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November 5, 2021
June 28, 2022

11 Interesting Jobs for Teachers Changing Careers In 2022

Dave Fano

Have you been working in education and are tired of being a teacher? No matter what your reasoning or background, teachers have skills that are widely applicable to other jobs. Check out our suggestions for jobs to pivot to when you're changing your career.

Teaching is a noble profession, but that doesn’t mean it’s your perfect-fit career for your entire working life. You may want to switch your career due to a number of reasons. In any case, it’s your life so you get to decide what’s best for you. 

Teachers are problem solvers. In fact, if you think hard you’ll remember how a certain teacher left a lasting impression on you and possibly even made you want to become a teacher. A teacher can powerfully affect the life of a student with encouraging words and support.

If you’re looking for alternative careers to teaching for whatever reason, keep reading. 

Let’s dig in. 

Possible Alternative Jobs for Teachers 

The possible alternative jobs for teachers are as follows: 

#1. Become A Writer

Depending on your preferences, you may start with writing fiction or nonfiction. If you teach English or literature, becoming a writer won’t be a huge transition. You can also try becoming a blog writer, a content writer, or maybe a copywriter. The choice is yours as you have to see what works best for you. Because of your excellent communication skills and subject matter expertise, you can become a great writer.

#2. Become A Principal

You may have been teaching for many years. When you look into career options, you may opt to become a principal. With a master’s degree, teaching skills, and excellent transferable skills, you will be a great fit for this role. The career transition will be smooth when you apply for the position of principal/ vice principal and say goodbye to your current teaching job. The best thing about becoming a principal is that you’ll be connected to the students and it’s close to what you have been doing as a teacher.

#3. Become A University Professor 

You can get further education or get more skills and experience. You can take your teaching career to the next level by becoming a university professor. Again, it’s your choice as you may want to try something else other than teaching. You already know classroom management and have prepared lesson plans for kids. 

#4. Social Worker 

You can also become a social worker especially if you love helping children and families who need it the most. This career path can be interesting for you especially if you are a kind teacher. People talk about professional developments, but career choices like this can make a difference in society. You already know how to manage a complex class culture as well as relate to children. Now you can use your skill sets for those needing it the most. 

#5. Motivational Speaker

As a teacher, this could be your innate skill. If you notice that you’ve changed the life of many students then try this career. It can be great as the world needs people like you with open arms to make it a better place. The human resources department of a company can look for corporate trainers and if you become a motivational speaker at the corporate level it will be a win-win. You can refresh life lessons for people working at the corporate level. 

#6. Start A Business 

If you get bored of careers for teachers, you can start a business and be your own boss.

A teacher has many abilities and skills such as: 

  • Leadership. 
  • Organizational. 
  • Management. 
  • Communication. 
  • Listening. 
  • Punctuality. 
  • Conflict resolution. 
  • And a lot more. 

With all such skills, you can become an entrepreneur. 

#7. Become A Virtual Assistant 

If you’re organized and able to prioritize well, it’s also possible to become a virtual assistant. It’s like an administrative assistant, but someone who works online. One great thing about this option is you can have multiple virtual assistant roles at once and maximize your income.

#8. Become A Transcriptionist 

You can also become a transcriptionist as you have the stamina to listen patiently. As a transcriptionist, you listen to audio and write word-for-word what you heard. You can write captions for videos also! It’s an interesting job that you can try. 

#9. Make Your Own Course 

Thanks to modern technology, it’s possible to create your own educational course. If you are good at a certain subject, you can make your own course and start marketing it. 

#10. Online Tutoring 

If you love teaching, but not early mornings then you can try online tutoring. It’s possible to teach students around the world. You can search for companies that hire teachers online and offer flexibility so that you can select the timings of your choice. 

#11. Take A Long Vacation 

Do nothing! It’s possible that you may be have been working for a long time. Maybe it’s time to take a break. Give yourself an excuse from the usual routine. Take a long vacation and then restart your career with a fresh mind. You can save enough for some time when planning a vacation. At times, you need a break from the hustle and bustle of life. 

Frequently Asked Questions 

What kinds of companies and organizations hire former teachers? 

If you are a former teacher, you can apply for online tutoring, writing jobs, proofreading, and a lot more to companies hiring online. If you want to totally pivot to a new career and enter tech, starting with education tech companies is a good method.

Why do teachers leave teaching? 

Generally, there could be a variety of reasons that may change the circumstances of a person, for example, relocation, childbirth, health condition, classroom conditions, pay, and a lot more. 

What can retired teachers do? 

Based on their skills and level of expertise, retired teachers can become book writers, a proofreader, bloggers, virtual assistants, online teachers, and so much more. 

What are the best jobs for retired teachers? 

There are a variety of jobs such as online tutor, blogger, copywriter, curriculum writer, transcriptionist, and many more. 

Final Words 

It’s possible that you may think of a career change. Your current students would be upset as they adore you, but it’s your time to shine! You have to see what works best for you and what would make you happy.

It’s challenging. You have to show up every day and your words matter! Whatever you say to your students may leave a lasting impression. You have to be careful with the choice of words and tone of your voice. It may get exhausting at the end of the day. If it’s overwhelming and not your calling anymore, you can give yourself permission to change your career. 

If you’re a teacher changing careers, use Teal’s Job Tracker and find a new job you love faster.

Dave Fano

Founder and CEO of Teal, Dave is a serial entrepreneur with 20+ years of experience building products & services to help people leverage technology and achieve more with less.

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