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How to write a short professional bio

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Nov 7, 2020
Jun 28, 2022

How to write a short professional bio

Dave Fano

Your professional bio is one of the most important things you'll write about yourself.

Your professional bio is one of the most important things you'll write about yourself. In a world where just about everyone is represented online in some capacity, your professional bio will often serve as the first introduction people get to who you are, what you do, and where you want to be. It can help to influence whether someone decides to invite you to connect, interview you, or simply move on.

It's okay to use your professional bio on social media accounts, such as LinkedIn or your Twitter bio, or you can also include it on your personal website if you have one. You may even be required to write one to display on your employer's company website. Or if you're a writer, you'll most likely need an author bio for any articles you write.

Wherever your professional bio appears, it's important to recognize that a written bio is an opportunity to showcase yourself, your work, and your skills, and to communicate your career goals and aspirations to people — before you've even met them.

What to include in a short business bio

When writing a professional bio, be sure to include the following key components:

  • Your name: People will need to know your name first and foremost!
  • Your job title or specialization: Professional bios always include your current position, or if you're a student, you can include your major or main area of study.
  • Your most notable professional achievements: Your chance to impress potential people, be they potential employers or clients!
  • Your career aspirations: Write a short summary about which way you're headed in your professional life.
  • Relevant qualifications: This gives people information that backs up the expertise you claim to have.

If you have more space, below are some other points and information to consider including in your professional bios:

  • Links to your social media accounts
  • A quirky, yet relevant, fact about yourself
  • Other interests or qualifications that align with your career path
  • Your email address
  • Notable clients you've worked with
  • A core professional belief or a value

Remember, even if you have all the character space in the world, as you may if you're writing a professional bio for your personal website, it's considered best practice to keep a professional bio short and sweet. You want to make sure the reader sticks around to read the whole thing or, even better, is left wanting to know more about you! So before you write a bio with every piece of information you can think of, consider whether you really need to include it when writing a bio.

How do you write a short business bio?

  • Write in the third person

Although it seems strange introducing yourself in the third person, it's standard for a business bio. It should read as though it's been written about you by somebody else.

What that looks like: "Her work has been published in [publication]."

What that doesn't look like: "My work has been published in [publication]."

  • Keep it simple

Your professional bio doesn't need to be complicated. It should be easy to read, easy to understand, and provide only the most necessary information to keep the reader interested. Keep it free of jargon and terms that are very industry-specific, so that the average reader outside of your industry or profession could understand it too.

What that looks like: "Andrew is an expert at driving business growth and converting leads."

What that doesn't look like: "Andrew is an expert at improving CPL rates by driving qualified leads through the funnel and win sales"

  • Keep it current

When writing a bio, you might be tempted to include your full work history, and every bit of prior work experience you've ever had. It's not necessary to include everything. Reference your work history by briefly summarizing it, and focus on your current or most recent roles instead.

What that looks like :"After 3 years spent working in marketing and PR, Sophie knows how to build a brand."

What that doesn't look like: "She spent 8 months as a student PR intern before gaining marketing experience through a promotion to a graduate marketing analyst, followed by one year in a strategic communications role."

  • Know your value

Self-promotion can feel incredibly uncomfortable, but it's important to really make sure you don't undermine your own worth. Recognize your achievements and include them in your bio.

What that looks like: "Danielle developed a new process, which expanded his client base by 35%"

What that doesn't look like: "Danielle worked on the development of a process which is considered to be a factor in helping to contribute to a growth in client base."

  • Ask someone to proofread it

Once you're satisfied with your work, it's a great idea to get a friend or coworker to check it for any grammatical or spelling errors.

What that looks like: "Tyra earned a Bachelor’s degree in Mechanical Engineering and a Master’s degree in Electrical Engineering."

What that doesn't look like: "Tyra earns a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical engineering and a Masters Degree in Electrical Engineering."

Short professional bio example

Below is an example biography. You may consider following a similar format for your own short professional bio.

Jane Sample is a digital marketer in the automotive industry. Having worked with clients of all sizes, Jane is a social media expert, who helps automotive service providers scale their business. Jane believes that connecting with the customer is at the core of any great digital marketing strategy. Jane helped [client] grow their sales up to 35% through the development and implementation of a comprehensive, tailored digital strategy. Jane holds a degree in communications from [university name]. You can contact Jane at [personal website] or connect with her on Twitter or LinkedIn.

Don't overthink it

A great professional bio should be short and to the point, which is easier said than done. If you find yourself breaking a sweat over what to include and what not to include, come back to the basics. Keep it as simple and factual as possible, and allow it to evolve over time along with your career.

Whether you're looking for a format for biography or a biography example, bio information for someone with professional marketing experience, or anything else, the same rules apply. Follow the tips above and write a short professional bio that does all it needs to do.

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