How to Navigate Job Boards Effectively

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March 10, 2021
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We know that it’s important to be networking rather than just browsing job boards when you are job searching. However, we know that job seekers should be also spending time searching for jobs online and applying. Networking alone won’t get you a job. Just like you would diversify the way you invest your money, you want to make sure you approach your job search in a similar way. 

Don’t just rely on the big job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed. There are many niche job boards out there for various job functions, industries, and affinity groups. 

Job titles can vary from company to company

Since job titles are all over the place, you need to get crafty on how you search for jobs that you might be qualified for. For example, a product manager role at one company might be listed as program manager or product director at another company even if the responsibilities and scope are exactly the same. We’ve created a class called Locate Job Opportunities that shows you how to hack this process by creating a job search query builder to save time in finding multiple job titles on a job board. 

Some of the larger and more established job boards already have a search agent feature built into their system. It will save you time to set up your search criteria and activate email notifications when there are new postings related to your search. We recommend doing this even if you are not job searching since it will keep you updated on what are the latest skills in demand in your function or industry.

Tracking job postings from job boards can be time consuming

It can be tedious and time consuming to review multiple job boards to locate and keep track of job postings. Many people create spreadsheets and docs to track both job postings and their application process since it is not easy to stay organized. Teal’s Job Application Tracker app was created to help job seekers save time when perusing popular job boards. With its handy Chrome extension, it allows you to bookmark jobs automatically and scan the posting for the keywords you will need for your resume. In addition, you can efficiently manage your job application process all in one place rather than having to save the job posting somewhere else. The Job Application Tracker works with a lot of the popular job boards today.

Here is a list of the latest job search sites the Teal Job Application Tracker supports:

Even though job opportunities can be found through your network, company websites, and social media platforms, it’s always a good idea to leverage a diverse array of sources for opportunities. The advantages of job boards is that they are a centralized place for you to see many jobs at once and if you use search agents and tools like the Job Application Tracker, it can be a great way to organize and manage your entire job application process!

Frequently Asked Questions

What strategies can I use to filter and find relevant jobs on large job boards?

To effectively filter job listings on large job boards, use specific keywords that match your desired role and industry. Refine your search by location, experience level, and company size. Set up job alerts to receive notifications for new postings that fit your criteria, and regularly update your search parameters to ensure you're seeing the most relevant opportunities.

How can I leverage niche job boards to enhance my job search?

Niche job boards can be valuable for finding specialized roles that may not be listed on larger platforms. Identify job boards that cater to your industry or profession, and create profiles on these sites. Engage with the community, if applicable, and take advantage of any additional resources they offer, such as webinars, career advice, or networking events, to increase your visibility and chances of finding a suitable job.

What are the best practices for organizing my job search across multiple job boards?

Keep your job search organized by creating a spreadsheet to track the positions you've applied for, including the job title, company name, date of application, and any follow-up actions. Use a dedicated email address for job applications to manage communications efficiently. Additionally, regularly revisit and prioritize job boards that yield the highest quality job leads, and consider using job search management tools or apps to streamline the process.

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