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Most Common Keywords in Job Descriptions in October 2021

80,000 jobs have been saved by Teal’s Job Tracker users so far. Whenever a job is saved to the Job Tracker app, we analyze the job descriptions and job titles so you know what keywords matter most.

Why Do Keywords Matter?

Employers use certain keywords in job listings: these can be considered hard skills, soft skills, or emphasis words. Knowing what these keywords are as well as how frequently they show up is essential to know what employers want to see in your resume. Adding the right keywords to your resume and emphasizing your qualifications can show that you are the best match for the position. Companies craft job listings to find the most qualified candidates, and including the right keywords will prove to them that you are.

This is how our Keywords Engine analyzes job descriptions: we look for keywords, emphasis words, and the frequency of these.

Top Skills In Job Descriptions

We found that the spread of soft and hard skills were comparable across job listings. Having a balance between technical skills and widely applicable hard skills can help you in any role.

Each word's size is relative to the amount of times it showed up in all saved jobs.

Top Keywords for Role Titles/Job Titles 

Please note the job titles may vary for roles that are essentially the same. This is because companies often have non-standard ways of titling their roles. For example, Marketing Specialist, Marketing Coordinator, and Marketing Analyst may represent roles with the same responsibilities. On a similar note, seniority may vary from company to company as well. A senior analyst may require 7 years of experience at one company, while another company only requires 3 years. This difference is often related to the size of the company.

Do you want to know the top keywords in role titles? Check them out below:

Top 15 Overall Locations (Excluding Remote)

We also let you spot the location of the job. For example, NYC had twice the number of jobs saved as compared to San Francisco. The only midwest cities at the top were Boston and Minneapolis.  

Tops Sites for Saving Jobs 

The top job sites for saving jobs (in order) were:

LinkedIn, Indeed, Greenhouse, Lever, Google, Glassdoor, ZipRecruiter, FlexJobs, Handshake, SmartRecruiters, Workable, BuiltIn, Amazon, SimplyHired, and Hire Tech Ladies.

Useful Insights from October Job Search 

  • 23% of the jobs saved were remote (or remote optional). This reflects the changing job landscape and more people are interested in remote work.
  • Linked remained the top job-saving site and accounted for more than 60% of all jobs saved.
  • The average excitement rating is 3.98 stars (on a scale of 1-5 stars).
  • 5 stars was the most common rating. Over 36% of all saved jobs were rated 5 stars.

Why You Should Use Teal's Job Tracker:

It’s hard to keep track of all the job listings you apply to, the people you network with, and all of the other information that goes into a job search. You may forget the job descriptions and may even forget to follow up. You may not remember if the job you applied for was worth your time and effort so it can be hard to prioritize your job search pipeline.

Teal’s Job Search Tracker is the fastest way to job search online. The tool is 100% free and allows you to stay organized so you can land a job you love.

Use Teal’s Job Tracker Chrome Extension and Enjoy: 

Virtual Bookmarks: You can automatically bookmark jobs from job boards such as LinkedIn, Indeed, Glassdoor, Angel. co, and more

Personal Dashboard: Save all the relevant information of a potential job. Important information is just a click away.

Prioritize Your Job Search: Rate your excitement, set follow-up reminders, and a lot more! 

Job Assessment: The job descriptions are thoroughly dissected and analyzed to find the right keywords for your resume. Adding accurate keywords can help you land your dream job as your resume can get through automated software (ATS). 

Thanks to Teal’s Job Tracker, it’s now possible to avoid the hassle of a messy and complicated job search. 

Enjoy an easier job search by using Teal’s Job Tracker today! 

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