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1000hires X Teal Partnership

Published on
October 6, 2020

We are very excited to announce that Teal is partnering with 1000hires to help enable fulfilling careers for as many people as possible. 

1000hires has done an incredible job in building a support network for job seekers throughout the entire job search process. They specifically focus on creating unique candidate interview videos that help shape and share each candidate’s story.

Teal shares the same vision, commitment and alignment with 1000hire’s mission. Members who have gone through both the 1000hires and Teal programs have experienced immense success. 

Dave Fano: Since the beginning of Covid, I have been super impressed with how 1000hires has jumped in to help people. I couldn’t see higher mission alignment and am very excited to kick-off the partnership together. 

Ephraim Yarmak: I'm very excited about our partnership with Teal. Our visions, goals are aligned and will help both organizations make a wider impact. and help many more people get rehired. 

We encourage all our members to  sign up for 1000hires here!  Teal Members will receive priority access. 

About Teal

Teal is a community-based program and network for professionals who want to grow their career. We run 4-week career programs that consist of 8 live sessions led by a Career Guide, as well as all the tools, templates and events you need to succeed.

Teal's mission is to enable fulfilling careers for all professionals. We're building an entire platform of tools and community for professionals to carry from job to job.

About 1000hires

1000hires is a community and mission-driven organization. To humanize the process of recruiting. By showcasing people’s smile, personality, and who they are as a person. For recruiters and prospective employers to get a glimpse of their story. rather than a piece of paper. 

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