Benefits of Using a Job Application Tracker Template

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July 2, 2021
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What do you gain by Utilizing the Job Application Tracker Template?

Finding a job online can be more like finding your way through a long, twisting maze for which you need to choose the right path to find what you want.

Indeed, online job portals have made an enormous difference in making employment easier and effective for both the employer and employee. These job portals allow job seekers to upload their resumes and other details to get offers from employers directly.

Managing the online job application process

When you’re searching for a job, it’s imperative to keep close track of the job listings, recruiter contacts, as well as interview dates. Managing this process gets significantly easier when you take advantage of a job application tracker template. Using a template tool makes the job-hunting process easier, faster, and more direct. Using a template can save a lot of time & frustration, but if you want to improve your process even more, use a Job Application Tracker with built-in tools to manage contacts, communication templates, follow up dates, keywords, and more.

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Puts the best jobs at the forefront

To get down to the basics, the job tracking process involves bringing vacancies from all the most popular listing sites. A good job tracking system combines application tracking with job search technologies that simplify the job-seeking process. 

Through the conventional ways, it might be a long arduous process that never guarantees or assures you of the best potential job. Mandatory processes like adding job description, and basic resume updating are often time-consuming and tedious tasks which are highly vulnerable to human error. Job tracking application software can easily store important contacts and related information for each job you track that helps you make the best decision with the minimum time spent.

Interface with online forms

In this digital age, job seekers do not carry and hand over paper resumes, rather they find it convenient to look for positions and vacancies online. The job tracking software is a vital digital resource for a job search, especially ones where you are applying to a high number of open roles. It is no longer realistic and viable to keep track of the jobs you apply to in your head, or even in your email inbox. You need a robust system.

This is especially true because it has become much easier for job seekers to apply for many jobs and submit their resumes in high volume. As a job seeker, it’s not uncommon to apply to tens or even a hundred jobs a week. With a job tracking template or a dedicated tool like our free Job Application Tracker, you can easily bookmark open roles and track the status of your applications as soon as they are updated.

Streamline the application process

The initial process of finding a suitable job posting can be extremely difficult. Even after finding a job that looks interesting to you, you then need to create a cover letter,  check the company’s background and find contacts for the hiring manager or anyone in your network who could tell you more information about the company or maybe even refer you.

It is a daunting task for any job hunter to sift through all logistical information while hunting for the ideal job. However, the job tracking application template merges all required information into a single place, which can be easily accessed and updated.

Works with the main online job boards

Many job hunters have a presence on career platforms like LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed and others. These sites all have their pros and cons. No single job board is perfect and as a job seeker you shouldn’t limit yourself to just one job search site. Here’s an overview of 100 different job boards and some advantages of each one. 

Each job board wants to make job seekers use their site only. Features like “saving” jobs on LinkedIn or Indeed are beneficial for the site, but as a job seeker it locks your information into that platform. Since you should search on multiple sites for the best chances of finding your dream job, this means you either need to manage your key information across multiple sites which is time-consuming and prone to error. 

Alternatively, you can stay organized by using a job tracking template on a tool like Microsoft Excel, Google Drive & Google Sheets, Notion or Airtable. To be even more effective you can use dedicated job tracking software like Teal’s Chrome Extension and job tracker.

Either way, you want to save time and not have your information spread across multiple sites. Set yourself up for success and keep track of the potential employer’s contact information, the dates that you applied for an interview, and your application process in one place.

Direct Benefits of a job tracker

A job search spreadsheet offers a variety of benefits to job hunters. When job seekers do not have the right information, they may have to face a hard time focusing on real achievable goals. A good job search begins with sufficient planning and overall knowledge of the recruitment process. 

Tracker tools make it easier to reach potential employers. The tools also provide easier process implementation, simple collaboration, and scheduling integration. Providing up-to-date and centralized information assists seekers in meeting goals productively. By implementing an organized template or tool, you’ll be more likely to land your next big career move.

Finding a job online can be much quicker and easier than using traditional ways; however, it can also take up a lot of your time. By using a job tracker, you will be able to quickly find and apply for the best jobs available. Job Application Tracker and Chrome Extension by Teal can help you stay focused, organized and increase your chances of landing a perfect job! 

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific data should I include in my job application tracker template?

Your job application tracker template should include the job title, company name, application date, follow-up dates, contact information for the hiring manager or recruiter, the status of the application (e.g., submitted, interviewing, rejected), any notes on the job description or interview feedback, and a reminder for next steps. Keeping this information organized will help you manage your job search more effectively.

How can a job application tracker template improve my chances of getting hired?

A job application tracker template helps you stay organized, ensuring you follow up on applications in a timely manner and prepare adequately for interviews. It also allows you to analyze patterns in your job search, such as which types of roles or companies you're having more success with, enabling you to tailor your approach and increase your chances of landing a job.

Is it better to use a digital job application tracker template or a paper-based one?

A digital job application tracker template is generally more efficient as it can be easily updated, accessed from anywhere, and can remind you of upcoming tasks or deadlines. However, the best choice depends on your personal preference and working style. If you prefer a tangible record that you can physically mark up, a paper-based tracker might work better for you.

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