My Perfect Resume Reviews: Ratings & User Feedback

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June 13, 2024
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Users like My Perfect Resume’s resume builder because it’s easy to use and has a variety of templates. However, some reviewers discovered that many features and templates were not available for free or had issues with unexpected charges. Teal offers more for job seekers with an AI-powered resume builder, job tracker, and more.

Trying to create a job-winning resume that gets you noticed by a hiring manager? Platforms like My Perfect Resume have emerged to help job seekers build professional resumes quickly and easily. Their user-friendly interface and pre-made resume templates offer a convenient solution, especially for those crafting their first resume or needing a quick refresh.

However, while My Perfect Resume might seem like an easy path to a polished resume, it's important to consider its limitations before you invest your time and, potentially, money.

Here's a quick rundown of My Perfect Resume's key features:

  • Easy-to-use templates: Choose a pre-built resume template to get your resume started quickly.
  • Step-by-step guidance: Receive basic prompts and instructions to fill in your experience, skills, and education sections.
  • Cover letter builder: There is an option to create a custom cover letter with a template of your choice, but you can only download it with a paid plan.

Challenges with My Perfect Resume, according to users:

  • Limited customization: The platform caters to beginners in the job market with its user-friendly interface and pre-built templates. One downside reviewers highlight is its limitations in customization and editing. This can lead to generic resumes that don't showcase your unique skills effectively.
  • Focused more on templates than content: While My Perfect Resume offers beautiful templates, it might not provide enough guidance on crafting strong resume content and lacks AI features to help you write your resume faster. This could result in weaker bullet points and summaries that don't effectively highlight your achievements.
  • Limited free version: In addition, the free option is limited to exporting your resume as a TXT file only (which is not the standard for resumes), otherwise, you have to pay for a subscription.

If you're looking for more options available for free or AI features to help you write your resume, Teal's AI-powered resume builder would be a better solution.

My Perfect Resume reviews by site

Overall, My Perfect Resume is a decent resume builder for job seekers crafting their first resume or needing a quick update. Reviewers liked its user-friendly interface and budget-friendly pricing for job seekers. However, for those seeking a strong resume tailored to specific career goals, the limited flexibility in editing and lack of support in writing summaries or bullet points present a significant drawback.

my perfect resume homepage
My Perfect Resume’s homepage.

If you're looking for a resume that will help you stand out in the job search, consider Teal's AI Resume Builder.

My Perfect Resume reviews on Trustpilot

4.5 / 5 ⭐️

Reviewers liked the user-friendly interface and budget-friendly pricing.

However, some users were surprised that most features were not free and had trouble canceling their subscriptions.

4-star My Perfect resume review on Trustpilot
This user felt the My Perfect Resume website wasn’t easy to use.

My Perfect Resume reviews on Sitejabber

4.3 / 5 ⭐️

While users appreciated the platform's user-friendly interface and template options, many reviewers were frustrated that the site is advertised as free when downloading the completed resume as a PDF requires a recurring subscription.

4-star My Perfect resume review on Sitejabber
This user liked the service but didn’t realize important features, like downloading the resume as a PDF, weren't free.

My Perfect Resume reviews on Google Play Store

4.5 / 5 ⭐️

Reviewers on the Google Play Store had mixed feedback. Some users appreciated the app's ease of use and found it to be a good option for building a resume quickly.

However, other reviewers criticized the limited templates and customization options and expressed frustration about the billing options.

3-star My Perfect resume review on Google Play Store
One reviewer received a subscription charge unexpectedly.

Informal My Perfect Resume reviews by social media platform

My Perfect Resume reviews on LinkedIn

LinkedIn users liked the wide range of user-friendly templates as well as the resume grading that My Perfect Resume provides, but other reviewers found they needed to use other job search tools and career platforms (including Teal) to fully support their job search.

My Perfect resume review on LinkedIn
This user was impressed with My Perfect Resume’s features for improving an existing resume.

My Perfect Resume reviews on Reddit

While a few Reddit users thought My Perfect Resume worked well for creating resumes, many had negative experiences, including receiving unexpected subscription charges. Some thought it was difficult to cancel the service because it required multiple steps.

M y Perfect Resume review on Reddit
One Reddit user was surprised by monthly charges from My Perfect Resume.

My Perfect Resume reviews on Quora

A few Quora users recommended using My Perfect Resume for building a resume easily, appreciating the template selection and resume writing tips. However, some criticized the lack of customization and billing issues.

My Perfect Resume review on Quora
This user recommended My Perfect Resume.

My Perfect Resume reviews on X

Some users on X liked My Perfect Resume for the templates and ability to create a resume on a budget. Others expressed frustration that they had been charged unexpectedly after the initial service.

My Perfect Resume review on X
One X user recommended My Perfect Resume for the template designs.

My Perfect Resume resume builder review

Overall, users liked My Perfect Resume's resume builder for its user-friendly interface and affordability, making it an acceptable option for beginners creating their first resume.

 My Perfect Resume builder review
My Perfect Resume’s resume builder.

However, reviewers consistently criticized the limited customization options, saying the templates felt too rigid. One user wished there was an easier way to format the resumes as a single page while another had spacing issues when downloading the finished resume.

My Perfect Resume builder review on Trustpilot
This user liked the resume builder except for a credit to My Perfect Resume in their resume.

My Perfect Resume templates review

My Perfect Resume offers a selection of colorful and professional resume templates with one or two columns and a variety of styles. The platform can recommend specific templates based on your experience level.

My Perfect Resume templates
My Perfect Resume’s template designs.

While users appreciated the wide range of templates as a helpful starting point, a potential downside was their lack of flexibility and possible formatting issues.

Applicant tracking systems used by many employers typically can’t parse decorative elements like icons, graphics, or colors. Further, if you don’t pay for a subscription, you can only download your resume as a TXT file, which is not standard for resumes.

Some reviewers thought the templates were too rigid and didn't allow for enough editing to best showcase their unique skills and experiences.

3-star My Perfect Resume review on Trustpilot
One reviewer liked the templates but thought editing was difficult.

My Perfect Resume pricing reviews

My Perfect Resume’s pricing is not listed publicly and can only be seen after completely building a new resume (and before downloading it). Pricing starts at $2.95 for 14 days of access, which auto-renews at $23.95 every four weeks, or $5.95 per month for annual access, billed at $71.40 upfront.

My Perfect Resume pricing
The pricing options for My Perfect Resume.

Although users thought the pricing was affordable, many reviewers were surprised by the fees when the platform is advertised as free. While it is free to create a resume and download it as a TXT file, downloading it as a standard PDF or Word document requires a paid subscription.

Additionally, a lot of reviewers didn’t realize they had signed up for an ongoing subscription and received unexpected charges.

My Perfect Resume review on pricing
This user thought the software was free and was surprised by the monthly subscription.

Teal works hard to stay transparent about pricing. For easy-to-understand pricing with no hidden fees, Teal+ is a better alternative for resume building. In addition to the default payment plan being non-recurring (no automatic monthly subscription), you can also cancel anytime with no hassle.

Teal pricing
Teal’s simple pricing options.

My Perfect Resume review pros

Based on users feedback, here are the pros of using My Perfect Resume:

  • Easy to use: Many reviewers find My Perfect Resume's user interface and resume builder straightforward and user-friendly.
  • Good starting point: The platform's templates and guidance are helpful for beginners or those who need a basic resume foundation.
  • Affordable: With a free trial and a relatively low monthly subscription fee, My Perfect Resume is a budget-friendly option.

My Perfect Resume review cons

While My Perfect Resume is fairly easy to use, here were the cons reviewers pointed out:

  • Limited customization: Several reviewers felt the templates lacked flexibility and didn’t allow for enough personalization to truly stand out in a competitive job market.
  • Generic feel: While the templates may be helpful for initial drafting, some users reported the generated resumes felt generic and didn’t showcase unique skills and experience effectively.
  • Hidden fees and cancellation issues: Some reviews mentioned concerns about hidden charges or difficulty canceling subscriptions.

Who is My Perfect Resume best for?

My Perfect Resume is best for someone willing to pay for a resume as the free version is limited to TXT files. 

TXT files would not be the final resume format needed for any scenario (a PDF or Word doc file would be a much better choice). Job seekers with limited experience making resumes could use this platform, but Teal offers many more features on the free version and is ultimately a stronger choice.

Teal vs My Perfect Resume reviews

When comparing Teal reviews to My Perfect Resume reviews, Teal scores a 4.9 out of 5 star rating on the Chrome Web Store whereas My Perfect Resume scores a 4.4 out of 5 stars on the similar Google Play Store. Also, My Perfect Resume previously had a Chrome extension (mentioned by some reviewers) that is no longer publicly listed.

Social media users on sites like LinkedIn overwhelmingly preferred Teal.

Case Study: How Morgan Landed a Remote Job at $3B Tech Company Calendly Using Teal

Here is what a few Teal users enjoy about the platform:

Teal review on Google
This user loved Teal for job searching.

Teal review on the Google Web Store
One reviewer loved using Teal to track all of their applications.

Teal reviews on Chrome Extension
This reviewer liked that Teal helped with staying organized in the job search.

Why job seekers prefer Teal

Tired of generic resumes and limited job search tools? While My Perfect Resume offers a basic starting point, Teal aids with the entire job search.

Here’s an overview of what you get with Teal:

AI-powered resume writing

Teal's AI-powered resume builder helps you craft a personalized resume tailored to each job description, capable of writing everything from professional summaries to bullet points and skill sections. With Matching Mode, you can incorporate powerful keywords based on the job descriptions you choose to improve the chances of your resume getting past the ATS and landing in the "yes" pile.

Flexible pricing options

With Teal, there are no hidden fees or unwanted subscription charges. The generous free plan offers access to about 90 percent of Teal's features. Want even more? Upgrade to Teal+, with the option to pay weekly, monthly, or quarterly for ultimate flexibility. Done job searching? Cancel anytime, hassle-free.

All-in-one job search hub

Do more than just resumes. With Teal's all-in-one platform, you can conquer your entire job search with one tool. Bookmark and manage applications with the job tracking tool, making sure nothing slips through the cracks. Craft personalized email templates and keep track of when you should follow up on applications and interviews. Plus, you can write unlimited customized resumes and cover letters so you're ready for every opportunity.

Success Story: How Ashleigh Went From Zero to 11 Job Interviews with Teal

Not only does Teal offer the ease of use you might find with My Perfect Resume, but it also provides additional powerful tools to help you create a perfect job-ready resume and land your next job:

  • Track your progress: My Perfect Resume focuses only on resumes and a handful of cover letter templates. Teal has a job tracker that lets you bookmark jobs from across the web, track your applications, and keep track of interview or follow-up dates, allowing you to manage your entire search in one place.
  • Resume Analysis and Matching Mode: These unique features from Teal help you tailor your resume for each job description and get a score with suggestions for improvement. You can identify missing skills and keywords to make your resume ATS-optimized.
  • AI Achievement Assistant: Never scramble to find the right words again. This feature from Teal uses AI to help you write the perfect bullet points based on your work accomplishments. You can choose from suggestions, examples, prompts, or even go through the step-by-step assistant that helps you write the perfect achievement phrases. Alternatively, you can have AI completely write a new bullet point for you based on your experience.

Teal offers more for job seekers

Building a resume can feel overwhelming, and platforms like My Perfect Resume offer an easy way to create stylish resumes from scratch. However, when it comes to landing your next job and standing out as a top candidate, Teal does more for your job search.

Teal's AI guides you in crafting a strong narrative throughout your resume, cover letter, and emails along with keeping track of every job application so nothing falls through the cracks. Sign up for Teal’s AI-powered Resume Builder today.

Frequently Asked Questions

How trustworthy is MyPerfectResume?

While My Perfect Resume has some positive reviews on Trustpilot and other sites, there are also concerns about billing practices. Pricing isn't listed publicly and automatically enrolls users into a monthly subscription unless canceled, which took some reviewers by surprise.

How much does MyPerfectResume cost?

My Perfect Resume advertises a free plan, but it only includes access to TXT resume files. For any other features or file formats, it costs $2.95 for 14 days of access, which auto-renews at $23.95 every four weeks. Alternatively, users can pay $71.40 for one year of access, which renews automatically unless canceled.

Is it easy to cancel MyPerfectResume?

User reviews were mixed on how easy it is to cancel, but My Perfect Resume has a customer support team with an email and phone number listed. Some reviewers reported that they tried to cancel but were unexpectedly charged for the service later.

Can I use MyPerfectResume for free?

You can get started building a resume for free and download it as a TXT file, but for any of the advanced features or formats you have to sign up for a paid subscription.

Is My Perfect Resume worth it?

Whether MyPerfectResume is worth it depends on your needs. The free version is extremely limited and the paid version is primarily a resume builder. If you need more tools to succeed in your job search with everything from AI-powered resumes to cover letters and email templates, you would be better off with Teal.

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