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June 28, 2022
June 30, 2022

Should I Put My Resume On LinkedIn?

Dave Fano

Should you include your resume on your LinkedIn profile page? Does it help your job search or make you seem 'too available' for a hiring manager? These questions have been bothering job seekers for quite a while. Let's find out how to get the most out of your LinkedIn profile when it comes to a job search.

Teal Founder& CEO and Teal CMO Vincent Phamvan share their professional knowledge on uploading a resume in your LinkedIn profile. Check out the video above or keep reading the article below. 

LinkedIn Profile & Job Search

Finding jobs is becoming more challenging by the day. These days every candidate is expected to have a LinkedIn profile. A LinkedIn profile is an online version of your background, even without an uploaded resume.

By taking a quick look at your LinkedIn profile section, Employers can quickly review:

  • your connections and professional network
  • present position
  • past employers' feedback
  • whether you are (or not) interested in new opportunities
  • actively searching for a new job

Even without uploading your resume to LinkedIn that may contain private information, an employer gathers enough data to move forward with the process. So what should you expect now?

The answer is simple: Head hunters will schedule an interview if your LinkedIn seems professional enough for a specific job.

Tips for Job Seekers

Can LinkedIn help you land your dream career or at least take you closer to it? Or is it limiting your job search by forcing you to use a uniform work profile?

How can you stand out with various jobs and a volume of candidates?
Creating a tailored resume according to a job's requirements is very advantageous.

However, if you want to upload your resume with a set format on one of the most popular websites, it may not be the best idea.

Uploading your professional resume to LinkedIn makes resumes less customizable and, thus, less effective. For example, let's say you want to make changes so your resume fits a particular job better. Then, if you have already uploaded it, you must submit a new version for every position you are applying for.

LinkedIn Communication with a Broader Audience

LinkedIn is a way to communicate to a broader audience online. Businesses want different candidates for different jobs. However, having a set resume page limits your chances of being hired.

For instance, recruiters may not see a required skill in the summary that you may have.
On the other hand, when you upload your resume, you can speed up the process with an "easy apply" option.

The Real Deal 

Several people are putting their resumes in the 'featured content' areas in their LinkedIn profiles. This area is within the 'about me' section, which includes brief details of your work experience. Perhaps the focus here should be what you should have instead of what you shouldn't

The information in this section is more like a professional summary of you, preferably including social proof, newspaper or magazine mentions, certificates, awards, or third-party credibility. If you don't have any entitlements, you can simply put something like a blog post's link or an article you have written on a free platform, such as Medium.

Try to write about your passion, interests, and talents that support your uniqueness.

Standing Out with your resume on LinkedIn 

Many job seekers will have resumes in the 'featured content' section. So go for something different to make yourself stand out among the rest. If you decide to showcase your talents online, make it the best way possible.

Another tip is attaching multimedia content. Whether it's something as small as a short post on Medium or an entire profitable website, it will bring more attention. As far as other experiences are concerned, put them in your employment history. Then add bullet points under each job role to improve readability. 

The information that you are writing in your resume in PDF form will not show up in searches for skills relevant to you. This is because search engines can not screen PDFs since it requires a complete file download.

Instead, put this information in your LinkedIn profile so LinkedIn can index it and your profile shows up with the relevant skillset.

Improving Reachability 

Another point you can use to your advantage is adding your phone number or email address in the 'About me' section to help recruiters contact you as soon as possible. 

Some businesses use a LinkedIn recruiter, allowing them access to several tools that make contacting potential candidates easier. However, small companies may not have all these benefits or cannot pay as it's not free, or recruiters may run out of all their monthly credits. 

Therefore, your contact details, such as email and phone number, enable small and large establishments to contact you without going through your resume. If you're available and seem suitable for the job, they may then proceed to download your PDF resume. And suppose you mention some personal details on your profile instead of only in your resume. In that case, they have a better idea of who you are and will be more inclined to contact you. 


During this digital era, adapting is a must, especially in the corporate world, where fast communication is the new norm. So instead of sticking to the old way and making a single PDF resume outlining all your work experiences, shift to the new way by making your profile more accessible and relevant. LinkedIn will help you do that.

You can improve your reachability and showcase your skills by using your LinkedIn profile as a working part of your resume.

Whether we recommend posting a resume or not, the choice to upload your resume to LinkedIn is yours! 

Dave Fano

Founder and CEO of Teal, Dave is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building products & services to help people leverage technology and achieve more with less.

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