How Useful Is a Job Search Tracking Software?

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October 29, 2021
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Submitting job applications for various positions has become a common practice in the job market today. The process of the modern job applications is complex and allows no room for error. Therefore, it is important to be organized in your job search and keep track of the positions you are applying for.  

A job tracker tool, like Teal's Job Application Tracker, helps you organize your search, prepare applications, and track the application status and follow-up. To land a well-paying job fast, it is essential to keep track of all leads, respond fast, and optimize your search. And that is exactly what a job tracker like Teal does for you.

What Is a Job Search Tracker?

Imagine a pool of files, chrome tabs, spreadsheets, and text editors; we all know how overwhelming it is. A job search tracker is an organizer that manages your tasks. It is optimized to automate the tedious task of job hunting and submitting applications. It also helps you organize and track important dates, access contacts, and track the status of your application. Using job search tracking software also provides crucial information about salary, job location, and any other notes you might have about the position.

A job tracker is your escape from juggling between networks, applications, and interviews. Teal's Job Application Tracker is a free online tool that gathers information about jobs from various job boards and organizes it in one place. It highlights relevant keywords to help you filter positions that are suitable for you.

Why Is it Important to Organize Your Job Search?

As the world has become more competitive, finding the right job has become even more exhausting. Certain professions require people to submit multiple applications before landing a position that they are happy with. Over time, applications, interviews, replies, and job tracking become difficult to manage. Job seekers may mix up applications, interviews and miss deadlines.  

A lot of logistics and energy goes into looking for your dream job. You have to stay in the loop with the new updates, positions you have applied for, materials you have submitted, interviews you have been shortlisted for, and the kind of preparation you need for each interview. Therefore, organizing your job search is essential to keep track of your career-related activities.

For an organized job search, it is essential to:

1. Define Your Goals

Before applying for different jobs, it is essential to set your expectations and keep the desired job role in mind. This is important because it narrows down all your search-related activities. Consider your personal goals, skills, and salary expectations to determine what kind of positions you wish to apply for.

2. Shortlist Companies

Understanding your target market helps you narrow down your search and seek positions only in the relevant industries. Researching the culture, requirements, and current employees of the company you want to apply for can help you customize your application. However, this does not suggest that you limit your search only to those particular companies but set them as a benchmark.

3. Be Minimalistic: Don't Apply Everywhere 

It is tempting to apply everywhere. However, once the interviews start rolling, you won't be able to give your best to each potential position. Applying to fewer positions every month helps you give more attention to each application and personalize your letter accordingly. Select applications that align best with your long-term professional goals.

Reasons Why You Should Have a Job Tracker

1. Access to Information

How often does it happen that we receive an interview call for a job we have forgotten all about? Scrambling through applications and our search history to remember what the role was? A job tracker search log helps you quickly gather information about who is calling you and why. This can help you present your best self to a potential employer.

2. Refine the Search  

Job search tracking software helps you refine your search and shortlist relevant positions faster. It filters job search results based on your skills and tracks your job applications' status.

3. Stand Out

Smart job search tracking software, like Teal, highlights your keywords and helps your resume stand out to potential recruiters.

4. Application Checklist

Applying for jobs is an overwhelming task. Certain job search trackers have smart checklist features that can help you ensure that you have all the necessary documents required to make a great first impression.  

How Does Teal Work?

Step 1: Add to Chrome

Download Teal's job search tracker software from the App Store and install the extension on Chrome. Once installed, it will help you find job offers from popular listings. It also helps you manually add sites from where you can learn about potential job listings.

Step 2: Save Jobs

Shortlist and save jobs that interest you by either saving them or bookmarking them.

Step 3: Optimize Materials  

Teal highlights keywords to help you optimize your resume. It also comes with a skill and keyword analysis feature that highlights words in your resume that help your application stand out to hiring managers.

Step 4: Manage Follow Up

The tracker tool helps you follow up on your application. You can organize and keep track of your contacts and applications, information about jobs, and set follow-up updates.

Track Your Search to Track Your Success  

Using a project management tool not only helps you collect all your information in one place but also relieves you of the hassle of making time for spreadsheets and applications every time there is an opening. It helps you prioritize and complete tasks on time. Which software and project management tool you select is up to you, but generally, these tools systemize the entire process and make it manageable.

Tracking your search equals tracking your success. Being organized helps you identify the strategies that have worked best for you. It enables you to reach your potential and focus on practices that have proven to be a success.

Frequently Asked Questions

What features should I look for in a job search tracking software?

When selecting job search tracking software, prioritize features such as application status tracking, resume and cover letter management, networking contact organization, interview scheduling, and follow-up reminders. These functionalities can significantly streamline your job search process and help you stay organized and proactive throughout your job hunt.

How does job search tracking software improve the chances of finding a suitable job?

Job search tracking software enhances your job hunt by keeping all your applications, contacts, and job opportunities in one place, allowing for easy follow-ups and ensuring no opportunities are missed. It also helps you analyze your search patterns, refine your strategy, and maintain a consistent application process, which can lead to better job matches and more successful outcomes.

Can job search tracking software integrate with other tools I'm using in my job search?

Many job search tracking software options offer integration capabilities with job boards, email platforms, calendar apps, and professional social networks like LinkedIn. This integration streamlines your workflow, enabling you to add jobs to your tracker directly from job boards or sync interview dates with your calendar, ensuring a more efficient and cohesive job search experience.

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