Updates to the Teal Job Search Extension

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May 24, 2022
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As we all know, the job search process can be complex—a series of interrelated processes and tasks that can feel overwhelming when tackled all at once. Chrome extensions for job searching can be a huge time saver. Today, we're rolling out two product updates to help you search for jobs faster: an improved layout for our free job search extension, and a new design for the navigation bar within the Teal platform.

A Redesigned Chrome Extension for Job Searching

The new design looks and feels more like a job search companion than a chatbot, with a display panel that provides insights to actively help you with your job search. Just like we rolled out the Compensation Tool to bring salary data front and center, we'll be introducing additional extension features in the coming months to give you more information about each job. The new design makes it easier to see job details and add additional notes to all the jobs saved to your Job Application Tracker.

Teal Extension being used to save a job from LinkedIn to the Job Application Tracker.
Teal Extension being used to save a job from LinkedIn to the Job Application Tracker.

Save & Track Jobs from Over 40 Job Boards

A major benefit of google chrome extensions is they can go with you from site to site while you job search. This update to Teal Job Search Chrome Extension works with over 40 Job Boards and makes it helpful for saving and tracking all the jobs you are interested in. Easily keep track of job applications found on LinkedIn, Google, Indeed, and many more job boards across the web.

Save a Company or Contacts on LinkedIn

In addition to saving jobs, job seekers can also now easily use the Chrome extension to save a company or contact right from LinkedIn. Contacts and companies can be connected to any job in the Teal Job Tracker enabling job seekers to manage job applications all the way through the whole job search process. The free extension seamlessly integrates with the Teal Contact and Company trackers.

Save Company and Contacts details with the Chrome Extension
Save Company and Contacts details with the Chrome Extension

New Tool Navigation for Job Seekers

The new navigation makes it easier for job seekers to find, access, and switch between Teal's many tools (like the Job Application Tracker, AI Resume Builder, Contacts Tracker, Companies Tracker, etc.), and allows you to seamlessly manage your job search in one central place. The job search process requires a wide range of tools for the large number of jobs necessary to run an effective search.

New side navigation on the Teal Platform to the AI Resume Builder, Job Application Tracker, and more.
New side navigation on the Teal Platform

Frequently Asked Questions

What new features can users expect from the updated Teal Chrome Extension?

Users can look forward to an improved layout that streamlines the job search process. The updated Teal Chrome Extension now offers enhanced navigation and usability, making it easier to track job applications and access Teal's career-building tools directly from the browser.

How does the new navigation bar within the Teal platform enhance the user experience?

The redesigned navigation bar simplifies the user interface, allowing for more intuitive access to the platform's features. It's tailored to help users move seamlessly between different sections, such as job tracking, resume building, and skill development, contributing to a more efficient job search experience.

Will current users of the Teal Chrome Extension need to take any action to access the updates?

Current users will receive the updates automatically. The Teal Chrome Extension is designed to update in the background, ensuring that users always have the latest version with the newest features and improvements without any manual intervention.

Dave Fano

Founder and CEO of Teal, Dave is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building products & services to help people leverage technology and achieve more with less.

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