Requirements for Senior+ Software Engineer

  • At least four years building software in a team environment or equivalent experience. Years of experience doesn’t always capture expertise, so we encourage you to apply if you can demonstrate you’re well versed in building software in a team environment
  • At least two years working professionally on a Ruby on Rails application or equivalent experience. Years of experience doesn’t always capture expertise, so we encourage you to apply if you can demonstrate a confident grasp of Ruby on Rails. Have more experience than that? Even better
  • Experience writing code that is accessible, scalable, maintainable, and performant
  • Experience working with background job processing environments - like Sidekiq and Redis
  • Experience writing complex queries for relational databases - we use MySQL.
  • Comfortable working remotely in an autonomous environment - you don’t mind asking questions and problem solving in public communication channels.
  • Able to work in US time zones - you don’t have to live in those time zones, but you have to be able to collaborate with your teammates during those times
  • Belief in our

Responsibilities for Senior+ Software Engineer

  • Enable queries to a replica database to handle varying levels of acceptable latency
  • Optimize our business logic to prevent unnecessary table scans in MySQL
  • Migrate data and queries from MySQL to Elasticsearch and ensure data consistency
  • Pitch an improvement to our Elastic Stack cluster architecture
  • Conceptualize Graph Theory and pinpoint where our logic may be overly expensive
  • Respectfully poke holes in a discussion about pub/sub implementation across our codebase
  • Set a dynamic Cassandra bucket threshold to prevent long hashing times
  • Upgrade our application to newer versions of Ruby and Rails!



ConvertKit has standardized salaries based on position, no matter where you live. We have six engineering levels. For this role, we’re hiring at a level 4 ($166,500) or level 5 ($187,500). The level is based upon your experience, our interview process, and our engineering matrix.

Other benefits include:

  • Profit Sharing - Learn about profit sharing and compensation at ConvertKit
  • Four weeks paid vacation per year
  • $1,000 yearly vacation bonus for taking five consecutive days of vacation, fully unplugged from work
  • Equity in ConvertKit - when you join and when you help us hit company targets
  • 401k with a 5% match
  • 10 paid holidays a year
  • Two weeks of paid sick + mental health and wellbeing time per year
  • Up to six weeks of paid bereavement leave, medical leave, and disaster after six months of employment, two weeks of each paid leave in your first six months
  • 12 weeks paid parental leave and flexible scheduling in your child’s first year
  • $3,000 annual childcare benefit
  • Monthly medical benefits up to $1,600 a month toward premiums. Dental and vision premiums covered 100%
  • Gender-affirming benefits
  • $4,000 equipment allowance for your first two years, $3,000 budget every following two years (US employees only)
  • $3,500 annual learning & development budget
  • Four-week, paid sabbatical after five years with the team
  • The team gathers twice a year for fantastic virtual or in-person retreats

About this position

You’ll join a strong team of engineers responsible for building and supporting ConvertKit's core application logic, including our email marketing, visual automation, and API products. This team tackles some of the ConvertKit's most challenging aspects of the platform, like background processing systems which handle 100 million jobs a day. You’ll collaborate with other engineers, designers, and product managers to build sound, scalable features and refactor code to meet the demands of growth and scale.
To learn more about how our engineering team works, you can peruse our engineering blog.

This job is no longer online. We keep it on here for reference only.

Job Summary

Years of Experience
$166,500 - $187,500
United States | Remote
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About ConvertKit

ConvertKit is a creator marketing platform for online creators - the authors, makers, podcasters, photographers, YouTubers, teachers, artists, and other creators building the future. We have 19,500 paying customers, send 500 million emails per month, and are growing revenue quickly.

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