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How to Become a Remote Recruiter

Published on
August 31, 2021

Do you want to help others find the jobs of their dreams? Are you tired of working from an office? Consider searching for some remote recruiter jobs.

Then, you can work from home or wherever, and you'll help people start their careers. Plus, you won't have to deal with a long or stressful commute.

Read on to learn how to find remote recruiter jobs.

Education Requirements

When looking for remote recruiter jobs, consider the education that some companies require. You may find remote recruiting jobs that only require a high school diploma.

However, other jobs might require a college degree in business, human resources, or a similar field. If you don't have a related degree, you can stick to jobs that don't require that.

Or you can use your application to sell your skills and experience. Then, you may get a job even if your degree is in a different subject.

Professional Requirements

Fortunately, you don't need a ton of work experience to find work-from-home recruiter jobs. But it can help to have some experience working in human resources.

Working for a recruiting company in any capacity can help. People with sales or customer service experience can make good remote recruiters due to developing communication skills.

You should know how to use social media to research people so that you can look at potential candidates. Knowing how to use basic computer programs, such as email, is also important.

How to Find Remote Recruiter Jobs

Once you determine that remote recruiter jobs are right for you, it's time to find some. That way, you won't have to put all of your eggs in one basket when searching for work.

Follow a few steps to narrow your job search to the best remote recruiter jobs for you. Soon enough, you can start a fulfilling new job helping others find work.

Consider Your Experience

Whether you're fresh out of college or have been working for a few years, consider the work experience you have. If you're looking to change careers, you may be able to use that experience to your advantage.

Otherwise, looking for entry-level remote recruiter jobs is a great place to start. But if you've worked as a recruiter before, you can look for other remote recruiter jobs.

Either way, your experience should help your job search and not hurt it. Use your experience in and out of human resources to help find the best remote recruiting jobs for you.

Look on Job Boards

Next, look online at general and remote-specific job boards. General job boards, such as Indeed and LinkedIn have some remote job listings, so you may find your ideal position.

However, remote-specific job boards make it easier to search for work-from-home recruiter jobs. You don't have to worry about scrolling through tons of jobs that require you to go into an office.

Use search terms like "recruiter" or "remote recruiter" to find some jobs to apply for. When job searching, try to apply to as many jobs as you can so that you have the best chances of landing a new job.

Read Job Descriptions Carefully

If you search on a more general job board, be sure to read the job descriptions in full. While it may seem like a job is remote, the listing may reveal that the company wants you to work in person once or twice per week.

Some fully remote jobs may also not hire people from every state. And even if they don't they might have set hours they want you to work, regardless of your time zone.

By reading the job description, you can ensure that you're eligible to work for that company and that you don't have to go into an office. Then, you don't have to spend time applying to jobs that won't work for you.

Add a Remote Filter

When using a bigger job board, you may be able to filter for remote work. You should still read the job descriptions to make sure they are remote and will be for the entire time and not just a few months.

Filtering out the in-person jobs can help you save time scrolling through recruiter jobs. That may not sound like it does a lot, but it can make finding remote recruiting jobs a lot quicker.

If the job board you use doesn't have a remote filter, you can add remote to your search terms. Doing so may narrow your search a bit so that you don't have to pass over as many in-person jobs.

Update Your Resume

Before applying to remote recruiter jobs, make sure your resume is ready, and pay particular attention to relevant keywords.

Edit your education and professional experience to highlight what would make you succeed in the position. Maybe you've never worked in human resources but did work in customer service.

Focus on your communication and problem-solving skills. Those can come in handy when recruiting, so showing them on your resume may help you get an interview and a job.

Ask Plenty of Questions

If you get to the interview stage, prepare a list of questions ahead of time. Most employers will let you ask questions at the end of your interview, so use that time to learn more about the position.

Research the company, and ask the company about what working remotely for them is like. Figure out how many employees are remote and how you can connect with your potential coworkers.

You may also want to ask about the onboarding process for remote employees. And if the position isn't entirely remote, now's the time to bring up the idea of working remotely. The company may agree to it if you ask.

How Will You Find Remote Recruiter Jobs?

Finding remote recruiter jobs may seem impossible. But if you want to get a new job or switch industries, you can find the right position for you and your needs.

Be sure to consider your experience and how you can leverage that in the job search. Then, you'll be able to start a new rewarding career as a remote recruiter.

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