Remote Job Opportunities For College Grads

College graduates can have a hard time finding a job, especially in a down economy. For recent graduates of 2020, they will be faced with the new challenges that Covid-19 brings. In this article, we will focus on remote work opportunities for new college graduates that would be ideal in times like these.

How to find remote work if you are a recent college graduate

Even before the coronavirus pandemic, more companies were offering work from home jobs. Remote work used to be very hard to find, but that has changed. College students should consider telecommuting jobs when they begin their job search. While it may not be as appealing to a college grad, there are perks that come with remote work.

Benefits of remote work

There are benefits for all people who take on work from home roles. Here are a few perks to expect if you take one of these positions.

  • Good work-life balance
  • You can work in your pajamas or comfortable clothes
  • No commuting time or gas money
  • Flexibility when it comes to hours and vacation time
  • Fewer distractions

Where to find remote jobs

Most job search websites offer the ability to sort by location. If you look, candidates can also search by remote or work from home. You can set up alerts to receive job leads when new positions become available.

Job seekers should make it part of their daily routine to search for new job listings. Job postings are updated daily, so it's a good idea to stay on top of the new roles. There are now specific websites for remote work. Flexjobs is one of the largest sites to find job openings from home. Traditional job sites like LinkedIn or Indeed will also offer remote work opportunities.

If you are looking for entry level remote work, consider contract or gig work. Sometimes these roles can become full time or permanent. Sometimes being paid by the gig or hourly can lead to higher pay. There are hundreds of companies in many industries that hire contract or freelance professionals.

College grads should consider part-time or freelancing roles if they are having a hard time finding a full-time job. Taking jobs like these provides experience for your resume. This can then help you land a full time remote or in-office job easier.

College grads should check what career services their universities offer. Beyond your education, most colleges offer assistance in finding training programs and internships. Take advantage of alumni networking events. People love hiring entry level employees who went to the same school as them. Large universities often have a portfolio of alumni and how to reach them by industry.

Best industries for recent college grads looking for remote work

Depending on the degree you received in college, there will be a lot of different jobs you can look into. Let's discuss a few options that tend to be recession-proof.

Customer Service Jobs

Companies will always need to offer customer service. While some have call centers, others have now outsourced their service teams to work from home jobs. Gaining experience with customers can be great for your resume.

You will want to have strong communication and writing skills to get jobs like these. You can find a customer service role in almost every industry. From retail to medical devices, most organizations will have a customer service team.

Information Technology (IT) Jobs

IT is a great field for new college students or graduates to look into. Keeping up with the changes in the technology space can give people a huge advantage over other candidates. These roles typically have higher salaries than other remote jobs.

Check what degrees and certificates are needed to bring home the highest earnings. Data science will require computer skills that not everyone has, but landing even part-time gigs in IT can help grow your resume. So if you are into computers, this is a great option.

Other industries to consider

Think about your future when deciding what to get your college degree in. Some jobs are easier to find than others. For example, nursing is always a safe field. Teaching is another recession-proof route grads can take. Candidates who enjoy marketing or advertising can find remote or part-time work too.

Content creation or editing positions are a good way to get a foot in the door with a publisher. If you are more interested in business or finance, there are still options. With traditional business moving more remote, you may need to set up a home office though. If you prefer a true office setting, set up a job alert for your area so you never miss an opportunity.

How to find work as a recent college grad

Think outside the box when looking for a job. Test different search terms when looking online. Employers may even post on social media sites such as Facebook when they are hiring. You should always follow or like companies you have an interest in.

Staying up to date with a company can give you a leg up in the interview process. Search people who work there on sites like LinkedIn and connect with as many as possible. Frequently visit their website and read reviews on the workforce.

Even in the worst economy, there will be jobs available. Things are difficult now and being a student or recent grad can seem like a disadvantage. But remember, your career will be long and the possibilities are endless. With patience, you'll have a remote job soon enough.

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