here are some of the best remote job boards:

5. FlexJobs

jobs posted for dream job

Best for: Finding remote and flexible tech positions.

FlexJobs specializes in remote, part-time, freelance, and flexible job listings, making it a go-to for tech professionals seeking non-traditional work arrangements. Each listing is vetted for legitimacy, providing a safe job search experience.

The subscription fee for access to its curated listings is a consideration, but for many, the quality and flexibility of opportunities justify the cost.

6. We Work Remotely

job search site
Teal's Chrome extension saves jobs from various job boards, including We Work Remotely

Best for: Accessing top-tier remote job opportunities across various industries.

We Work Remotely stands out as a premier destination for those seeking remote work, offering an attractive selection of positions from renowned companies worldwide. What distinguishes We Work Remotely is its commitment to quality, featuring only legitimate jobs that meet its strict vetting standards. This focus ensures a trustworthy and efficient job search experience.

Unlike broader job platforms, We Work Remotely prioritizes quality listings over sheer volume, presenting job seekers with exclusive opportunities. The platform's affordability increases its appeal, providing access to premium job listings without the hefty price tag associated with other job search sites.

7. Remote.co

lists job openings

Best for: Comprehensive resources and job listings for remote work enthusiasts.

Remote.co is a platform dedicated to the remote work lifestyle, offering many resources alongside its job board. The site's standout feature combines a curated job board with extensive support materials, including insightful articles, informative podcasts, and practical guides covering remote work strategies to effective team management.

What sets Remote.co apart is its remote-only job listings and commitment to fostering a remote work community.

Best global job search sites

Job seekers are expanding their horizons, looking beyond their home countries to find exciting opportunities across the globe.

Here are the top job search sites catering to job seekers in the USA, Canada, and Europe.

8. USA: Indeed

largest job search engines
Teal's job bookmarker (available in the free Chrome extension) works on job sites like Indeed

Best for: Comprehensive job listings across all industries.

Perhaps the most popular job search website, Indeed aggregates job listings from numerous sources, making it a comprehensive job search website. The job site remains a powerhouse in the USA for job seekers and employers alike. Its user-friendly interface and extensive database of job listings make it a go-to for anyone looking to start or advance their career.

Pro: Vast selection of jobs and the ability to filter job searches by various criteria

Con: Requires job seekers to act quickly due to the competitive nature and wide reach of popular listings through aggregation

9. Canada: Workopolis

job websites with new jobs and up to date listings

Best for: Tailored job search experience for Canadian job seekers.

A powerful job search engine, Workopolis offers a wide range of job listings across Canada, from entry-level positions to senior roles in various sectors.

Pro: Localized job search experience and resources specifically designed for the Canadian job market

Con: May not offer as many international positions for those looking to work abroad

10. Europe: StepStone

new job listing

Best for: Accessing a wide range of job opportunities across Europe.

StepStone is a vital link between job seekers and companies in Europe, offering listings in multiple languages and countries.

Pro: Localized approach to each country it operates in and the quality of job listings

Con: Navigating the site in different languages, which may pose a challenge for non-native speakers

How to get the most out of job search sites (pro tips)

Navigating the sheer amount of job sites can be overwhelming. But with the right strategies, these platforms can become powerful tools working in your favor.

Here’s how to maximize their potential and find the best site to get a better job in your industry.

Filtering and sorting

Most job search websites offer advanced filtering and sorting options that can significantly streamline your search.

Use these tools to narrow down listings by location, job type (full-time, part-time, freelance), experience level, and specific keywords related to your skills and interests. Sorting jobs by date can help you apply to the newest listings first, giving you an edge in the application process.

Deciphering job descriptions

When browsing job boards, pay close attention to the details in the job postings.

Look for specific skills required, job responsibilities, and company culture indicators. This information can help you tailor your resume to match the employer's needs closely, increasing your chances of standing out.

Leveraging industry-specific job boards

While general job search websites offer a wide range of opportunities, industry-specific job boards can provide more targeted listings.

Whether you're in tech, healthcare, education, or creative fields, there's likely a job board that caters to your niche. These specialized platforms can offer higher-quality job listings and reduce competition compared to more general sites.

The Teal solution: Streamlining your job search process

Teal introduces a clever solution to the common challenges faced by job seekers: a job bookmarking feature inside comprehensive application tracking.

This approach not only simplifies the job search process but also significantly enhances your ability to land the right job.

Bookmarking from job boards

Teal's bookmarking feature, available in its free Chrome extension, allows job seekers to save listings from virtually any job board directly to their Job Tracker dashboard. This functionality addresses the common pain point of managing multiple tabs and losing track of interesting job opportunities.

With Teal, you can centralize your job search efforts, keeping all potential listings in one accessible place.

Tracking job applications in one view

One of the biggest challenges in the job search is keeping track of various applications across platforms.

Teal job tracker with open position salary ranges and date posted

Teal's solution enables users to not only bookmark jobs but also track their application status, deadlines, and next steps all in one place. This level of organization minimizes the chances of missing application deadlines or losing track of promising opportunities.

How to use Teal with job search websites

Using Teal's bookmarking feature in your job search is straightforward. While browsing job listings on any of the best job search engines, simply use Teal's Chrome extension to bookmark jobs of interest.

These listings are automatically saved to your Teal dashboard, where you can organize, prioritize, and plan your application strategy.

For those looking to enhance their job search further, consider using Job Search Organizer Software.

Teal's comprehensive suite of tools goes beyond bookmarking a job posting, offering features like resume customization, AI-driven insights for improving your applications, and detailed tracking of your job search progress.

All of these features allow you to apply to multiple jobs with confidence.

How have job search websites changed the job market?

Accessibility to a wider range of opportunities

Job search websites, combined with the rising popularity of remote work, have democratized access to job opportunities. In fact, LinkedIn suggests the number of remote job listings has risen by 2.5X between 2020 and 2023. 

No longer confined to local newspapers or word-of-mouth, job seekers can now explore remote positions around the globe.

This accessibility has opened up a world (literally) of possibilities, enabling individuals to find roles that closely match their skills and career aspirations.

Streamlined application process

The traditional job application process was often tedious, involving multiple steps and physical paperwork. Job search websites have streamlined this process, enabling candidates to apply for numerous roles with just a few clicks.

Many platforms also allow users to upload their resumes and cover letters, making it easier to apply for jobs quickly.

Enhanced recruitment strategies

For employers, job sites have revolutionized recruitment strategies.

These platforms provide access to a vast pool of candidates, enabling companies to find the right talent efficiently. Plus, advanced algorithms and data analytics tools have made it easier for employers to screen candidates, ensuring a better match between the job requirements and the applicant's qualifications.

Empowerment through information

One of the most significant impacts of job search websites is the empowerment they offer job seekers through information.

Platforms often include company reviews (from current and former employees), salary benchmarks, and interview tips, providing candidates with valuable insights to make informed decisions about their career moves. This just wasn't possible before job boards went digital.

As job market trends fluctuate year-over-year, one thing remains constant: those who efficiently leverage job search tools at their disposal have a better chance of securing a new role than those who don’t. 

Navigate the job market with confidence

Job search websites offer a gateway to opportunities across the globe, catering to every industry, skill level, and career aspiration. Leveraging these websites can significantly enhance your job search, allowing you to discover opportunities that align perfectly with your career goals.

Bookmarking from job boards using Teal’s Chrome extension revolutionizes how you manage your job search by allowing you to save and organize job listings from any website directly to your Teal dashboard. This centralized approach ensures you never miss out on an opportunity and keeps your job search organized and focused.

Coupled with Teal’s AI Resume Builder, which tailors your resume for each application based on the job description, you can make a strong impression on potential employers. This powerful combination increases your chances of landing interviews for the best jobs that match your skills and aspirations.

Sign up for Teal today to streamline your job search.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I look for in a job search website when seeking tech or remote work?

When seeking tech or remote work, look for job search websites that offer advanced search filters for job type, location, experience level, and industry-specific roles. Additionally, platforms that provide resources for remote work readiness, such as tips on virtual interviewing and remote work culture, can be particularly beneficial. It's also useful if the site has a strong reputation in the tech community and partnerships with reputable tech companies.

How can I optimize my use of job search websites to increase my chances of landing a tech or remote job?

To optimize your use of job search websites, create a detailed profile with a professional resume and portfolio showcasing your skills and experience. Use targeted keywords related to your desired tech or remote positions to improve your visibility to employers. Regularly update your profile, apply filters to narrow down your search, and set up job alerts to receive notifications about new opportunities that match your criteria.

Are there any specific strategies for networking on job search websites to find tech or remote positions?

Networking on job search websites can be highly effective for finding tech or remote positions. Engage with the community by participating in forums or groups related to your field. Follow companies you're interested in to stay informed about job openings and company news. Reach out to connections who work in tech or remote roles for insights and referrals. Some job search websites also host virtual career fairs or networking events that can connect you with potential employers.

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