What Companies Are in the Consumer Services Field?

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September 12, 2022
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Consumer services include jobs that have a customer-facing element. You might immediately think of jobs like customer service representatives, who are typically the “front line” of consumer services, but there are countless other customer-facing positions available in almost every single industry. Healthcare, technology, education, banking — all of these industries have consumer services jobs available. There are countless companies to choose from across multiple industries. Here are a few major companies to keep in mind. 


Company Size: 1.6 million

Headquarters Location: Seattle, Washington

When it comes to consumer services, Amazon is definitely one of the most recognizable companies on this list. Amazon offers a wide range of consumer services positions — including customer service representatives, and IT specialists. Amazon offers competitive benefits to full-time employees that may include medical, dental, and vision insurance, a 401(k) savings plan, and a sizable list of opportunities for career advancement.


Company Size: 154,000

Headquarters Location: Cupertino, California

If you like working with computers and technology, you might want to consider a consumer services job at a company like Apple. Like Amazon, Apple is a highly-recognizable company that offers many different consumer services jobs. They have full-time and part-time opportunities in-store (like customer support specialists as well as their Genius Bar technical support specialists representatives), but they also have opportunities to work from home as a customer service representative through their Apple At Home Advisor program

Delta Airlines

Company Size: 83,000

Headquarters Location: Atlanta, GA

For job-seekers who are looking for travel opportunities, Delta Airlines offers several consumer services jobs that you might like. They have customer service positions available in their call centers as well as at the airport—typically working at ticketing or at the gate—and you can also work as a flight attendant if you’re looking for a little more variety in your life. Plus, Delta Airlines offers competitive benefits like profit sharing, 401(k), and more—as well as free travel perks anywhere Delta flies. 


Company Size: 202,000

Headquarters Location: Dallas, TX

Considering that 97% of Americans are estimated to have cell phones, according to Pew Research, it’s not surprising that AT&T would have a lot of jobs in the consumer services field. AT&T is the largest telecommunications company in the world, and they have jobs available for customer service representatives, technical support, call center agents, and more. Plus, AT&T offers jobs that are available in-stores, in-office, remote and in the field so there’s plenty of variety to choose from. Even better? AT&T offers traditional benefits as well we some unique perks — you can get tuition assistance, additional training, and discounts on AT&T products and services. 

JP Morgan Chase

Company Size: 271,000

Headquarters Location: New York, NY

If you want to break out of the traditional customer service jobs available at most companies, JP Morgan Chase might be worth considering. As the biggest bank in the United States, JP Morgan Chase has standard customer service jobs, but also other options in the consumer services field—like working as an associate banker—that might be interesting to you and don’t require extensive banking experience. Still a student or a recent graduate? They also offer apprenticeship programs, internships, and full-time positions for both high school and college students looking to gain hands-on experience. 

Home Depot

Company Size: 490,000

Headquarters Location: Atlanta, Georgia

Home Depot might not be at the top of your job search, but the company achieved a record $40 billion in sales in the last two years—and they currently boast a whopping 22,000 job openings according to Glassdoor.com. The company offers multiple consumer-facing positions both in-store and at their distribution centers, as well as remote customer service and project management positions. Aside from traditional benefits, Home Depot also offers tuition reimbursement, college prep, backup childcare support, and discounts on gym memberships, electronics and even groceries.

CVS Health

Company Size: 258,000

Headquarters Location: Woonsocket, RI

CVS Health is one of the largest healthcare companies in the world, and their services go far beyond the pharmacy. Outside of their MinuteClinics, CVS also offers a broad range of health and wellness services — including telehealth services, health insurance plans, and more — meaning they have a lot of consumer services positions available to you beyond traditional retail roles. CVS has retail, pharmacy, corporate, call-center, and remote jobs available including customer support, project management, technical support, and more. Their benefits include medical, prescription, dental, and vision insurance—as well as a 401(k) plan, stock purchase plan, tuition assistance and reimbursement, and more. 

State Farm

Company Size: 53,000

Headquarters Location: Bloomington, IL

As the largest car insurance provider — and the second largest life insurance provider — State Farm is another company offering a wide variety of consumer services positions. Unlike other companies on this list, State Farm offers job-seekers the opportunity to become independent contractor insurance agents. They also have corporate positions in customer service, claims associates, IT and more. Plus, you can search your local area for existing, independently-owned State Farm agencies that are often hiring for roles like customer relations, account managers and more. 


Company Size: 2.3 million

Headquarters Location: Bentonville, AR

Job seekers might want to ditch their expectations when it comes to Walmart, which has held the coveted #1 spot on the Fortune 500 list for a whopping ten years running. While many people are familiar with the jobs available at Walmart retail locations — which also include Costco competitor Sam’s Club—Walmart also has distribution and fulfillment, healthcare, technology and corporate careers available. They have countless consumer services positions available like customer support, call center agents, project management, IT and more. 

UnitedHealth Group

Company Size: 350,000
Headquarters Location: Minnetonka, MN

While it might not be a household name, UnitedHealth Group is the largest healthcare company in the world—and they offer a broad range of consumer-facing jobs. Aside from customer service positions, UnitedHealth Group also has several consumer services positions available as clinical support, care team associates, pharmacy technicians and more. 

Final Thoughts

Consumer services is an incredibly broad field, which means there are countless jobs available across multiple industries. Due to this massive number of options, it can be overwhelming to look at what companies are in the consumer services field — especially since so many of them are customer service positions — but don’t be afraid to expand your horizons outside of large companies like those on this list. 

In reality, consumer service jobs include almost every kind of consumer-facing position, and these positions exist in almost every industry. Instead of being overwhelming, this should be exciting! If you’re someone who knows you want to work directly with customers, you have many options available to you — the next step is just narrowing things down. You can consider your skills and experience level, location, and interests — all of which might point to a specific subset of consumer services jobs — or you might want to look at salary options, benefits, company culture, and remote work options if those things are important to you. 

From there, it’s all about figuring out which jobs you want to apply for and managing the process. We recommend trying out Teal’s free Job Application Tracker to help you keep your job search on track. You can use this tool to save different consumer services jobs across multiple job boards — and manage follow-ups — so you can land your dream job with ease. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What types of roles are available within companies in the consumer services field?

Companies in the consumer services field offer a variety of roles, including customer service representatives, support technicians, account managers, service advisors, and client relations specialists. These positions focus on customer engagement, problem-solving, and ensuring a positive experience with the company's products or services.

Can you provide examples of consumer services companies that are prominent in California?

In California, prominent consumer services companies include tech giants like Apple and Google, which offer extensive customer support services. Additionally, entertainment companies such as Disney and Netflix also fall under the consumer services umbrella, providing customer-focused roles in their streaming and theme park divisions.

How can someone transition into a career in the consumer services field?

Transitioning into a career in the consumer services field often involves developing strong communication and problem-solving skills. Interested individuals can start by gaining experience in entry-level customer service roles, taking relevant training or certification courses, and networking with professionals in the industry to learn about opportunities in companies that are hiring in this field.

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