How to Write a Personal Mission Statement + Examples

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September 12, 2023
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3 key takeaways

  • Discover what a personal mission statement is.
  • Learn how to write a personal mission statement that truly resonates with your career goals and aspirations.
  • Learn how to use Teal’s AI Resume Builder to align your job search with your mission.

When you enter the world of career opportunities, it can feel like you’re getting pulled in several directions at once. Determining which steps to take and which path to follow is difficult if you don’t know which roles align with your life goals and purpose.

A personal mission statement can help you figure out which roles match your values and beliefs, making it easier to find the right fit. 

What is a personal mission statement?

Think of a personal mission statement as your professional mantra—it’s a concise but in-depth declaration of your core values, goals, and aspirations. Different from the resume personal statement, it digs deeper into what drives you. 

This statement can become your guiding star, ensuring that every professional move you make aligns with your true self and furthers your life goals.

Why is a mission statement important for job seekers?

Imagine communicating your values, passion, and vision in just one or two lines. A well-crafted personal mission statement can do just that. For job seekers, it’s an asset that not only guides their career trajectory but also becomes a unique identifier. 

Employers don’t just want skills in their workplaces—they want individuals who add to their company culture. A personal mission statement is a powerful tool that can clearly depict your values and set you apart.

Can your personal mission statement change?

As you grow and evolve, so do your aspirations and perspectives. Life throws curveballs, brings new experiences, and introduces you to new people. 

As these factors influence your life, your mission statements should adapt to reflect your professional and personal development. For this reason, it’s a good idea to revisit your personal mission statement throughout your professional career.

How to write a personal mission statement

A personal mission statement shouldn’t be long-winded, but it does require some thought. You have to practice self-reflection to figure out what your mission looks like. Let’s talk about the process of creating a mission statement that truly mirrors you.

1. Determine what matters to you

To start, turn your gaze inward to figure out what matters to you. What motivates you? Is there a value or principle that has been a cornerstone of your actions? How do you work?

Reflecting on significant life and career events can offer invaluable insights, and introspecting deeper into your values will help you figure out where to start.

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2. Make short-term and long-term goals

Like a lighthouse guiding ships, specific milestones can guide your journey and influence your decision-making. While short-term goals keep you motivated, long-term objectives ensure you stay on the right trajectory. These goals can help you craft a stronger personal mission statement based on what you want to achieve. 

3. Talk to trusted friends, colleagues, and family

Sometimes, others see things you might overlook. Conversations with close friends or mentors can take you on a journey of self-discovery, shedding light on strengths and values you hadn’t recognized in yourself.

4. Consider your legacy

It's not just about a job—it's about your life purpose and the mark you want to leave behind. 

When creating your personal mission statement, you should think about how you envision the world once you’re no longer in it. What are things you can do now that would encompass your values and make a lasting impact or positive change in the world?

Dream big, and craft a statement that showcases the legacy you aspire to leave behind.

How to use a personal mission statement in your job search

Armed with your mission statement, it's time to take on the job market. Here are some ways that you can use your personal mission statement throughout the process.

Find companies that align with your mission

Your mission statement is your compass. Let it guide you to companies that resonate with your core values. 

Dive deep into corporate mission statements and values, ensuring a harmonious alignment. You can usually learn about a company’s mission on their website or social media accounts.

Once you find companies that align with your mission, make sure your resume is tailored to reflect how it’s driven your professional career. 

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Determine what you value most in an employer

Use your statement as a metric. Does a potential employer foster a culture that aligns with your mission? It's about more than just a paycheck—it's about growth, alignment, and quality of life. 

All the hard work in the world won’t matter if you feel like your career path doesn’t support a balanced life or your own personal growth. To create the best version of your career possible, you should relate your professional goals back to your life goals.

Help hiring managers understand you better

Your mission statement offers a glimpse into your experiences and thoughts. It tells potential employers about your drive, passion, and what you stand for. Ensure your application materials echo your mission so that hiring managers can easily understand your personal goals.

Use your mission statement to guide your interview answers

Your mission statement can be the foundation for answering tricky or common interview questions. 

For example, when asked, “Why are you a good fit for this position?” your personal mission statement can guide your response. Use it to draw connections between your personal aspirations, values, and beliefs and the role itself. 

Creating an answer that showcases who you are as a person and a team member will help employers remember you better.

Personal mission statement examples

Here are 10 inspirational examples of personal mission statements that will help you create your own personal mission statement. 

Sample personal mission statement #1

"To empower those around me with knowledge and kindness."

Ideal for individuals in teaching, coaching, or mentorship roles, showcasing an eagerness to uplift and support.

Example personal mission statement #2

"Seeking sustainable solutions for a greener future."

Tailored for professionals in environmental sectors, emphasizing a commitment to eco-friendly initiatives.

Sample personal mission statement #3

"To create spaces that meld form and function."

Perfect for architects or interior designers, highlighting a balance of aesthetics and utility.

Personal mission statement example #4

"Driving innovation in technology for global betterment."

Suitable for tech professionals, reflecting a forward-thinking approach with global impact in mind.

Personal mission statement sample #5

"Empathetic healthcare, one patient at a time."

Targets healthcare professionals focused on patient-centric care, signaling dedication and compassion.

Personal mission statement example #6

"Bridging cultures through language and understanding."

Speaks to linguists or multicultural advisors, emphasizing cultural connectivity and understanding.

Sample personal mission statement #7

"Crafting stories that resonate and inspire."

Tailored for writers, marketers, or PR professionals, underscoring a focus on impactful storytelling.

Personal mission statement example #8

"Advocating for children's education and well-being."

Ideal for educators or child welfare professionals, this indicates a commitment to nurturing future generations.

Personal mission statement sample #9

"Building a future where technology serves humanity."

Targets tech developers or AI experts, reflecting an ethical and human-first tech approach.

Personal mission statement example #10

"Championing inclusivity in every sphere of life."

Perfect for HR professionals or diversity and inclusion specialists, highlighting a commitment to creating inclusive environments.

Let Teal help you land your next meaningful role

A personal mission statement is more than words. Your personal mission statement is a commitment to yourself and your aspirations. 

As you seek to find roles that resonate with your mission, let Teal be your partner. 

From identifying the right opportunities to crafting an impactful resume, Teal can help you merge your personal mission with an impactful job search.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How often should I revisit and potentially revise my personal mission statement?

It's advisable to review your personal mission statement at least once a year or whenever you experience a significant life or career change. This ensures that it remains aligned with your evolving goals, values, and experiences, providing you with current and relevant guidance for your career path.

Can a personal mission statement change over time, and is that okay?

Absolutely, a personal mission statement is a dynamic tool that should grow with you. As you encounter new challenges, learn new skills, and redefine your objectives, updating your mission statement is not only okay but encouraged. It reflects personal growth and a deepening understanding of your career aspirations.

Should my personal mission statement be shared with others or kept private?

Sharing your personal mission statement can be beneficial as it allows mentors, peers, and colleagues to understand your career aspirations and offer support. However, it's a personal document, so the decision to share it should be based on what feels right for you and your professional context.

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