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Quickly Create and Edit Resumes

  • Add your information once by either uploading an existing resume or importing your LinkedIn profile to our free online AI-powered resume builder. Then, use our AI resume builder to select which work experiences to include in each resume.
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Resume Templates

Access Free Resume Templates

  • Put your best foot forward with our ATS-compliant professional resume templates. All the resume templates have countless settings so you can add your personal style with our free resume maker.
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Resume Builder AI Bullet Builder

Customize and Enhance with AI

  • Make your job search more impactful with AI-generated resume summaries, achievements, and cover letters.  Speed up your resume creation process and land your dream job faster.
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Analyze Your Resume's Effectiveness

  • Get real-time feedback and expert tips with our resume checker. Just follow our step by step guidance to improve your resume quality.
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Match Resume to Job Description

Match Your Resume to Job Descriptions

  • Strengthen your resume with your keywords from job descriptions and format recommendations. Attach your desired position and we will highlight the job posting keywords so you can customize the perfect resume.
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AI Cover Letter Generator

Cover Letters in Seconds

  • Use AI to merge your resume and a job description to quickly create cover letters for each job application.
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Create and Export Unlimited Free Resumes

  • Teal’s resume generator tool lets you create multiple versions of your resume so you can include job specific content in each one. Just download your applicant tracking systems approved resume template and apply.
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Jennifer Dalby
Chief Operating Officer
No more manually splicing resume content together from a giant source document. Load your content and check the boxes to select components to include in each customized resume. You can keep every version you write of each bullet point and description and simply select which to include when you compile a new resume. Improvement suggestions are right there in your face, not trapped in some influencer's top 10 tips post. You will be motivated to find metrics and accomplishments. It is so easy to manipulate the content to fix the page length or formatting. Selectable content is in the left pane with the PDF view updating in real-time on the right.
January 24, 2023
Michelle McRory
E-learning Developer & Instructional Designer
This is my go-to for keeping up with my job search. Not only does it keep track in an easy to read spreadsheet, but there are so many features - like breaking down a job description into key words, resume writing help, job search advice, reminders and suggestions for following up, and much more
January 19, 2023
Devesh Sharma
SVP Strategy
Fantastic tool! Helps search for jobs, save them, customize your resume to the job posting and keep track of all your applications. It identifies the keywords in the posting and whether they are in your resume, making it a cinch to customize your resume. There are also a lot of useful templates for cover letters, follow-ups, and a support website with tool nuggets galore. Highly recommended for any job seeker!
October 25, 2022
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AI Resume Builder Features

Resume Editor

Build a resume for free using our resume template and speed up your job application process.

Multiple Formats

Choose from applicant tracking system friendly, professionally designed resume templates and customize your fonts, colors, and much more.

AI Generated Content

Use our AI features to get pre-written content for achievements, professional summaries, and even a cover letter to customize resumes quickly and create a custom resume quickly.

Quality Analysis

Use our analysis tool built by resume experts to improve your resume writing skills.

Import Resumes

No need to start from scratch when you import your resume data from an existing resume or use your LinkedIn profile directly into Teal’s AI Resume Builder.

Match Score

Attach a job description to the AI-powered resume builder and include the best keywords to stand out and quickly create resumes for each job application.

Unlimited Resumes

Build as many versions of ATS friendly resume as you’d like with the free resume creator and customize a new resume easily.

Cover Letter Builder

Generate a custom cover letter faster with our AI features designed to help you stand out to a hiring manager.


Not sure what to write? Leverage our personalized guidance and recommendations to help you build an impressive resume for free.
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FAQs about how to create a resume for free with Teal

What is a professional resume?

A professional resume is a carefully crafted summary of your skills, experiences, and accomplishments to demonstrate your value to potential employers. They are designed to catch the attention of hiring managers and help you stand out from other applicants. Professional resumes should always be tailored according to the job requirements so that YOU can highlight what makes you well-suited for the position. 

What is a free resume builder?

A resume builder is an invaluable tool for constructing a professional and engaging resume. With a few clicks, these robust programs provide templates, pre-filled content, editable sections, and helpful tips to craft a professional-looking document that accurately reflects your qualifications and experience. Additionally, many resume builders come with tools to easily import existing resumes and fill them out quickly, helping save time and energy.

How do I use an online resume builder?

Creating an eye-catching resume using an online builder is a great way to develop a professional-grade document without needing special software. Teal’s resume builder is a great place to start. Look for an online resume maker that allows you to get started with a basic format but is flexible enough to customize it and add elements to make it stand out. With a resume builder, you'll likely be able to choose from various free templates and designs to craft the perfect document for you. Please ensure to give your resume a final read-through before you download your resume so that it doesn’t have any grammatical errors and accurately reflects your work history. Having a ready-to-go resume template will help job seekers apply to jobs faster.

Is it worth paying for a resume builder?


There are, of course, free resume builder options available with a tool like Teal. Starting with the base product is an excellent way to get used to the process and create a free professional resume. However, with Teal+, you can get even deeper with the AI-powered resume builder functionality, unlimited advanced resume analysis, resume keyword matching, and more.  Job seekers who leverage Teal are getting out applications faster and landing more interviews.

Where can I access resume examples?

Crafting an effective resume is no small feat - much thought and creativity are required to get it right.

We developed hundreds of resume examples to help you tailor your resume to the individual job and industry you are pursuing. A tailored resume can be the difference between a generic, forgettable submission and a standout application that lands you an interview. A professionally developed resumé sample provides structure, formatting tips, and often includes helpful examples of skills or experience relevant to the job field. By leveraging these assets and considering your unique skills and accomplishments, you will create an eye-catching resumé that demonstrates your passion and readiness for the position.

How does an AI generate my summary, achievements, and cover letter?

Teal's AI resume builder uses OpenAI's GPT technology. ChatGPT is a revolutionary technology that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to generate human-like answers. When you save a resume and job to Teal, the AI-powered resume builder can analyze your experience and the job at hand and create a resume with achievements, a professional summary, and a cover letter.

What are the best resume formats?

There are three main formats: chronological, functional, and combination/hybrid. Chronological resumes list previous job experience in reverse-chronological order and present related skills beneath each job title. Functional resumes focus on attributes that are relevant to the role. Finally, the combination/hybrid approach is a blend of both methods: job titles and companies mentioned, emphasizing skills you can bring to that type of position.  Teal is designed to help you build a resume in whichever style you’d like with professional templates that have built in flexibility and formatting.

What other tools does Teal offer?

Aside from Teal’s free AI resume builder, the platform also offers a Job Application Tracker and a LinkedIn Profile Review tool. These tools work incredibly well together and will complement each other during your job search. For example, if you save a job within the tracker, you can re-access the requisite in your AI resume builder and customize your current resume to meet that role's needs. You can also use the LinkedIn profile review tool to optimize your LinkedIn so it’s ready for the hiring manager’s eyes after they’ve read your resume, cover letter, and application.