Teal Announces Acquisition of OwnTrail

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June 27, 2023
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We are thrilled to announce that Teal is acquiring OwnTrail – the platform that lets you visualize your path through life and make that vision a reality. This acquisition marks an exciting new chapter for both companies and our community members.

OwnTrail and Teal have a long history of collaboration rooted in a deep alignment of values and vision. Together, we have co-hosted journey mapping workshops, engaged in meaningful career conversations through Trail Talks, and shared insights on Teal’s Nonlinear podcast. Through these experiences, we've seen firsthand the power of OwnTrail's mission to inspire and empower individuals in their personal and professional growth.

We believe this acquisition is a natural progression of our close partnership and shared passion for enabling people to navigate their career paths. As part of this integration, we will be making all features on OwnTrail completely free. Our aim is to ensure that you continue to enjoy the benefits of sharing your journey, finding inspiration in others' stories, and receiving help from OwnTrail's supportive community.

We are also happy to share that Rebekah Bastian, OwnTrail's CEO and founder, will join Teal as an advisor. Her expertise and vision will help us continue building innovative tools to empower you to grow your career on your own terms.

We look forward to embracing this new chapter together with both the Teal and OwnTrail communities. Welcome to this exciting next milestone on our shared trail!

Frequently Asked Questions

What will be the role of OwnTrail's CEO, Rebekah Bastian, at Teal following the acquisition?

Following the acquisition of OwnTrail, CEO & Founder Rebekah Bastian will join Teal as an advisor. In this capacity, she will provide strategic guidance and insights to help integrate OwnTrail's vision and offerings with Teal's objectives, ensuring a seamless transition and the continued success of both entities.

How will the acquisition of OwnTrail benefit Teal's users and community?

The acquisition of OwnTrail is set to enhance Teal's user experience by integrating OwnTrail's unique trailblazing platform, which empowers individuals to map and share their professional journeys. This will provide Teal's users with additional tools and resources to navigate their career paths, network effectively, and gain inspiration from a broader community of professionals.

What changes can current OwnTrail users expect to see as a result of the acquisition?

OwnTrail users can anticipate a gradual integration of OwnTrail's features into Teal's platform, expanding the resources available to them. While the full details of the changes are yet to be disclosed, users can expect enhanced networking opportunities, career development tools, and a larger community to engage with, all aimed at enriching their professional growth.

Dave Fano

Founder and CEO of Teal, Dave is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building products & services to help people leverage technology and achieve more with less.

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