What Tools do Onboarding Managers Use?

Learn the core tools, software, and programs that Onboarding Managers use in their day-to-day role

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Introduction to Onboarding Manager Tools

In the intricate dance of employee integration, Onboarding Managers are the choreographers, ensuring each new hire's first steps align with the company's rhythm. The tools and software at their disposal are not mere accessories but the very stage upon which the onboarding ballet unfolds. These digital maestros leverage sophisticated platforms to design welcoming experiences, automate administrative tasks, and personalize learning paths. By doing so, they transform the daunting task of assimilating into a new environment into a seamless and engaging journey. For Onboarding Managers, proficiency in these tools is not just about efficiency; it's about crafting a narrative that resonates with each newcomer, setting the tone for their future with the organization. Understanding the arsenal of onboarding tools is indispensable for those aspiring to master the art of employee onboarding. These technologies are the lenses through which Onboarding Managers view and sculpt the employee experience. They provide the metrics to measure success, the communication channels to build relationships, and the feedback systems to refine processes. For the ambitious professional eager to excel in this field, a deep dive into the functionalities and best practices of onboarding software is a critical step. It's an investment in a skill set that not only enhances the onboarding process but also signals to employers a commitment to fostering a culture of belonging and productivity from day one.

Understanding the Onboarding Manager's Toolbox

In the multifaceted role of an Onboarding Manager, the arsenal of tools and software at their disposal is critical to the success of integrating new employees into an organization. These tools not only streamline the onboarding process but also enhance decision-making, improve communication, and facilitate collaboration between teams and new hires. The right set of tools can significantly impact the efficiency and effectiveness of onboarding programs. They ensure that new employees are engaged, informed, and equipped with the necessary resources to begin their journey within a company. By leveraging technology, Onboarding Managers can create a seamless and memorable onboarding experience.

Onboarding Manager Tools List

Employee Onboarding Platforms

Employee onboarding platforms are designed to automate and organize the various tasks involved in welcoming new hires. These systems often include features for document management, task assignment, and progress tracking, which are crucial for ensuring that nothing falls through the cracks during the onboarding process.

Popular Tools


A comprehensive HR platform that includes onboarding functionalities, making it easier to collect necessary paperwork and share important information with new employees.


Offers a robust suite of enterprise-level software solutions, including onboarding tools that help streamline the process of integrating new hires into the company's ecosystem.


Provides a user-friendly interface for both HR managers and new employees, focusing on simplifying HR tasks, including onboarding, payroll, and benefits administration.

Learning Management Systems (LMS)

Learning Management Systems are pivotal for delivering training and development content to new hires. They allow Onboarding Managers to create, distribute, and track educational materials and courses, ensuring that new employees acquire the necessary knowledge and skills to perform effectively.

Popular Tools


A flexible LMS that supports a variety of learning styles and methods, making it suitable for delivering a diverse range of training programs to new employees.


An open-source LMS that provides a customizable platform for creating and managing online learning content, with a strong community of users and developers.


A cloud-based LMS known for its simplicity and ease of use, enabling Onboarding Managers to quickly create courses and monitor new hire progress.

Document Management and E-Signature

Document management and e-signature tools are essential for handling the paperwork involved in the onboarding process. They allow for the secure storage, sharing, and signing of documents, streamlining administrative tasks and reducing the need for physical paperwork.

Popular Tools


A leader in electronic signatures, DocuSign facilitates the signing of documents online, expediting the completion of contracts and forms necessary during onboarding.

Adobe Sign

Provides reliable e-signature capabilities integrated with Adobe's suite of products, offering a seamless document signing experience for HR processes.


A cloud-based file hosting service that includes document management features, allowing Onboarding Managers to easily share onboarding materials and policies with new hires.

Communication and Collaboration Tools

Effective communication and collaboration tools are vital for keeping new hires connected with their teams and the larger organization. These platforms support various communication methods, including instant messaging, video conferencing, and file sharing, fostering a sense of community and belonging from day one.

Popular Tools


A messaging platform that enables real-time communication and collaboration, with the ability to create channels for different teams and topics relevant to new employees.

Microsoft Teams

Combines workplace chat, meetings, notes, and attachments, integrated with Microsoft's Office suite, to enhance collaboration among team members and new hires.


A video conferencing tool that has become essential for virtual meetings and webinars, helping Onboarding Managers connect with remote employees and conduct virtual training sessions.

Feedback and Survey Tools

Gathering feedback from new hires is crucial for evaluating and improving the onboarding process. Feedback and survey tools enable Onboarding Managers to collect insights and opinions from employees, which can be used to tailor and refine onboarding strategies.

Popular Tools


An intuitive survey platform that allows Onboarding Managers to create custom surveys to gather feedback from new employees about their onboarding experience.


Offers interactive surveys and forms with a user-friendly design, making it engaging for new hires to provide their thoughts and feedback.

Google Forms

A straightforward tool for creating surveys and quizzes, which can be easily integrated with other Google Workspace tools for comprehensive feedback analysis.

HR Analytics and Reporting

HR analytics and reporting tools provide Onboarding Managers with data-driven insights into the effectiveness of their onboarding programs. These tools help in tracking key metrics, identifying trends, and making informed decisions to optimize the onboarding experience.

Popular Tools


Delivers workforce analytics and planning capabilities, allowing Onboarding Managers to measure the impact of their onboarding strategies and make data-informed adjustments.


A powerful data visualization tool that can be used to create interactive and shareable dashboards, helping to analyze and present onboarding metrics clearly and effectively.

People Analytics by Workday

An integrated part of the Workday suite, providing Onboarding Managers with analytics and reporting tools to understand and improve the new hire journey.
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Learning and Mastering Onboarding Manager Tools

As Onboarding Managers, mastering the tools and software that facilitate the seamless integration of new employees is paramount to the success of your role. The right approach to learning these tools not only enhances your efficiency but also ensures a smooth transition for new hires, setting the tone for their entire tenure at the company. A strategic, hands-on approach to learning, coupled with a commitment to continuous improvement, will empower you to leverage these tools to their full potential. Here are some actionable insights and tips to guide you in learning and mastering onboarding manager tools and software.

Establish a Comprehensive Understanding

Before diving into specific onboarding tools, it's crucial to have a thorough grasp of onboarding principles and best practices. This knowledge will inform your choice of tools and help you understand how they fit into the broader context of your role. Seek out resources such as onboarding-focused webinars, industry reports, and foundational courses that provide a holistic view of onboarding strategies and metrics.

Immerse Yourself in Hands-on Experiences

The most effective way to learn a new tool is by using it. Take advantage of free trials or demo versions offered by software providers to get a feel for the tool's interface and features. Create mock onboarding scenarios or use the tool in a pilot program to gain practical experience. This direct engagement will help you learn faster and identify how the tool can be tailored to your company's specific needs.

Participate in User Communities and Support Networks

Join forums, LinkedIn groups, or other online communities where onboarding managers and HR professionals congregate. These platforms are invaluable for exchanging insights, troubleshooting common issues, and discovering innovative uses for onboarding tools. Engaging with a community of peers keeps you informed about the latest developments and best practices in the field.

Utilize Official Training Resources

Begin with the official training materials provided by the tool's vendor, such as user manuals, how-to guides, and tutorial videos. These resources are designed to give you a solid foundation in using the tool and often include valuable tips for getting the most out of its features. They can also help you avoid common pitfalls that new users may encounter.

Advance Your Skills with Specialized Training

For tools that are critical to your onboarding process, consider enrolling in specialized training courses or seeking certifications. These structured educational programs can deepen your understanding of complex functionalities and provide insights into strategic applications that can enhance the onboarding experience.

Commit to Ongoing Education

The landscape of HR technology is constantly evolving, with new tools and updates being released regularly. Make a habit of staying current with these changes by subscribing to industry newsletters, following software updates, and periodically reassessing your toolkit to ensure it aligns with your objectives and the latest industry standards.

Collaborate and Solicit Feedback

As you become more skilled in using onboarding tools, share your knowledge with colleagues and solicit their feedback on your approach. Collaborating with others can help you refine your techniques and discover new, more efficient ways to use the software. Additionally, teaching and discussing these tools with peers can reinforce your own understanding and expertise. By following these steps, Onboarding Managers can not only learn but also master the tools and software necessary for their role, leading to more effective onboarding processes and ultimately, a stronger organizational culture.

Tool FAQs for Onboarding Managers

How do I choose the right tools from the vast options available?

Choosing the right tools as an Onboarding Manager involves assessing the specific needs of your onboarding process. Prioritize tools that streamline the integration of new hires, facilitate effective communication, and track progress. Opt for platforms that are user-friendly and can be easily adopted by your team. Consider scalability, customer support, and feedback from other HR professionals. Align your choices with the company's tech stack to ensure seamless integration and efficiency.

Are there any cost-effective tools for startups and individual Onboarding Managers?

For Onboarding Managers, swiftly mastering new tools is key to streamlining the integration of new hires. Start by identifying features most relevant to your onboarding process. Engage with interactive guides and seek out microlearning resources tailored to these tools. Utilize professional networks and forums for practical advice. Apply these tools in mock onboarding scenarios to gain hands-on experience. Focus on how each tool enhances the onboarding experience, ensuring a smooth transition for new employees.

Can mastering certain tools significantly enhance my career prospects as a Onboarding Manager?

Onboarding Managers can stay current by engaging in professional development communities, subscribing to HR tech newsletters, and attending industry-specific workshops or conferences. Regularly exploring software review platforms and participating in online forums focused on employee experience can also yield valuable insights into innovative onboarding tools and best practices, ensuring a seamless integration of the latest technologies into their onboarding strategies.
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