10 Best Careers for Communications Majors

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November 12, 2021
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According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can expect to see growth of 14% from 2020 to 2030 in the communication occupation. 

Communications graduates have valuable skills. You have interpersonal skills, organizational communication skills, writing skills, and you also know how to speak in public. 

What exactly is a communications degree? 

A communication degree teaches effective communication to the students along with other skills such as writing, interpersonal skills, problem-solving, analytical thinking, and a lot more. When pursuing a degree in communications you can expect classes in advertising, digital marketing, video storytelling, and a lot more. 

What industries offer careers for communication majors?

 A quick job search shows you can work for non-profit, government, public, and private sectors if you have the potential. You understand strategic communications and thus, you have many career options. 

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The best jobs for communications majors 

1. Marketing Manager 

As a marketing manager, you will be responsible for creating marketing campaigns for your company. Your goal will be to increase the customer base and profitability of your organization. You will find new opportunities for the business and implement the marketing strategies and plans. 

A marketing manager earns a median salary of $108,463 per year in the United States. 

2. Writer 

Communications professionals can possess exceptional writing skills. You can work as a blog writer, content writer, copywriter, and even as an author. The amazing thing about this career is the fact that it’s possible to work from home. You can also establish your own business as a writer.

According to Indeed, a writer earns $21.26 per hour in the United States. 

3. Editor

Because of your exceptional communication and writing skills, you may enjoy working as an editor. It’s possible that you may enjoy editing documents and news articles and may get a job as a freelancer, but with majors in communication, you have additional knowledge that can help boost your career. 

An editor earns an average base salary of $50,851 annually in the United States. 

4. Social Media Manager 

Social media managers are responsible for maintaining the online presence of a company or brand on various social media platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Facebook, and many more. You need to know how these platforms operate. Although many people may start without a degree, with a communication degree, you may enjoy a competitive edge. Apart from the communications major, you also need to have knowledge of digital media

A social media manager in the United States earns $52,379 per year. 

5. Event Planner 

Because of your effective communication and public speaking skills, you can even become an event planner. As an event planner, you will be responsible for food, guests, security, and so much more! Your goal will be a successful event. 

The average base salary of an event planner in the USA is $16.41 per hour but can often be hire depending on the events you plan and the experience you accumulate.

6. Reporter

As a reporter, you will present a story in front of the public. You have to make sure the data you collect and the report you create are worth sharing. You will gather information and prepare a report based on the facts and evidence. 

A reporter makes an average of $43,303 per year in the United States.  

7. Public Relations Specialist

With a major in communication, it’s possible to work as public relations specialists. You will be responsible for improving the image of your company. You will write press releases and guide your client on how to enhance their image in the public. Keeping in view the fact that you are a part of the modern world, you have to maintain the image of the brand in the virtual world as well. With marketing public relations you are trying to influence the customers in a positive way in this profession. 

The average salary of the marketing and public relations manager in the United States is $50,899 per year. 

8. Human Resource Specialist 

As a human resource specialist, you will be responsible for recruiting the staff of your organization. Communication skills will come into play as you will be dealing with people and training them. You will be using your writing skills to create recruitment content and public speaking skills to address the new employees and deliver presentations. 

The HR specialist salary in the United States ranges from $51,531 to $66,194 per year. 

9. Salesperson 

Your oral communication skills make you a suitable candidate to be a professional salesperson. You have convincing abilities and you can confidently talk to people. A degree in communication can give you a competitive edge as you will know how to sell the products. 

An average entry-level salesperson makes $56,122 per year and also a commission of $12000 in a year. 

10. Fundraiser 

With a degree in communications, you can be an excellent fundraiser. You can work for non-profits and collect funds in an efficient manner. You will have the skills to raise funds, but it will be wise to get some experience by working as a volunteer. You can organize fundraising events and also write relevant reports. 

The fundraiser average salary in the United States is $17.17 per hour. You can also expect to earn a commission of $5000 per year. 


With a communications major, you can pursue your career in different industries. You have the essential skills that employers are looking for! You are a potential writer, editor, public relations specialist, social media manager, marketing manager, and so much more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What skills should communications majors develop to excel in these top careers?

Communications majors should focus on honing their written and verbal communication skills, understanding of media channels and digital platforms, strategic thinking, and the ability to analyze and interpret data. Additionally, soft skills such as teamwork, problem-solving, and adaptability are crucial in these dynamic roles.

Are there specific industries where communications majors are particularly in demand?

Communications majors are in demand across various industries, including public relations, marketing, media, technology, healthcare, and government sectors. Their ability to craft and disseminate messages makes them valuable in any field that requires engagement with an audience or stakeholders.

How can a communications major stand out when applying for these top careers?

To stand out, communications majors should build a strong portfolio showcasing their work, such as writing samples, campaigns, or presentations. Networking, internships, and staying current with industry trends can also give them an edge. Tailoring their resume and cover letter to highlight relevant experiences and skills for each role is essential.

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