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Teal Product Updates: a Roundup of our Newest Releases, Features, and Functionalities

Exciting new changes are now live inside the Teal Resume Builder.

At Teal, we’re working hard to empower as many people as possible to grow their careers in 2023. And we’re excited to start that journey with some new, highly requested product updates to our Teal Resume Builder.

Below, we’ll dive into each one, what it is, and how it can help you in your job search.

 A WYSIWYG editor is available in the professional summary section.

  • A WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) editor is an editing system where the content can be created or modified on the product’s interface. This will allow you to customize your professional summary with bullets, links, spacing, and bolding. Now you can call out specific keywords, skills, or achievements up front and center more precisely. 

You can now duplicate items on your resume.

  • You can officially save even more time in your job search by automatically duplicating items on your resume, like achievements. If you're applying for roles with multiple versions of your resume and want to keep most of your achievements the same but slightly tweak specific keywords, this feature will be a lifesaver. No more copy/pasting or re-writing similar resume achievements from scratch.

A new field is open to add company descriptions to your resume.

  • This field is great for job seekers who want to add context to their resumes. You may have worked for a small company and would like to explain their product and services to people who wouldn’t know otherwise. Perhaps you’d like to showcase that you’re an expert in a particular industry by mentioning that industry beneath each job title, or maybe you’d like to display the company’s size on your resume. All of this is now possible with the new company description field. 

A WYSIWYG editor is available in the education section. 

  • New grads, get excited! The following two updates are just for you. We’ve added a WYSIWYG editor to the education section of the resume builder. If you don’t have much work experience yet, this is a great place to add relevant coursework, activities, and projects. With this new addition, you can customize this section as much or as little as you’d like.

A new field is open to add your GPA to your resume.

  • And finally, we have added the ability for you to input your  GPA into your resume. Again, this will also be extremely helpful for individuals who have a limited amount of work experience. With your GPA on full display, you can help future employers see that you are a high achiever and top performer!
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Alli Tunell

Alli Tunell

Alli is a tech marketing strategist with 10+ years of experience. Currently, Alli works as a Senior Growth Marketing Manager at Teal. After dealing with far too many frustrating job searches herself, she has found so much joy in helping other job applicants win in a challenging market.

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