Google Recommends the XYZ Method Resume. Here’s How It Works.

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June 25, 2024
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3 key takeaways

  • Google recruiters recommend the XYZ method resume for applicants. 
  • The XYZ format on your resume emphasizes achievements, data, and results. 
  • Teal’s AI Resume Builder can help you create a Google XYZ resume.

You know you should “show, not tell” on your resume.

Google made that cliche advice more actionable for job seekers by turning it into a resume writing formula.

Instead of listing your job responsibilities, the XYZ method helps you take a results-first approach that shows your accomplishments with key metrics.

Having a well-structured, results-heavy resume makes you stand out and puts your achievements into context. Using the XYZ resume format can help you do that.

In this article you’ll learn:

  • The Google XYZ formula
  • Who should use an XYZ resume
  • How to use the XYZ formula

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What is the XYZ resume format?

The XYZ resume format is a specific resume writing formula recommended by Google to highlight accomplishments. The formula is “Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z],” as outlined by Laszlo Bock, a former Google Senior Vice President of People Operations. 

Use this specific XYZ formula in bullet points to list your achievements. Doing so shows your skills with conviction and context. 

For example, instead of saying you “increased sales,” use the XYZ structure:

  • Increased sales (X) by 25% (Y) by launching a new line of business in Q1 (Z). 

This example uses numbers to highlight how much you increased sales and also includes the “how.”

Who should use the Google XYZ resume format?

Because it provides a clear and concise way of sharing what you’ve done, the XYZ resume format is an effective resume method for anyone on the job search. But those looking for roles in tech, startups, or sales, may find it easiest to communicate their experience and expertise with this formula. 

Stephanie Alston, president at BGG Enterprises, a recruitment agency shared who should use this formula and how it can help:

“Use this format when you have specific results to show from your past jobs, like increasing sales, improving efficiency, or completing projects. It’s great for roles where your accomplishments can be measured.” 

Google recruiters recommended the XYZ method on resumes as a way to stand out and bring your resume to the top. Google sometimes receives 50 thousand resumes in a single week, many from highly qualified tech workers. So this advice carries a lot of weight and can help job applicants in a variety of fields quantify their achievements and communicate them succinctly.

Benefits of using the XYZ resume format

There are many benefits to using the XYZ format on your resume:

  • Quantifies your accomplishments with tangible metrics
  • Provides additional context  
  • Includes how you accomplished a task
  • Reads better
  • Demonstrates impact

“This approach is helpful because it clearly shows employers what you’ve achieved and how you did it, making your resume more impactful and you more marketable as a job applicant,” says Alston of the XYZ resume format.

When to use the XYZ resume format

The XYZ resume method is good for job seekers in fields where accomplishments are easily quantifiable. So if you’re in healthcare, marketing, sales, business, engineering, consulting, or customer service, you likely have metrics to draw on that would make the XYZ resume format a good option. 

In these job types, hitting certain targets is how you show your success in the role. So think about which outcomes are the most impactful to share based on the job description. 

Some common metrics to use on a resume:

  • Revenue increases
  • Reducing expenses 
  • Time saved
  • Sales increases
  • User acquisition 
  • Profit increases
  • Conversions 
  • Return on investment
  • Total output

You can also use the XYZ method on your resume if you’re a recent graduate or pivoting into a new career.

If you don’t have much job experience to list, you can use the formula with your educational achievements. If you’re looking for a career change, the XYZ structure can help you highlight your transferable skills. 

Though you may want to use the Google XYZ resume format on every resume, each one should be customized to the role using keywords from the job description. Luckily, you can do that with little time and effort using the Matching Mode feature in Teal’s Resume Builder, which helps you create a resume that’s aligned with the job description by recommending relevant keywords for your resume and grading your resume’s relevance to the open role.

For more insights on resume formats, check out this guide on the best resume format.

How to write an XYZ resume

Similar to the CAR method resume format, the XYZ resume writing method is a way to level up your accomplishments and quickly and clearly show results and impact. When you have a matter of seconds to grab the attention of a hiring manager, resume writing matters. Here is how you can take advantage of this compelling, Google-recommended format and write an XYZ resume.

1. Start with the formula 

The Google XYZ formula is: Accomplished [X] as measured by [Y] by doing [Z]

Use this structure when writing bullet points under the jobs listed in the Experience section of your resume.

2. Take an inventory

The XYZ structure focuses on your achievements, metrics, and how you did it. To help you write each bullet point, take an inventory of the accomplishments you can quantify.

Do this for each job. You’ll likely want to revise these points based on the job you’re applying for so they’re relevant. Write down the achievement (X) and the metric (Y). Start each sentence with an action verb and make sure to use a number for every metric. 

3. Write bullet points for each job 

The next part is putting the XYZ format into action. You want to connect the X and Y from step two and add Z to paint a complete picture.

Here are some examples of the XYZ resume format:

Marketing manager 

  • Increased page views (X) by 23% (Y) in six months by implementing social media distribution strategies (Z). 
  • Reduced ad spend (X) by 30% (Y) by improving customer targeting (Z).

Sales specialist

  • Increased conversions (X) by 28% (Y) after training five new team members (Z). 
  • Launched a new product (X) that led to a 15% profit increase in Q1 (Y) by engaging newsletter subscribers (Z). 

Customer service 

  • Reduced errors (X) by 40% (Y) after creating a new Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) document (Z). 
  • Increased customer satisfaction (X) by 18% (Y) by implementing survey feedback (Z). 

Go through this exercise for each position listed on your resume. This will enable you to highlight your successes while sharing your experience. Once you have the sentences ready for each job, include them as bullet points under each job title in the experience section of your resume. 

To easily list your results-driven achievements, use Teal’s AI Resume Builder. You can simply provide your LinkedIn URL and create a resume you can revise from there.

How to format an XYZ Resume

There are many ways to craft a resume. The XYZ format on a resume is different from standard resumes as it focuses on your accomplishments with metrics and processes using a specific formula. In addition to providing the XYZ formula, Google provided several formatting recommendations in their YouTube video on how to create a resume for Google. 

If you want to use this method, here’s how to format an XYZ resume:

1. Create the right order of sections 

Google recruiters recommend you include the following sections:

  • Experience
  • Leadership and Awards
  • Education
  • Optional section 

This is the go-to format if you’re a professional with several years of experience under your belt. If you’re a recent graduate, Google recommends putting the Education section up top. So the order would be:

  • Education
  • Experience
  • Leadership and Awards
  • Optional section 

Include your GPA, graduation date, or expected graduation date if you’re still a student. If you don’t have much experience to list, consider using the XYZ resume structure in the education section to highlight some of your accomplishments in school. 

For the optional section, you can choose something relevant to your experience or a good match for the role you want. Some options can include projects, publications, or even extracurricular activities.

2. Include XYZ formula bullet points under Experience 

The Google XYZ resume formula should be primarily applied to the Experience section. Include bullet points using the specific formula under your job title, employer, and employment dates. 

Use relevant keywords from the job posting in the formula. Make sure to begin with action words, then a numeral, and how you accomplished your achievement. If you’re stuck, review these 250 action verbs for inspiration. Each bullet point should follow the XYZ resume format and span one line. 


Social Media Marketer, Agency | October 2021 - present

  • Increased social media impressions by 35% by creating and posting to IG Reels and TikTok. 
  • Reduced planning time by 5 hours per week by implementing a content calendar and scheduling posts.

3. List experience in reverse-chronological order 

Use reverse-chronological order when listing your experience and job history on your resume. That means listing your current, or most recent, position first, then going further as you go down the page. Formatting your resume in reverse-chronological order shows potential employers what you’re doing now, while also sharing your job history and skills you’ve achieved in the past.

Reverse-chronological order resume template:

[Current position] [Current employer] [Month/year start date - present]

[Position before that] ][Previous employer] [Month/year - Month/year]

4. Keep the style consistent

To follow the XYZ resume guidelines, choose a consistent style for your resume. That means using the same font and size throughout your resume. 

Using an 11-point or 12-point size font is ideal. Additionally, these font styles are widely used on resumes:

  • Arial
  • Cambria
  • Garamond
  • Times New Roman 

Additionally, it’s best to use black or dark text. The main thing is to keep the font, size, and color uniform. The text should look clean and organized with enough white space. Most importantly, it should be easy to read.

5. Review for resume red flags 

When all the information is in place, review your resume carefully. You want to avoid resume red flags that can immediately take you out of the running. These can include:

  • Typos
  • Grammatical errors 
  • Not including contact information
  • Including confidential information about a company 

Also, double-check for accuracy. You want to present yourself in the best light for potential hiring managers and employers. But fibbing about certain parts of your experience is a big no-no.

6. Finalize resume 

There are a lot of thoughts on what file type your resume should be or how many pages it should be. 

In Google’s YouTube video on resume tips for applying for a job at the multibillion-dollar company, a clear preference is stated: A one-page PDF.

If you have a lot of technical skills and an extensive job history, you may get away with a two-page resume. But if you can make it into a succinct one-page PDF, even better. 

To help you write your achievements using the XYZ format, use Teal’s AI Achievement Assistant.

Teal's AI Achievement feature in the Resume Builder
Type a work achievement in the AI Achievement section of Teal's Resume Builder and it will rewrite it.

For example, here’s an example of achievements written by AI. Then you can edit and customize to fit your resume and use the XYZ formula. 

Teal's AI Achievement Generator suggests three achievements at a time
Teal's AI Achievement Generator suggests three achievement rewrites at a time

You can also add keywords, input the job description, or use a custom prompt to help. 

Use keywords to prompt Teal's AI
You can use keywords to further prompt Teal's AI for more tailored achievements

If you're new to resume creation, read this guide on how to make a resume.

XYZ resume example

Here’s an XYZ resume example using the formula. You see accomplishments up front, the quantifiable measurement, and finally how it was done. This example is full of various metrics and real data, illustrating impact and outcomes. 

XYZ resume format page 1

XYZ resume format page 2
An XYZ resume format example created in Teal

XYZ resume template

If you want to use the XYZ resume format recommended by Google recruiters, here’s a template of which sections to include and where to put the XYZ formula: 

Name Github profile (if applicable)

Email address Programming languages (if applicable)


Job title 1/Employer 1 Month Year - Present

  • XYZ formula
  • XYZ formula
  • XYZ formula

Job title 2/Employer 2 Month Year - Month Year 

  • XYZ formula
  • XYZ formula
  • XYZ formula

Job title 3/Employer 3 Month Year - Month Year 

  • XYZ formula
  • XYZ formula 
  • XYZ formula

Leadership and awards


Optional final section

Tips and best practices for an XYZ resume

  • Customize bullet points. Every job is different. Be sure to customize your bullet points using the XYZ method on your resume based on the job description. Some achievements may be relevant for one position but not another. It may also need a little tweaking to make sure it fits. Keep each bullet to one line. 
  • Check for keywords. Match the language in the job description. The posting is like a dating profile sharing who and what they’re looking for. Using relevant keywords mirrors back to them you’re the right fit for the role. Doing so can also help your resume make it past applicant tracking systems (ATS). In Teal’s Resume Builder, use Matching Mode to make this step easy.
  • Review spelling and grammar. Do a simple spell check. You want to get rid of any misspellings, omitted words, and double words and check for context as homonyms can sneak through. Additionally, look at your grammar. You can use Teal’s Resume Checker to find typos, fix structure, and optimize your resume’s score. You can also highlight your text and have it read aloud. If you have a Mac, highlight your text and then press “Option” + “Esc.” You’ll hear the text read aloud for you, which can help you hear errors your tired eyes might not see. 
  • Check format. Google recommends candidates use a one-page PDF when submitting resumes for a job at the company. If you go beyond one page, make sure it’s worth it.  

If you're considering a longer resume, read this post on two-page resumes can provide valuable insights.

Write a Google-approved XYZ resume 

If you want to work for Google—or appeal to other FAANG tech enterprises—it makes sense to follow the Google XYZ resume format. Think of it this way, the company is telling you how to succeed with your resume and have the best shot of advancing. 

In the YouTube video about resume tips, it’s stated that Google makes cover letters optional and your resume is the main focus. In other words, your resume needs to do the heavy lifting to showcase your skills. So follow their XYZ resume format exactly to increase your chances of landing a job interview. 

Even if you’re not applying for a job at Google, the XYZ resume format can provide a compelling and easy-to-use formula that may give you an edge. Having a well-structured and achievement-oriented resume can make the most of the little space you have.

If you want to utilize one of the best tools out there to help write your resume, use Teal’s AI-powered Resume Builder. It gives an analysis score, so you can see that you have the right keywords related to the job description. Plus, you can use AI Achievements to write effective bullet points perfect for the XYZ resume format.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Google XYZ resume?

The Google XYZ resume is recommended by the company for job applicants looking to get a job at Google. The resume uses the XYZ formula to highlight achievements in the experience section of your resume. The X refers to what was accomplished, Y refers to how it was measured, and Z refers to how it was accomplished. For example, increasing sales by 33% by implementing new email marketing strategies.

What are the three resume format types?

The top three resume formats are chronological, functional, and combination. The chronological format lists your work history and experience in reverse order so your most recent job is toward the top. The functional resume format is skills-based and focuses on strengths and capabilities. The combination format integrates a bit of both styles. 

What is the most successful resume format?

The most successful and frequently used resume format is the chronological format. It outlines your work history in reverse chronological order. Using this format, you emphasize your most recent work experience and then your previous experience.

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