How to Find Remote Jobs: 11 Sites with Promising Job Openings

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August 3, 2023
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The traditional work landscape is swiftly shifting, making room for more remote job opportunities. It’s not hard to see why these roles are alluring: flexible hours, no commute, and access to a wider range of opportunities. And that’s just to name a few! 

But finding a remote position that meets all your needs and wants can sometimes be harder than it sounds—unless you have a guide to help you. So check out these 11 great platforms packed with remote job opportunities to streamline your search for a remote job.

3 key takeaways

  • 11 leading job boards for remote jobs
  • Great platforms specifically for freelancers
  • Tips and tools to improve your remote job search, like Teal’s Job Application Tracker 

11 remote job sites to start your search

Let's dive straight into the deep end of the remote job pool. 

With countless job boards available, figuring out where to start can feel overwhelming. To streamline your search, below are 11 top-notch, handpicked platforms renowned for their abundance of remote job listings. 

1. Teal

Teal's job board is designed to connect job seekers with remote tech job opportunities. It’s a centralized hub where job seekers can browse and apply for open positions (and it’s curated entirely by the Teal team!). 

You can filter by job or by company to see tech jobs within a wide range of industries. What really sets Teal apart is that they verify the job postings so you can trust they are legitimate—unlike many other job boards where fraud postings are common, especially for remote positions. 

When you find opportunities on Teal's job board, you can easily save and track those applications within Teal’s Job Application Tracker using the free Teal Chrome Extension

But it doesn’t stop there. You can use the Chrome extension to save roles from 40+ job boards—not just Teal’s! This centralized system helps you stay organized and keep track of deadlines and application statuses. It simplifies the remote job search process and increases your chances of finding suitable remote work in the tech space. 

2. FlexJobs

FlexJobs has carved a niche in the remote work industry, renowned for its curated approach to job listings. This job board specializes in flexible and remote work, providing a platform that filters out scams, low-quality jobs, and ads, saving you significant search time. 

Each job posted on this platform is thoroughly vetted to ensure it offers legitimate, professional-level work. You can find a wide variety of roles spanning over 50 career categories, from digital marketing and project management to data entry and customer service

3. Indeed

Indeed is a powerhouse in the job board realm, providing access to millions of job listings globally, including a robust selection of remote jobs. From entry-level to executive roles, Indeed covers virtually every job category you can think of. 

What makes Indeed unique is its massive reach and extensive database. Job seekers can easily filter their searches by job type, salary expectations, experience level, and more. The platform also offers resources like resume uploading and company reviews to guide your application process.

One downside of Indeed is that, because of its high volume of postings and lack of thorough vetting, there are many reports of scam postings. They do provide support resources to help users identify scams and have a built-in “Report job” button at the bottom of every post, but these fake posts often slip through the cracks.

4. is a job board designed specifically for people seeking remote work. It prides itself on posting hand-picked jobs in a variety of fields like writing, programming, customer service, and more. 

One unique characteristic of is its focus on offering insights about remote work life, with a rich selection of resources on remote working trends and tips. The site also includes a section where leading remote companies can share their best practices. For those committed to finding a remote job and wanting to understand remote work culture better, is a great resource.

5. We Work Remotely

We Work Remotely is one of the largest remote work communities in the world, boasting over 2.5 million monthly visitors. It offers a wide range of remote job listings in categories like programming, design, sales, and marketing. 

The platform not only provides job listings but also promotes a sense of community among remote workers through resources and articles. If you're looking for a job board that feels like more than just a marketplace, We Work Remotely could be a great option.

6. Working Nomads

Embrace the nomadic lifestyle with Working Nomads, a job board dedicated to curating a list of exciting work-from-home job opportunities. The site is a great platform to find digital jobs that allow you to work anywhere, anytime. It covers a diverse range of categories, such as development, management, marketing, human resources, and more. 

Working Nomads stands out for its simplicity and focus. They deliver a curated list of remote jobs right to your inbox if you sign up for their daily or weekly emails. This makes job hunting much more manageable, allowing you to sift through only the most relevant opportunities at your convenience.

7. Remote OK

Remote OK is a fantastic platform with a wealth of remote job opportunities for digital nomads. This site lists roles from tech to non-tech sectors, making it a versatile pick for a broad range of professionals. 

One aspect that sets Remote OK apart is its tagging system, which provides an array of useful tags, like "High-paying" or "Top Company," to help you filter and find exactly what you're after. Plus, it offers a “Live Statistics” feature, providing real-time data on remote work trends and top remote companies.

8. LinkedIn

LinkedIn isn't exclusively a remote job board, but it's a tool that you shouldn't underestimate in your remote job search! 

As one of the largest professional networking platforms, it offers an extensive range of job listings, including plenty of remote positions. You can search for remote jobs by typing "remote" in the location field when searching for jobs. Besides, LinkedIn offers a unique feature where you can set yourself as "open to work" and specify your interest in remote roles, making you more visible to recruiters. 

To get the most out of your profile, you can also use Teal’s Chrome extension in conjunction with the Teal LinkedIn Profile Review tool. It will give you on-site recommendations for how to optimize your profile so you get seen by more recruiters!

LinkedIn's robust networking features allow you to connect with professionals and potential employers from around the world, opening up avenues that might lead to your next opportunity.

9. JustRemote

JustRemote is dedicated to building a future where location is not a barrier to securing a great job. They offer a range of job listings in categories such as programming, design, sales, and writing. 

The platform prides itself on its commitment to offer only genuine remote roles, ensuring each job listed supports 100% remote working. 

A unique feature of JustRemote is its Remote Company Directory, which allows job seekers to discover and research companies that are fully committed to working remotely. This provides an additional layer of transparency and insight, making your remote job search more informed and targeted.

10. Wellfound

If you're interested in working for a startup, Wellfound (formerly AngelList Talent) should be one of the resources you lean on. This platform is a haven for tech startups, offering a dedicated job board that features plenty of remote job opportunities. You can find roles in a variety of fields, including software engineering, marketing, and business development. 

What's unique about Wellfound is its emphasis on the startup culture. It gives job seekers the chance to get in on the ground floor of a potential future giant in the industry. Also, it offers a unique feature where you can apply privately, ensuring your current employer won't find out about your job search.

11. Jobspresso

Jobspresso is a straightforward platform offering a variety of remote jobs in tech, marketing, customer support, and beyond. Every job posted on Jobspresso is reviewed by a human to ensure quality and legitimacy, giving you peace of mind in your search. 

What sets Jobspresso apart is its dedication to the details. Each listing is tagged with the specific perks it offers, like health insurance or equipment allowances, allowing you to find a job that fits not only your career aspirations but also your lifestyle needs..

Remote job boards for freelancers

Navigating the landscape of remote work doesn't always mean searching for full-time positions. In fact, the remote work revolution has opened up a world of freelance opportunities, providing professionals with even greater flexibility. 

If you're looking to dip your toes into freelancing, there are platforms tailored just for you. Let's explore a few of the best out there.


Fiverr is a global online marketplace for freelance services, covering diverse categories from graphic design and writing to programming and digital marketing. 

On Fiverr, you can create a 'gig' specifying the service you offer, starting price, and delivery timeline. Buyers then browse and purchase your gig based on their needs. 

What's great about Fiverr is its straightforwardness. You set your own prices and parameters, allowing you to control the direction and growth of your freelance career.


Upwork is another leading platform for freelance work, connecting businesses and independent professionals in a virtual workplace. You can find a plethora of job opportunities in fields like writing, design, marketing, and software development. 

With Upwork, freelancers create a profile showcasing their skills and experiences. Businesses then post jobs, and freelancers can submit proposals to bid on these jobs. 

Upwork stands out as a comprehensive platform that allows for secure payment, smooth communication, and transparent work diary features, ensuring a seamless workflow for both freelancers and clients.


As the name suggests, Freelancer is a platform designed for freelancers to find jobs in areas like writing, design, marketing, and coding. Similarly to Upwork, you can create a profile and bid on relevant projects posted by employers. 

Freelancer's unique selling point is its contest feature, where businesses host competitions for specific projects, and freelancers submit their work in hopes of winning the job. This can be an exciting and rewarding way to secure work and showcase your talent.


Toptal takes a different approach to freelance work. This platform boasts that it connects businesses with the top 3% of freelance talent in business, design, and technology. 

Toptal uses a rigorous screening process to ensure only the top freelancers in each field get accepted. If you make the cut, you'll gain access to a variety of high-quality, well-paying freelance opportunities. While the entry process is more demanding, it's a great platform for experienced professionals looking for top-tier freelance work.

Tips for your remote job search

With a wealth of remote job boards and freelance platforms at your fingertips, the hunt for the perfect remote role might seem overwhelming. But, with the right strategies and tools, you can streamline your remote job search to find opportunities that truly align with your career goals. 

Here are just a few tips to guide you on your remote job search journey.

Use a job application tracker

Keeping track of all your job applications can be daunting, especially when applying to multiple positions. That's where a job application tracker comes into play. A tracker helps you manage your applications efficiently, ensuring you stay organized, follow up appropriately, and never miss an opportunity.

Teal's Job Application Tracker is a centralized location to manage and track all your applications. It offers interview prep resources, reminders for follow ups, and even provides insights about the job search process based on your application data. 

You can also use Teal to help you build and refine your resume with its free AI Resume Builder—tailoring your resume to each unique job application. With Teal, you don't just track your applications; you optimize your overall job search experience.

Polish your online presence

In today's digital world, having a strong online presence is more important than ever, especially when you're seeking remote jobs. 

Your online profile—be it on LinkedIn, your personal website, or your portfolio—is often the first impression potential employers have of you. Ensuring your profiles across different platforms are consistent, professional and highlights your skills and experiences in a way that makes you stand out in the remote job market.

Tailor your resume to each job description

Each job is unique, and your applications should be, too. 

Tailoring your resume means aligning your skills and experiences with the position’s specific requirements. It involves highlighting relevant skills, using keywords from the job description, and showcasing the accomplishments (with impact!) that matter most to the role you're applying to. 

Network with industry professionals

Networking isn’t just about attending events or collecting business cards. It's about building meaningful relationships with people in your industry. Connecting with like-minded professionals can open doors to new opportunities, give you insights about your industry trends, and even lead to potential job referrals. 

Consider joining industry groups on LinkedIn, attending virtual conferences, or participating in online forums to widen your network.

Cultivate the skills that online employers are seeking

Online employers look for a specific set of skills that are essential for remote work. These include communication, self-motivation, time management, and tech-savviness, among others. 

Showcasing these skills on your resume or during the interview can give you an edge in the competitive remote job market. Remember, continuous learning and upskilling are key to staying relevant and successful in any career—especially in a remote one.

Accelerate your remote job search with Teal

Finding the right remote job may seem challenging, but armed with the right tools and strategies, you can navigate this landscape successfully. 

From identifying the right job boards and freelancing platforms to utilizing a job application tracker like Teal and cultivating the right skills, your path to landing a remote job can be a rewarding journey. 

Ready to accelerate your remote job search? Sign up for Teal for end-to-end support, helping you get more eyes on your resume and land your dream role. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features to look for in a remote job website?

When searching for remote jobs, look for websites that offer detailed job descriptions, company profiles, and filtering options to tailor your search to specific industries, job types, or experience levels. Additionally, platforms that provide resources for remote work readiness, such as webinars or blog posts, can be valuable for job seekers.

How can I ensure my application stands out when applying for jobs on remote job websites?

To make your application stand out, tailor your resume and cover letter to each job, highlighting your remote work experience and skills, such as self-motivation and communication. Also, showcase your proficiency with digital collaboration tools and provide examples of successful projects completed remotely.

Are there remote job websites that cater specifically to certain industries or professions?

Yes, some remote job websites specialize in certain fields such as tech, creative industries, or writing. Look for niche job boards that align with your expertise or desired industry, as they often list openings that are not available on larger, more general job sites and can have less competition.

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