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Teal’s free job tracking software is the most efficient way to manage a job search.

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How It Works


Add to Chrome

Download our chrome extension from the Google Chrome app store.


Bookmark Jobs

Use the extension to save jobs you're interested in right from your browser.


Optimize Your Materials

Teal will highlight words you can use to customize your resume.


Manage Follow Up

Use our tracker to know when to follow up with your applications.

Google Chrome Extension diagram

Save any job listing
on the internet.

Teal's Chrome Extension will scrape job descriptions from all the most popular listing sites — from LinkedIn to Glassdoor. If it doesn’t recognize a site, you can also add the job posting manually.

Keyword highlighting example

Get your application to the top of the pile.

Once the job description is saved, our keyword and skill analysis feature will highlight what words to add to your resume to beat ATS systems and stand out to recruiters.

Keyword highlighting exampleAdding contacts and setting follow up dates

A CRM for your
job search.

Our tool is more than a job application tracker. Store important contacts and relationship information for each job you track. Set dates to follow up on your applications.

Are you tracking your job search with excel or spreadsheets?

Spend less time in excel and have more time to excel. Teal saves you time
so you can focus on preparing your materials and interview skills.

Teal Job Tracker

Trello or KanBan

Google Sheets or Excel
Track Progress
Rich Text Notes Editor
Save Jobs from Browser
Keyword Analysis
Contacts Widget
Follow Up Reminders

Save time and
see better results.

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