Why Use Job Search Organization Tools In 2021

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October 20, 2021
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The job search may sound like a daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be if you are using the right job search organization tools. 

When applying to different job positions it will be hard to keep track of all the information. You may forget to reply or follow up and that’s where a job search organization tool comes into play. 

Read on for more information. 

Effective And Easy Job Search Organization Tools 

Below are some of the easiest and effective job search organization tools to make life easier for you: 

#1. Use A Spreadsheet 

In order to keep track of your job applications, you can use a spreadsheet. 

You can use the following tabs: 

  • Company’s name
  • Date when you applied
  • Application summary 
  • Where you applied (for example, company website, Indeed, LinkedIn, etc)
  • Email address of the key person (if any). 
  • Status 

Doing so can help you keep organized. It’s easier to follow up when you remember what’s in front of you. Using a spreadsheet is a thorough way to track your jobs but can be time-consuming.

#2. Google Docs 

Another way to keep yourself updated is by using Google Docs. You can also use Microsoft Word, but it’s your choice. When you find potential jobs on job boards, you can enter information about them into a Google Sheet. 

Just create a table in your Google Sheets and keep a record of where you applied, what you submitted (resume, cover letter, portfolio, etc), what’s the job description, and when you applied. 

Depending on your requirements it can be as detailed as you like! You can add information not just about your job hunt, but also what a job seeker is looking for! 

You can also use Google Drive and export the spreadsheets. Using this method can help you stay organized, but is also time-consuming. 

#3. Use Your Notebook 

Your notebook can be the easiest way to track your job applications. However, as time goes on it can be hard to keep track of tons of information. You can organize your job search using a plain notebook. You can write about the job post and the job description. 

Even though you are old school and using your notebook, you are still trying to stay on top. You can put notes about the hiring manager you found on your LinkedIn profile. 

#4. Use Your Smartphone 

Your smartphone is not just for using social media. You can create a cover letter and download Google Docs or Google Spreadsheet on your smartphone. 

It’s easier to use the notes section in the iPhone. You can simply use the notes section to keep track of a job you apply for. You can also add links about the job listings

If you want to take it to next level, you can download the modern apps that are designed for the sole purpose of finding jobs online. The tiring job search process can become smooth with the right tools. 

#5. Use Teal’s Free Job Application Tracker

There's software for nearly any modern problem or frustration, and that includes job tracking. If you've been struggling with multiple lists and endless spreadsheets, job tracking software could be a perfect choice.

Unless you're applying to a small pool of jobs or a particular company, there's no reason not to try a job search and application tracking tool like Teal's Job Application Tracker. This tool can seamlessly keep track of your applications, checklists, progress, contacts, and more.

Imagine making your job search as easy as clicking, submitting, and waiting. With the right job search tracker, it could be that simple. That's because job tracking software organizes your vital information in one place.

Even better, some job search trackers include built-in application checklists. You can use these to ensure you've submitted all your necessary documentation and send follow-ups, making a great first impression on potential employers.

Overall, a job search tracker can guide you through every part of the process, from finding applicable positions to nailing the negotiation process. It's a comprehensive solution that may help you find the ideal job.

#6. Create Job Alerts 

Another way to keep yourself updated about the jobs is to take advantage of the job alerts. Just switch on the job alerts on different sites and you will receive an email when a certain job is available or match your qualifications. A career coach and job management tools can show you the right direction, but job alerts will keep you active. 

For example: 


You may be using LinkedIn like any other social media site, but do you know there is a lot more to add to it! You may just be adding people or liking random posts, but you can actually take advantage of the job search feature. You can apply a filter to search for your preferred jobs. 


Indeed is another great platform that helps you find jobs online. You can switch the alerts on that will let you know if your preferred jobs are available! Plus, it keeps track of where you have applied, when, and whether you receive a call from the employer. Based on your situation, you can also update your status on Indeed. 

Benefits of Using Job Search Organization Tools 

You might have used a tailored resume to apply for a specific job. You may want to keep track of the contact details. You want to remember what you put in the cover letter for different. All this can be quite a task! However, when you are using the right tools you can save yourself from all the hassle. 

The purpose of using a job search organization tool is to stay organized. Just like when everything is organized in your house, it’s easy to find it. On the other hand, if your house is a mess, it sucks the energy out of your system and you certainly don’t want that in your professional life too! 

Another reason for using the job search organization tools is to make your life easier. It will be like your second brain recording all the information that otherwise will be hard to remember or recall. When things are in the front, it’s easy to prioritize tasks. 

Final Words 

A job search organization tool has a systematic approach that will help you keep track of all the relevant information about the job search. The key is to stay at the top of the game and that’s possible by picking the right tool. Teal's Job Application Tracker is a great option because it’s totally free, works on virtually any job board, organizes your jobs for you, tracks your progress, and gives you guidance each step of the way.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key features to look for in a job search organization tool?

When selecting a job search organization tool, look for features such as job application tracking, resume and cover letter storage, networking contact management, interview scheduling, and task reminders. These functionalities can streamline the job search process, making it more efficient and less overwhelming.

How can job search organization tools improve the chances of landing a job?

Job search organization tools can improve your job prospects by keeping your applications and follow-ups timely and professional. They help you track deadlines, prepare for interviews, and maintain consistent communication with potential employers, which can make a significant difference in a competitive job market.

Are there any free job search organization tools available, and are they effective?

Yes, there are free job search organization tools available that offer basic functionalities such as job tracking and reminder alerts. While they may lack some advanced features of paid tools, they can still be quite effective in helping you organize your job search and stay on top of your applications.

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