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How It Works


Add Your 
Work Experience

Easily store your career history and work experience all in one place.


Create Effective
Resume Bullets

Use the easy achievement assistant to highlight your best work and value.


Get Career Insights and View Patterns

Teal will draw insights and patterns from your work experience inputs.


Easily Customize Resumes for Jobs

Easily select achievements and customize your resume based on the job you're applying to

Spotlight your best career moments.

Writing about your professional experience in a compelling way can be difficult, so our Achievement Assist tool is there for you when you need a helping hand.

Create a tailored resume for every job in seconds.

Quickly select the achievements and details that fit each role, then just tap export. Spot a typo after making multiple resumes? Fix it in one place and have all your resumes update automatically.

Built for the modern job search.

Job searching isn’t what it used to be, and a word document just doesn’t cut it anymore. Stop fiddling with the formatting, losing things you wrote, and giving yourself a headache as you juggle multiple versions..

Ditch Your Google Doc

Here's how we stack up to popular solutions.

Teal Resume Builder Builder

Google Docs & Word
Add Work History
Achievement Assistant
Create Versions from Master List
Flexible Version Control
Career Insights & Summary
Guidance & Classes
Teal Job Tracker

Making resumes will
never be the same.

Start building better resumes today. Your career will thank you later.