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Work Styles Analysis & Sequence

Our framework is based on an ancient model of temperament and is inspired by 2,400 years of wisdom related to behavioral science. Combined with modern day personality research, we developed our Work Styles tool to help you build self awareness and a fulfilling career.
Understand how others perceive you by having friends and colleagues use the 360 feature.
Identify your strengths to be more strategic when interviewing or working with others.
Take it again and again, keeping a log of each of your results as you experience growth.

Discover the 4 Styles and Learn Your Sequence

Are you a 4321 or a 1423? The sequence matters. Along with your sequence, we provide the materials that will help you understand what comes easy for you vs what takes more effort in different parts of your career.

See How Others Perceive You

Send your friends your Work Styles page to let them take a 360 version of the assessment, giving you powerful insight into how other people think about you and relate to you.

How Work Styles Can Help You

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