Remote Jobs 101: All You Need to Know to Land a Full-Time Remote Job

If you’re looking for a full-time remote position, then your best bet is the many online job boards that are available online, such as Indeed, LinkedIn, Flexjobs, and more. Job boards offer options to subscribers to organize their job search, but free tools such as Teal’s Job Tracker can do better by giving you options to help you organize and manage your job search by different parameters such as salary, geography, and more. This tool can also save jobs from across virtually every job board, so you can expand your search and still stay organized.

But before you jump into job hunting, you need to familiarize yourself with how these job positions differ from regular 9-5 jobs. If you want to know the basics of finding a full-time remote job that’s perfect for you, here’s everything you need to know.  

Job Boards: Everything That You Need to Know

While LinkedIn is considered a good place for professional networking, it isn’t exactly the best place to look for good jobs. Job boards have always been and continue to be the best places to look for jobs even today. Unlike just leaving it to the subscribers to build a community, job boards actively bring companies in their job niche onboard, giving candidates a more diverse selection of jobs.

Whether it’s full-time work or part-time work, job boards are the best places to get started. Even big companies like The Wall Street Journal use job boards to look for full-time, part-time, or remote position employees. You can also look for trending jobs to find which skills you need to brush up or learn to be a viable candidate for the best-paying jobs.

Understanding Full-Time Remote Job Requirements

One thing that you need to understand is that the realities of remote job positions are very different from office work positions. Salaries, benefits, bonuses, and a lot of other aspects of a full-time remote job are often less than that of a regular full-time job. But on the flip-side, commuting, buying meals and other day-to-day expenses of a regular job are cut down when you’re working from home.

Accountability and agency are two very important qualities most employers look for in candidates when offering remote positions. Your profile, language, and CV need to reflect these two qualities to ensure you have a fair chance at getting the job. You need to convince the prospective employer that you can work with minimum supervision and guidance which is an absolute necessity for remote jobs. 

Other good qualifying traits include punctuality, clear communication skills, technological savviness, and prior job experience with similar responsibilities. Understand that working from a remote position is very similar to freelancing, which is why most employers won’t be there to hold your hand if you’re not experienced or innovative enough to solve small problems.   


Finding the Right Job

Finding the right full-time remote job of your dreams can be a daunting task, and you need to be prepared for it. Some companies opt to make their job posting international to increase the pool of quality candidates. Unfortunately for you, this means that you’re no longer only facing a local competition, but a global one.

 To make yourself noticeable in a sea of candidates, not only do you need to learn how to market yourself properly, but also learn how to find a job worth applying to as well. Copy-paste cover letters and CVs are a thing of the past, and most prospective employers and HRs are smart enough to spot them as soon as they see one.

 The best thing to do when looking for a full-time remote job in a job board is to is keeping track of the trending jobs for your category or industry. Employers often pay an extra fee to highlight their job postings on the board, which means these employers are often more serious about hiring and respond professionally every step of the way.

 When looking at a job post, make sure to look at the requirements, terms, and conditions (if any), opportunities for career growth, as well as do a little bit of research. Not all employers honor the terms and conditions put in the initial job post, and some of these job posts often have red flags that you need to watch out for if you don’t want to waste time and effort for a job that’s not a good fit.

Best Places to Look for Full-Time Remote Jobs

While there are job boards offering full-time remote jobs for a large number of industries, you’ll find the best offers are very limited. When hunting for full-time remote jobs, the following job boards are your best options: 

1. Indeed: Surprised to see this name on top over LinkedIn? Despite popular belief, Indeed has the largest number of job listing both local and overseas. Naturally, this also includes a lot of full-time remote jobs as well.  

2. LinkedIn: Considered the FB of professional networking, LinkedIn is a good place for job hunting as well. There are thousands of jobs posted on this platform every day, so you’re likely to find a full-time remote job that suits you.

3. CareerBuilder: While comparatively new, CareerBuilder has quickly risen in popularity thanks to the website’s ability to match resume keywords with the job listings in the database and provide the closest matches. Along with regular and contractual jobs, this job board is a goldmine if you’re looking for remote jobs as well.

4. FlexJobs: Over the years FlexJobs has made a name for itself as the go-to place for remote and freelance jobs. You need a paid subscription to use this job board, but the subscription fee is well worth it.

5. ZipRecruiter: ZipRecruiter has made a name for itself in the international job market, but that doesn’t mean it’s as good as the other ones on this list. The site boasts an impressive eight million job postings and is popular for its handy and dependable notification system. But on the flip side, the search algorithm is a bit weak but not anything a job tracking software can’t fix.

Making the Right Moves

Landing yourself a full-time remote job that pays well, has good benefits, and offers steady career growth will not be easy and it’s highly likely that you won’t get all three in one job. But if you’re smart and you know what you’re doing, then finding a full-time remote job that’s right up your alley won’t be too difficult.  

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