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October 31, 2022
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A Note from Teal's Founder & CEO, Dave Fano

We founded Teal almost three years ago with the core belief that the job search process should be more equitable for job seekers. In the time since, we’ve spoken with and learned from tens of thousands of job seekers, whose thoughtful input and shared experiences have helped shape our tools and resources.

From the Chrome extension and LinkedIn Profile Review tool to our Job Application Tracker and AI Resume Builder, we wanted to build a free, easy-to-use platform that would empower as many people as possible to run an effective job search and feel more in control of their careers.

We’re committed to building a lasting company that both does good and does well—and part of that means having a sustainable business model so we can continue to support job seekers for years to come.

After providing Teal for free to over 85,000 job seekers, we have some updates on our next step as a company:

  • Over the coming week, we’ll be rolling out and testing our new premium product offering, Teal+.
  • There’s no action necessary for existing Teal members at this time. We so appreciate your continued support throughout this journey, and to say thank you, we want you to have continued access to the exact tools and features you have today—indefinitely.
  • As we release new paid features and premium products down the line, existing members will have the option to upgrade to Teal+ — but again, the features you have for free today, you’ll have for free forever.
  • We’re still committed to anyone being able to run an entire job search for free with Teal forever—everyone deserves a baseline set of tools at no cost—but new Teal users who want to further leverage the intelligence that our team has built and speed up their job search even more can upgrade for an enhanced experience.
  • We appreciate you sharing, recommending, and referring friends and colleagues to Teal—and we hope that you’ll continue to do so. We’ll be building out a referral program in the coming months (stay tuned for updates!) but in the meantime, we’ll be shifting our language, no longer referring to Teal as “100% free.”

New Teal users can use the majority of the tools for free (more on that below!) or upgrade to one of the following Teal+ memberships, choosing between a one-time or recurring payment:

  • $9/week
  • $29/month
  • $79/3 months

With the free version of the platform, users can still:

  • Bookmark and track unlimited jobs
  • Create unlimited resumes
  • Bookmark and track unlimited contacts and companies
  • And much more

In addition to these features, Teal+ members will get:

  • Unlimited keywords (hard and soft skills) listed in the job tracker
  • Unlimited communication templates
  • Unlimited analysis in the AI Resume Builder
  • Unlimited access to resume-matching keywords
  • No ads across the entire platform

Here’s a breakdown of what that looks like for new users:

Features of Teal+ vs. Teal

We’ll be rolling out more tools—both free and premium—in the coming months, and looking out for other ways to help job seekers through programming, content, and additional tools.

As always, feedback is welcomed. Again, thank you for helping us get to this point.

—Dave and the Teal team

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the main benefits of upgrading to Teal+ for job seekers?

Teal+ offers enhanced features designed to empower job seekers with advanced tools for job tracking, personalized insights, and additional resources tailored to accelerate their job search. These benefits are built upon the foundation of the free version of Teal, providing a more comprehensive support system for those looking to invest further in their career growth.

How does Teal+ differ from the free version of Teal?

Teal+ differentiates itself by offering exclusive access to premium features such as advanced job search analytics, more in-depth career content, and personalized support. While the free version provides a solid starting point for job seekers, Teal+ is designed for those who want to maximize their job search efforts with additional, powerful tools.

Will the introduction of Teal+ affect the availability of the free Teal services?

The introduction of Teal+ is a step towards providing more options for job seekers, but it does not eliminate the free services that Teal has been offering. The free version of Teal will continue to be available, ensuring that job seekers can still access essential tools and resources without cost, while Teal+ exists as a premium, value-added option for those seeking an enhanced job search experience.

Dave Fano

Founder and CEO of Teal, Dave is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building products & services to help people leverage technology and achieve more with less.

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