Requirements for Brand Strategist Facilitator

Responsibilities for Brand Strategist Facilitator

  • Conduct stakeholder interviews (when necessary) or do research as needed to dive deep into audience insights, trends, cultural shifts, and innovations to inform strategy.
  • Organize, manage, and facilitate Motto® Brand and Business Strategy workshops for clients.
  • Translate strategic discoveries into creative briefs, and be actively involved in briefing creative teams; steer work / facilitate brainstorms to ensure creative aligns to strategy.
  • Take complex and sometimes disparate information and thread together simple, clear, impactful themes and ideas to create differentiated brand strategies and emotive stories.
  • Write, build presentations, and deliver passionate presentations to c-level execs to help synthesize business problems into actionable steps. This can include insights about consumers, culture, brands, and their competition.
  • Take a leadership role in client meetings (as it relates to strategy, delivery of the strategy, and big brand questions).
  • Prep, flow, and followup for all workshops you facilitate. Craft additional workshop elements as needed.
  • Create key insights and develop a post-workshop Playback Reports to reveal findings and seed early recommendations. 
  • Ensure that outcomes of the workshop are guided by the Motto® Method and Mindset itself, rather than internal agendas or personal bias.
  • Observe current workshop structure in motion and make suggestions for improvement.
  • Be the guide (not the hero) in workshops—focus on helping the participants give their best insights and perspectives.


Who You Are:

  • You've got poise, natural charisma and a 'likability' factor. 
  • You're a seasoned strategist pro at leading strategic workshops, conversation, and alignment for groups of senior level execs, anywhere from 5-20 participants.
  • You are passionate and keep energy levels high and positive.
  • Can design and run strategic workshops with c-suite leaders independently. 
  • You ask the right questions in different ways to get the answers you need.
  • You've got mastery-level facilitation tactics. You are a leader in a room full of hotheads or fly-on-the-wall observers who aren't speaking up.
  • You have the ability to embrace productive conflict and actively encourage debate and dialogue with the goal of listening to understand.
  • Knowledge of online facilitation tools that enhance the virtual workshop experience—we currently use Butter, Zoom, and Miro.
  • You can keep a group of participants focused, on topic, and on time to make the most of your time together while creating an inclusive and enjoyable experience.
  • A talent for simplifying complex ideas in a way that's approachable to participants both during workshops and after.
  • You are a team player, not a lone wolf. You are collaborative and helpful.
  • Avoid gossip and drama in the workplace and think of yourself as a positive-minded person.
  • You have access to high-quality lighting, audio, and web cam for the most professional presence during virtual workshops. Access to reliable internet and a distraction-free location to ensure workshops are smooth and uninterrupted.



  • Facilitating leaders at a c-suite level or higher.
  • Experience coaching or mentoring other facilitators.
  • Some design chops are a plus but not mandatory.



  • Work from anywhere.
  • Flexible schedule.
  • Paid holidays.
  • Paid birthday off.
  • Educational/training perks.
  • Spotify membership.

About this position

Seeking an experienced and charismatic brand strategist that uses workshop facilitation as a way to align stakeholders around big brand ideas, clarify the brand, and guide client teams to insightful outcomes. You are a brand strategist at the core and have developed strong facilitation chops over time. You are comfortable facilitating workshops (in person/virtual) with the world's leading companies and teams. You can draft a brand strategy and facilitation is how you get there. Strategy is your first language and facilitation is what gets your strategies bought in and supported by our clients. 

This is a freelance contract position with the potential for full time W2 employment.

This job is no longer online. We keep it on here for reference only.

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Motto® is a global strategic branding agency that works with innovative companies to turn brands into Ideas Worth Rallying Around™. We work with founders, CEOs, and executive teams to realize their most significant opportunities. Triggers like leadership changes, shifting business models, market expansions, and product innovations are perfect challenges for us. We’ll make your vision visible.

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