20+ LinkedIn Summary Examples to Boost Your Professional Networking Profile

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August 18, 2023
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3 key takeaways

LinkedIn is the place to be seen if you want to catch the eye of recruiters, hiring managers, clients, or potential employers.

While some parts of your profile are essentially your digital resume, there is one area that requires some more effort—your summary.

This is also called the “About” section and is where people can get to know you.

The issue? You have to write about yourself. Cue feelings of dread. While you may want to put it off, this section captures the attention of others and can make or break your career growth. Read on to learn how to craft your own and see various LinkedIn summary examples. 

What is a LinkedIn summary, exactly? 

A LinkedIn summary refers to the “About” section of your LinkedIn profile, where you can expand on your experience, achievements, and goals. You get 2,600 characters to share your highlight reel and show a little personality. 

Have you ever watched a trailer of a movie and thought, “I need to see that movie!”? That’s what you want your summary to do. You want to provide just enough experience, action, and personality to get to the next step—connection requests, introductory calls, meetings, or job interviews.

In this space, avoid repeating what’s in your resume or headline. Instead, imagine you’re the main character of your career. Tell your story and share how you got where you are, what you’ve achieved, and what you’re looking for. 

Crafting an epic LinkedIn summary can help your job search and career growth. What you include and how you present yourself gives off vibes (of the professional sort, of course). It can make someone feel instantly connected to you or eager to learn more about you and your job history. And in this economy, where you want any chance you get to have a foot in the door, you can’t afford to skip this step. 

Struggling to find the right words to tell your story? Transform your LinkedIn summary into a compelling narrative with the help of Teal's easy-to-use LinkedIn Summary Generator.

Creating a memorable LinkedIn summary  

If you’re not a writer or feel content creation is not one of your strengths, learning how to write a LinkedIn summary can seem daunting. But, below are the top ingredients to create one yourself. Think of it like following a recipe and adding your own spice. 

Figure out your personal brand 

Your personal brand is how you want others to think of you. You might think this is more marketing, but remember—people will have perceptions or assumptions about you regardless.  And just like your resume, your LinkedIn profile is a personal marketing tool.

Imagine someone else was talking about you and your career (a little separation may make this exercise a bit easier). What three words would you want them to use to describe you?

That can be part of your personal brand and can influence your tone. 

  • Trustworthy. Compassionate. Tenacious. 
  • Resourceful. Meticulous. Intelligent. 
  • Funny. Creative. Hard-working. 

These words can inform your tone and how you write a good LinkedIn summary.

Craft a story 

Remember how your “About” section should be like a movie trailer? Movie trailers clearly tell a story in a short period of time, and you’re doing the same thing here. 

  • What is the movie of your career?
  • What are the highlights, the must-knows?
  • How do your experience, interests, passions, and goals fit in your current job or future goals?
  • Who are you, and what do you value? 

If you feel like your resume is the 2D version of you, your LinkedIn summary section is the 3D version. Let your personality shine and open up in other ways you can’t elsewhere in your LinkedIn profile. 

Set the stage

Present challenges you’ve overcome and how you’ve succeeded and moved past them. Share the character traits that helped you in your career, and include language that reflects your personal brand. 

Professional accomplishments 

As part of your LinkedIn summary, you want to showcase major professional accomplishments. Even though it says “About,” this isn’t exactly a biography or memoir.

LinkedIn is for professional networking, so make sure to include the top things people should know about your career. 


  • Your years of experience
  • Any awards
  • Tangible metrics that illustrate your success
  • Share any roles you’ve had as a mentor or leader in your company 

LinkedIn "About Me" example: 

“I’m a multi-faceted graphic designer obsessed with color and making your brand pop. In my 10 years of experience, I’ve helped top entrepreneurs with visuals that connect to heart and soul, increasing engagement by 200%. I’ve won numerous awards, including 1, 2, and 3, and in my free time, share my skills at the Boys & Girls Club.”

Career objectives 

Your “About” section isn’t just about answering “Who are you?” (and why it matters), but it’s also about answering “Where do you want to go?” 

You want to share your career aspirations and what you want out of your professional life. Just like you might share what you’re looking for on a dating app, on LinkedIn, you want to share what you’re looking for. Are you looking for a permanent full-time role, or do you want to work as a consultant? 

What type of organizations or companies do you want to work with? What roles are you seeking? Including these things can provide clarity for both parties. 

Expertise and skills 

When you write a LinkedIn summary, you want to organically touch on your skills and abilities. What are the things you know more about than most people? What can you do with your eyes closed? 

Your expertise and skills can include:

  • Education
  • Certifications
  • Training 
  • Hands-on experience
  • Courses
  • Foreign languages
  • Software

If you’re looking for a particular role, make sure you highlight the skills that could be listed in the job description and would be a good fit for the job. 

Call to action 

People are on LinkedIn for a variety of reasons. Some people want a new job. Some people only want to network. Others are looking for a job. Some are establishing thought leadership and making connections for their next move, which may be unknown, even to them. 

In your own summary, you can include a call to action. Include the target audience and what you want them to do:

  • I’d love to connect with other women engineers; feel free to send me a request. 
  • Looking to hear from recruiters about new opportunities in tech. You can reach out to me at [email]. 
  • Interested in my services? Check out my website for rates. 

Being clear about what you want people to do and how to connect with you can improve communication and increase opportunities. 

Key summary mistakes to avoid 

While there's no specific LinkedIn summary template, now you know the recipe for a great LinkedIn summary. But there are some mistakes you should be aware of as well. 

Repeating your resume

LinkedIn has your basic resume already; you shouldn’t just turn your resume into a block of text. 

Incorrect spelling and grammar

Things happen, but proofread your spelling and grammar and get a second or third pair of eyes on your text before hitting publish. 

Language that could be offensive

You want to open doors and not close them. Avoid using potentially contentious language. Instead, use industry-specific language and keywords from job descriptions in your field.


This one should be obvious, but you definitely don’t want to complain about your current or past jobs. Keep that for the group chat. 

Too many personal details

Your authenticity and vulnerability can help boost your connection with others. But there can be a fine line, and you want to avoid oversharing. Keep it focused and share only the relevant details. 

LinkedIn profile summary examples

If you’re looking for good LinkedIn summaries, start checking out other people on the site and see what piques your interest.

While you don’t want to copy others, you can use it for inspiration and see what’s working or not. Below we share some LinkedIn About section examples in various industries and different professions.  However, If you find yourself struggling to find the right words to tell your story, transform your LinkedIn summary into a compelling narrative with the help of Teal's easy-to-use LinkedIn Summary Generator.

LinkedIn summary examples for students

Students may not have the same level of experience in the workforce as others. But having a strong “About” section can help students land internships, jobs, and network with the right people before graduation. Below are some LinkedIn summary examples for students. 

LinkedIn summary example college student in film

“As a passionate storyteller studying film at New York University, I aim to share new ideas through a visual medium. In my studies, I’ve tackled all sides of the filmmaking process, including production, casting, editing, writing, and directing. 

My background is in Theater, as an actor for 5+ years. Making the transition to film, I’ve learned that I love directing and collaborating with others. Currently, I teach workshops to elementary school students and am the president of the Director’s Club. 

I’ve learned how to work under pressure, tight deadlines, and even tighter budgets. In film, things are always changing, so I’m quick on my feet and can manage a constantly changing environment. 

I’d love to continue my education and obtain an internship at a film studio.”

LinkedIn summary example college student in communications

“Third-year communications major and marketing minor, with a love of words. Fluent in Spanish and social media. I was born in Lima and raised in LA and am currently an Honor student at USC. 

My goal is to break into public relations and help underserved founders share their message on a wider scale. I’m detail-oriented, tenacious, and can manage a variety of different projects with a lot of moving parts. 

I’d love to share my skills and abilities with nonprofits and startups on a part-time basis while in school. I can translate content, create campaigns, and gather media lists to help secure coverage.”

LinkedIn summary example college student in education

“Dedicated education student in my senior year at Florida State University looking for hands-on experience working with kids. I’m passionate about the power of education and transforming young minds. I’m well-versed in various pedagogical methods, classroom management, and inspiring new ways of thinking about science. 

When I was younger, I became interested in STEM and knew that I wanted to support the next generation. In particular, my aim is to attract and encourage girls to study STEM and change the landscape of the field, to be more inclusive and diverse. Currently, I’m looking for an internship or part-time job at an afterschool program to put my skills into practice. Let’s connect!”

LinkedIn summary examples for recent graduates

Graduating college is a big deal, but can be nerve-wracking if you don’t have a job lined up. It’s like getting thrown in the deep end and figuring out how to swim. You may have some experience under your belt, but you’re still looking for your very first full-time job. For some inspiration, here are some LinkedIn summary examples for recent graduates.

LinkedIn summary example for recent college graduate

Environmental science graduate committed to fighting climate change. I graduated with a 4.0 GPA and interned at Greenpeace, using my research skills for various projects. During my studies, I founded Cyclists Against Climate Change and implemented sustainable practices in partnership with the school. I’m looking for a full-time role at an organization where I can share my passion, leadership, and expertise. Reach out if you’re interested in learning more.”

LinkedIn summary example for mid-life graduate

“A decade ago, I founded my own company. I launched a product and was “successful.” I had money in the bank, and I did everything from answering emails to bookkeeping to marketing and sales. You name it, I did it. Then, my mother died. After that experience, I realized I was living someone else’s dream and wanted to make a difference in other people’s lives in a tangible way. 

So I went back to school to become a therapist. I closed up shop, sold the business, and started over at the age of 38. I recently graduated with my Master of Science in Mental Health Counseling. I’m ready to write this next chapter of my life and serve others with the skills and abilities I’ve learned not only in school but in business.” 

LinkedIn summary example for master's degree graduate

“Growing up, I was in and out of hospitals, navigating healthcare with a disability. I saw up close the challenges of being a patient dealing with a convoluted healthcare system. Through this experience, I was inspired to obtain a master’s in public health from John Hopkins. As a patient and disability advocate, I bring a unique set of experiences to healthcare. 

I’m looking for full-time work at a healthcare organization that provides exceptional care to patients. I bring expertise and experience and a fresh set of perspectives to help transform healthcare. My life’s work is to change the way we care for patients and to make healthcare organizations more accessible and equitable.”

LinkedIn summary examples for job seekers

When you find the right job to apply to, you may have all your materials ready. You have a killer resume and customized cover letter. But is your LinkedIn up-to-date? Potential employers and recruiters may be looking at your profile. Aside from using the "#OpentoWork" feature on your profile, you want to clearly communicate that you’re looking for your next opportunity. Here are some LinkedIn summary examples for job seekers.

LinkedIn summary example for software engineer

“Innovative software engineer with over a decade of experience looking for the next adventure. I’m well-versed in a range of programming languages and have expertise in full-stack development. 

In my previous role, I worked alongside a small but mighty team and used my problem-solving skills to move projects forward. I have a Bachelor’s degree in computer science and am an avid learner. While I love working in software, when not at work, you can find me in the great outdoors. 

Looking for a role at a mission-driven company where I can share my expertise. Connect with me at [email].”

view more software engineer LinkedIn summaries

LinkedIn summary example for finance manager

“Compassionate certified financial planner who meets clients where they’re at with their money. Money is stressful, and I help bring clarity, confidence, and creativity to my client’s financial life. I’ve worked with over 100 clients one-on-one to help create a money plan that matches their dreams and goals for their one precious life. 

With a degree in finance and over 5 years of experience as a CFP, I’m eager to work for a firm that is committed to diversity and closing the wealth gap. I’ve worked as a mentor to other women in the field and served as a chair at various investing conferences. 

If you’re a woman in finance or a firm interested in working together, reach out to connect.” 

See more finance manager LinkedIn summary examples

LinkedIn summary example for human resources

“Dynamic Human Resources professional with 5+ years of experience working at startups. In the startup environment, I’ve learned how to be quick on my feet, cultivate employee engagement, and assist with onboarding new staff members. 

I love the energy of working with founders and helping streamline processes. I know that a company’s success is all about the talent—and through my job, I work to keep employees happy, engaged, and aware of their benefits and getting the most out of their compensation. If you’re looking for an HR specialist who can help ensure your company is doing things the right way, get in touch.”

LinkedIn summary examples for a career change

Changing careers and pivoting come with a major learning curve and a dash of hope that someone will give you a chance. You may not have the exact experience in the career you want, but you know you have the transferrable skills and some training under your belt. For your About section, it’s crucial to highlight how your experience can work to your advantage in the new field. Here are some LinkedIn summary examples for a career change. 

Journalism to PR LinkedIn summary example

“Committed storyteller looking for a new path in public relations. As a former journalist, I’m well-versed in the media landscape and how to craft a solid story. Using the same strategies I learned as a journalist, I want to create compelling narratives and help clients get the attention they deserve. 

I have a built-in media network from my 8 years as a writer and know how to meet a deadline. I’m an ENFJ and excel at managing relationships, expectations and delivering results. In my former role, I had a viral story and increased traffic to the site by 42%. When I’m not telling stories, I’m either reading or watching stories at home with my pup.”

Customer service to project management LinkedIn summary example

“Customer service professional looking for a project management role with a values-based company. In my three years working in customer service, I’ve perfected the art of communication and problem-solving. In this support role, I managed phone calls, emails, and chats with customers, ensuring the resolution of any issues and escalating issues as needed. 

I’ve worked with a team of 10 and can work well independently or in groups. Managing the various parts of customer service is aligned with project management. I’m eager to gain more experience with an organization that can use my skills.” 

Law to finance LinkedIn summary example

“Former lawyer and numbers geek looking for a role as a financial analyst. After working for 7 years as a corporate lawyer in New York City, I’m interested in transitioning to a role in finance. I’m meticulous, thorough, and personable and I’d love to use my experience in a different way working with businesses. 

Given my experience working with business deals and contracts, I have a unique perspective and insight to offer. Currently based in North Carolina, I’m willing to travel and will consider remote or hybrid roles. When not diving into spreadsheets, I enjoy hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking. If you’re interested in connecting, send me a request.”

LinkedIn summary examples for sales

If you’re in sales, you know your career is based on results. When looking for your next sales role, in your About section, use metrics that capture people’s attention and that clearly illustrate your skills and abilities. Here are some LinkedIn summary examples for your sales career.

More LinkedIn summary examples for sales

General sales professional LinkedIn summary example

“Dynamic sales professional who loves building relationships as much as landing a sale. I have four years of experience and am always honing my skills. My degree in Business and experience as an entrepreneur give me a diverse range of experiences in sales. In my previous company, I increased sales by 33% and doubled our leads. I’m looking for a sales role with a fun and engaging company that can utilize my skills.” 

Global sales consultant LinkedIn summary example

“Bilingual global sales consultant with 15 years of experience working in international business development. I’ve secured major deals and launched new global initiatives, increasing profits by 53%. I’m culturally competent and understand the complexities of cross-cultural negotiations. 

I studied abroad in Madrid while getting my degree in Business. I ended up staying there after graduation, working with global companies. Fluent in English and Spanish, I have a deep understanding of different markets, sales strategies, and driving revenue growth in new markets. Open to new opportunities.” 

Retail sales consultant LinkedIn summary example

“Everyone thinks retail is dead and everything has moved online. But that’s not the full story. As a retail sales consultant with a decade of experience, I work with luxury brands on optimizing in-store experiences and sales leading to results. 

Training staff and launching in-store experiences, I was able to increase sales by 27% and more than double email sign-ups. I’m obsessed with brainstorming ways to foster brand loyalty and make retail experiences memorable and enjoyable for customers and businesses alike.”

LinkedIn summary examples for marketing

As a marketer, you still have to market yourself to land a job. That means keeping your “About” section fresh and current, and uniquely you. Here are some LinkedIn summary examples for marketing. 

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Digital marketing example

“Savvy digital marketer that runs on coffee and new ideas. I have a degree in marketing and have worked with some of the top brands in retail over the past five years. Whether it’s social campaigns or Google Ads, brand awareness, to engagement, I’ve got you covered. My expertise is translating content across generations, for both Millenials and Gen Z. I’m proficient in all social platforms and love creating content with a team. Currently, I’m freelance and looking for a role at a company. Open to relocating.” 

More digital marketing LinkedIn summaries

Content marketing example

“Content marketing maven who lives and breathes stories and native advertising. I work with new businesses looking to level up their marketing in an impactful, organic way. My last campaign saw 300% more engagement, leading to more conversions and brand awareness. 

I have a degree in Theater but realized my love of storytelling was best used behind the scenes. I’m fluent in SEO, can build teams, and strategize campaigns that make sense for your needs. Let’s talk.”

Check out these 3 other content marketing LinkedIn summaries

SEO manager example

“SEO specialist who loves data and collaborating with marketing teams to drive traffic. In the past, I’ve managed teams of writers and collaborated with the marketing team to come up with a content strategy. 

I’m an expert at Google Ads, Keyword Planner, and analyzing keyword research. Through my work with the content team, we increased organic traffic by 76%. I take my work seriously and enjoy working in non-serious environments and like to bring fun to the job. Reach out if you’re looking for help with content that converts.”

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LinkedIn summary examples for HR

You’re great at working with people and managing a variety of issues that come up within a company. You’re the go-to person for all things benefits, compensation, conflict, and workplace environment. If you’re an HR pro, here are some LinkedIn summary examples for HR. 

LinkedIn summary example benefits specialist

Experienced Benefits Specialist with 20 years of experience working with major corporations. I’ve helped manage medical and dental benefit plans as well as life insurance policies for employees. As a liaison between providers and employees, I facilitate vendor relationships and ensure staff gets fair compensation. 

My career started out in administration and over the years I’ve moved into Human Resources. I bring the human back to human resources and create a friendly work environment built on trust and wellness.

LinkedIn summary example HR generalist

“HR Pro who loves policies, procedures, and people. My work keeps me on my toes and I enjoy creating healthy workplace environments and implementing new initiatives to maximize productivity and boost employee wellness. 

Skilled at conflict resolution, with a specialty in diversity and inclusion. I’m culturally competent and looking for a company where equity is valued. As a leader, I build trust and foster communication, and ensure everything is running smoothly.”

LinkedIn summary example HR executive

“Human Resources executive with a passion for technology and streamlining processes. I work with companies from the ground up to get set up with tech that makes things easier to manage. I’m proficient in data analysis and reporting and enjoy optimizing operations. 

One of the most important things for any business is speed. Through setting up the right automation and tools, I work with companies to free up time and make data accessible.”

LinkedIn Summary examples for project managers

As a project manager, you know how to stay on task, manage a lot of moving parts, and get things done. If you’re looking for your next role, here are LinkedIn summary examples for project managers. 

LinkedIn summary example healthcare project management

I’m a healthcare project manager, working in this role for the past 2 years, but in healthcare for a decade. I’ve worked on all sides of healthcare and manage new programs that meet the needs of staff, patients, and stakeholders. 

In my role, I manage a $100 million budget and ensure projects are compliant, within budget, and delivering on the mission. In my free time, I volunteer at a kitten rescue and take care of my own health and wellness through exercise and meditation.”

LinkedIn summary example construction project management

“From start to finish, construction has a lot of moving parts. That’s where I come in to help as a construction project manager. As an experienced professional with 6 years of experience, I seamlessly execute building projects and manage budgets, resources, and timelines. 

I work as the liaison among vendors and make sure we’re staying on target and meeting the needs of the company.”

LinkedIn summary example general project management

“Seasoned project manager with 12 years of experience who thrives in high-intensity environments. I’m tenacious and driven and enjoy seeing projects to completion. Working in cross-functional teams, I coordinate project planning, implement risk management procedures, and foster communication and collaboration among all parties involved. 

I’ve worked at nonprofits and startups and am passionate about working with companies driving change.”

How to craft your unique LinkedIn summary 

Writing a compelling LinkedIn summary is an art and can take some practice. Here are the steps to get started. 

Step 1: Write down the details 

Include the details you want to cover. Consider the Who and the Why and your personal brand. Jot those thoughts down and let it be messy. Include your years of experience, skills, and what you’re looking for. 

Step 2: Bring it together 

Next, give yourself the freedom to practice writing and bringing all the details together. You can try different openers and hooks to capture the reader’s attention. Keep it tight and cohesive. Try out at least three different versions. Revise and edit. 

Pro tip: If you want some extra assistance, try using ChatGPT prompts for LinkedIn to help you find a starting point.

Step 3: Publish

Once you’ve created a good summary, it’s time to publish. Go to your profile, then the “About” section. In the upper right corner, click on the pencil to edit this section. Copy and paste the text, then hit “Save.”

Step 4: Optimize

Once you've published, make sure you have an optimized LinkedIn summary using the free Teal LinkedIn Profile Reviewer.

All you have to do is download the Teal Chrome Extension which includes an automated LinkedIn Review. Once you install the extension, just go to your LinkedIn profile page and click on the Teal logo. Here, you’ll see a list of recommendations on how best to optimize your profile and can make updates as needed.

Find support with Teal 

No matter where you’re at in your career, navigating the next steps is never easy. The good news is there are so many tools and resources available to help you get the best materials to score a job. 

Use Teal to optimize your own LinkedIn Summary—ensuring you stand out. The AI Resume Builder can also help save time by importing your optimized LinkedIn profile seamlessly into the Resume Builder. (Plus, you can use the tool to customize your content and make it unique for each job you apply to.) It’s free and the best sidekick in your job search. 

Sign up for Teal today to get started.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tailor my LinkedIn summary to attract the right professional network?

To attract the right professional network, focus on highlighting your unique skills and experiences that align with the industry you're targeting. Use specific keywords that resonate with your desired audience and showcase your achievements in a way that demonstrates your value to potential connections. Keep it authentic and engaging to encourage meaningful interactions.

What is the ideal length for a LinkedIn summary to maintain reader engagement?

The ideal length for a LinkedIn summary is between 200-250 words. This allows you enough space to convey your professional story, expertise, and aspirations without overwhelming the reader. Aim to make every word count by being concise and focusing on the most impactful aspects of your career.

Can I include a call-to-action in my LinkedIn summary, and if so, how?

Yes, including a call-to-action (CTA) in your LinkedIn summary can be effective. Encourage readers to connect with you by suggesting they reach out for networking opportunities, mentorship, or collaboration. Keep your CTA clear and direct, such as "Feel free to connect with me for industry insights or collaboration ideas!"

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