Top 5 Resume Worded Alternatives

Resume Worded is a resume grader that uses AI to tell users how well their resume is likely to perform. Its actionable feedback and straightforward interface make it a popular choice among job seekers.

While Resume Worded offers some quality functionality, several alternatives can do more, cost less, or both.

Below you’ll learn about the top Resume Worded alternatives, along with key features and pricing information for each.

3 key takeaways

  • What limitations keep Resume Worded from being the best option
  • Key features and price information for each alternative
  • Why Teal’s AI Resume Builder is a superior choice

Limitations of Resume Worded

Resume Worded is an effective tool for certain tasks, but users tend to run into certain frustrating limitations.

Emphasizes ATS too much

First, the way Resume Worded focuses on “beating” applicant tracking systems (ATS) may not be as helpful as they make it sound. Working hard to “beat” an ATS may have good advice—around 2013. That’s when those scary stats about 75% of applications getting blocked by ATS got started. 

The problem is, that stat was probably never true—and even if it was, it’s been more than a decade since that news broke. Applicant tracking systems don’t reject resumes. They’re strictly a digital filing system used by hiring managers and recruiters. 

As long as your resume targets the kinds of keywords and phrases that appear in the job description for the role you’re applying for, prospective employers (humans) can search those digital filing systems for specific words. 

Customer service needs improvement

A few users have had troubling customer service experiences, which could be a worrying sign. While these negative experiences don’t seem to be the norm, you might be better served by a resume-building service that has a strong customer service reputation.

Only allows PDF uploads

Most people build their resumes in a word processor—think Microsoft Word or Google Docs. But for some reason, Resume Worded won’t accept uploads or links in those common formats. 

PDFs are the only option here, and that can be inconvenient. If you want to make incremental changes to your resume to see how those changes affect your Resume Worded Score, you’ll be running through a multi-step process every time to create a new PDF.


The core Resume Worded experience is free to use but be prepared for the financial hit if you need more than what the free tier offers. Resume Worded Pro jumps way up in price to $49 per month (or $229 per year). While that price gets you unlimited complete resume reviews, LinkedIn profile reviews, and more than 200 handpicked resume lines, it’s still a lot of cash.

Best Resume Worded Alternatives

Looking for a better option for your resume-building and job search needs? Here are five powerful solutions to consider.

1. Teal

Teal’s suite of tools includes an AI-powered resume builder, a system for tracking multiple job applications, and an easy-to-use tool for analyzing LinkedIn content. 

It’s one of the best AI resume builders for those who need to make a resume that lands jobs and job interviews. 

Whether you need advice on polishing up your existing resume or help writing a new one (with the power of generative AI), Teal has the power you need to excel. 

Teal’s Job Application Tracker keeps you organized and on top of deadlines, acting as a kind of CRM for your job hunt. And the LinkedIn Profile Review tool helps you put your best foot forward on the world’s largest professional networking site.

Best of all, nearly everything Teal has to offer is available free. See for yourself: create a free Teal account now.

Job Application Tracker

Teal’s Job Application Tracker is an innovative way to manage multiple job applications in a single centralized interface.

You’ll be able to track the status of each job application, keeping track of names, notes, interview dates, and more. The Job Application Tracker can remind you about application deadlines and nudge you to follow up at the appropriate time.

AI Resume Builder

Teal’s AI Resume Builder uses modern AI to ensure that every resume you create is tailored to your individual skills and experiences—and the job description of the position you’re applying for.

The user-friendly interface simplifies the resume creation process, guiding you through your resume and providing helpful suggestions (such as stronger synonyms, stronger action verbs, and missing qualifications) throughout the document.

LinkedIn Profile Review tool

Teal’s LinkedIn Profile Review tool, a part of the platform’s free Chrome extension, can analyze your existing LinkedIn profile content and make suggestions for improving what’s there or adding what may be missing.

The ultimate personal career development platform

Considering everything Teal has to offer—the AI Resume Builder, Job Application Tracker, and LinkedIn Profile Review tool, along with tons of additional resources—Teal is the ultimate personal career development platform.

Job seekers like you use Teal to find and keep track of professional contacts, stay on top of the status of each of their applications, customize their resumes to fit every job application, and more.


Most of what Teal has to offer is available for free—including limited use of Teal’s AI text generation tools. Teal+ costs $9 per week and adds premium features like unlimited generative AI and full keyword analysis.

2. Standard Resume

Standard Resume is another resume-building service that helps job seekers craft better resumes in just five minutes. With 12 templates to choose from and about 20 sample resumes, Standard Resume has a smaller catalog than some, but the system works smoothly overall.

On Standard Resume, you’ll start by choosing your profession. Next, you’ll give Standard Resume your LinkedIn profile link, and it will start to import data from there.

It’s a great system if you already have a strong LinkedIn profile, and the grading system is easy to understand. However, the feedback available prior to signing up and paying is minimal.

Key features

  • LinkedIn import tool helps streamline the resume creation process
  • Extensive resume handbook provides resources and training materials
  • Review score system is easy to read and understand


Standard Resume lets you build a basic resume for free, but if you want to download or improve it using their feedback tools, you’ll need the Pro plan at $19 per month.

3. ineedaresume

ineedaresume (or is a completely free resume builder. It’s streamlined yet extremely basic; it doesn’t help you with resume optimization and can’t generate text for you. There are only four very basic themes. But it’s 100% free, no strings attached.

If you’re overwhelmed by all the options in some of the other solutions reviewed here, ineedaresume is a breath of fresh air. Just be aware that you’re completely on your own for the writing itself.

Key features

  • Fill in your information and let ineedaresume take care of the formatting.
  • Edit and adjust your resume within basic parameters.
  • Download your resume as a PDF or publish it to the web.


ineedaresume is completely free.

4. VisualCV Team

Professionals who need a curriculum vitae, or CV, instead of a resume sometimes feel left out: most of the tools out there focus on resumes and cover letters, not CVs. Yet CVs require some slightly different elements and approaches.

VisualCV supports creating both documents (CVs and resumes), producing sharp results no matter what your career track looks like. The service offers over 30 customizable templates and a helpful resume builder (and CV builder).

The resume/CV builder here is heavy on formatting and design, helping you produce resumes that are sure to catch the eye of recruiters and hiring managers. But VisualCV doesn’t provide any text generation or suggestions beyond the framework of the template you choose.

Key features

  • More than 30 templates for resumes and CVs
  • In-depth graphical editor
  • Numerous guides and knowledge center resources


VisualCV Pro costs $15 per month (billed quarterly). The free tier is more of a demo: you can create one resume and preview its formatting, but you can’t get much further.

VisualCV also offers professional CV and resume writing services (starting at $149) and resume review services ($49).

5. Jobscan

Jobscan Resume Scanner is a Resume Worded alternative that can evaluate your existing resume and compare it to a specific job description. Jobscan gives you specific recommendations for how to improve your resume so that it better fits the job you’re applying for. 

Jobscan helps by identifying attributes and qualifications listed in the job description but missing from your resume. Even if you’re highly qualified, you won’t look as highly qualified if your description of your skills and experience is way different from what’s on the job description.

Jobscan is best for those who already have a strong resume and simply need a resume that stands out from the rest. It’s a helpful way to modify your resume to fit specific job posts, but it can’t generate new ideas or content for you. Another service (such as a professional resume writer or Teal’s AI Resume Builder) is the right option if you need help coming up with that first draft.

Key features

  • Evaluates how well your resume matches a specific job description
  • Shows you which resume skills and attributes your resume is missing 
  • Formats your resume so that it can be easily read and understood


Jobscan offers a free plan that includes up to five-match rate calculations and five keyword comparisons per month. Jobscan Premium removes those limits at the cost of $49.95 per month ($29.99 per month if billed quarterly).

Build your resume with Teal and land your dream job!

While Resume Worded has some useful features, it doesn’t offer half of what Teal delivers—and that’s comparing Teal’s free service with the $49-per-month Resume Worded.

Upgrading to Teal+ adds unlimited generative AI and advanced resume and keyword analysis (two features that don’t exist in Resume Worded), and Teal+ is still more affordable.

Are you ready for the best Resume Worded alternative? Join Teal today to start crafting a better resume!

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