What should you not do during an interview?

The interview process is long and can be stressful. Most articles you read tell you all the things you should do when it comes to interviewing. Below we are going to discuss the things you should never do during a job interview.

Things you should not do before an interview

Before you go to a job interview, there are a few things you should avoid doing. One mistake candidates often make is discussing their job search with people at their current company. You never want your employer to know too much about whether you are looking for other opportunities or not.

It could take a long time to find a new job and you do not want to damage your relationships. Even someone you thought was a friend could tell the wrong person you are interviewing. It's best to keep your plans to yourself.

Confide in friends or colleagues from previous jobs when it comes to making new job decisions. It's also good to avoid using company resources or time for your job search.

This includes using company property for research or printing your resume. Try to use personal time and resources to prepare for a job interview.

What not to do during your job interview

Don't be late

An easy mistake to avoid is being late. An interviewer might overlook a candidate who cannot show up on time. Leave yourself enough time to arrive and check-in at the office.

Even if you think you will only need a few minutes to get there, take some extra time to get there early. You never know what the day of your interview will bring.

Don't dress inappropriately

Even if the company is casual, you should always wear appropriate attire. The interviewer will never hold it against a candidate who over-dresses for an interview.

Under-dressing can send the wrong message. Get a couple of professional outfits you can reuse throughout the job interviewing process.

Watch your demeanor

Your body language can make or break the impression the interviewer gets from you. One easy thing you can do is pay attention to your demeanor during an interview.

Sit up straight and try to avoid fidgeting. Make eye contact with the interviewer.

Someone who is always looking down or away will seem disinterested. Body language can show you are a strong candidate without having to say anything.

What not to say during your job interview

Once you sit down and your interview begins, there are things to avoid saying or asking. Here is a list of common mistakes people make during an interview.

  • Don't be negative about a past role or company
  • Don't talk about old employers. The interviewer may even know them.
  • Avoid discussing money and salary
  • Do not gossip. If you read something on a website or heard something about the company, do not bring it up.
  • Try not to answer off the cuff. Prepare answers to common questions. Also, have a question or two prepared to ask the person interviewing you.

One other piece of advice is to provide context to your interview answers. You will be asked a lot of interview questions and you want your experience to be well received. Do not just list out accomplishments or experiences that lack details.

You don't want it to sound like you are saying things you think the interviewer wants to hear. It might be good to bring a few notes so you don't forget what you want to share. Interviews are already a stressful time so come prepared to help lessen the pressure.

Final thoughts on what not to do during your job interview

During your interview, focus on the questions the interviewer is asking. Make sure your cellphone is turned off or switched to silent. Answering your phone during an interview is one of the worst mistakes you could make.

If you discover during the interview that the job is the wrong opportunity for you, don't be rude. You still want to leave a great impression on everyone you meet. Remember to thank them politely for their time and let them know this might not be the right place for you.

This is important because you never know who you will run into throughout your career.

Hiring new employees is not easy, so interviewers can also get nervous. Don't get frustrated if the person doesn't give you much information. Especially if it's someone's first-time interviewing, they might not be as engaging as others would be.

You have the ability to make your interview great. If you still fail at interviews, read this article for even more tips. Remember these tips and that next job will be yours in no time!

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