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Teal Job Tracker & Chrome Extension

The most efficient and fun way to manage your job search. For people who want to save time and see better results.
Save all of your jobs in one centralized location, then manage your entire process with a system that will keep you sane.
Never forget to add important keywords to your resume by automatically analyzing descriptions and qualifications.
Always have your point-of-contacts and relationship information on hand by storing it alongside the job you’re interested in.

Save jobs directly from your browser.

The Teal Chrome Extension works with all of the most popular job listing sites. For job leads that may not have a job description, you can also enter them manually to save to your tracker.

Teal will analyze your job descriptions for keywords.

Our keyword and skill analysis feature will highlight what words you can add to your resume to beat ATS systems and get your resume to the top of the pile.

Additional Features

Track Your Progress

Visualize your efforts to boost your motivation. See how many jobs you’ve applied to and what stage of the process they are at.

Take Notes

Stay organized by keeping all of your notes attached to the job applications they’re related to. Never go looking for missing info again.

Set Reminders

Set specific times to follow-up on applications. Sort your tracker by reminder dates so you won't drop the ball.

Rate Your Excitement Level

Rate your level of interest in an open position directly within the dashboard so you can better prioritize your search.

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