What Makes You the Ideal Candidate for This Position?

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April 11, 2020
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The purpose of every job interview is to find the ideal candidate for the position. Every question you answer is helping the hiring manager narrow down who is the best person for the job.

There are many forms of What makes you the ideal candidate for the position? and it's almost always asked, so you want to be prepared. Below are some tips to help you when it comes to answering this question.

Prepare before your interview

Before your job interview, it's a good idea to prepare for common interview questions. Why should we hire you? Is one of those you should have a good answer for.

Take some time to study the job description. Think about your background and how it aligns with the job listing.

During your preparation, spend some time on the company's website and social media accounts. Have a good understanding of their values and mission statement.

It's also a good idea to read company reviews on sites like Glassdoor and LinkedIn. Find a way to incorporate how your personal views align with the company's. Practice sample answers that explain why you are the ideal candidate for the open position.

Here are some examples of things to include when preparing your answer. You might want to bring a list of bullet points to reference during your interview.

  • What is your skillset?
  • Accomplishments you have achieved
  • Leadership experience and leadership abilities
  • Customer service background
  • Strong communication skills

As you compare your experience to the job description, make sure you have concrete examples of the above skills. Any candidate can say they have experience, but you want to really demonstrate the success you've had. Try to show your uniqueness during your interview. All job seekers will have to answer the same questions, so what makes you the ideal candidate?

Depending on the type of job you are interviewing for, your answers will vary. During your job search, think about the type of position you want to be in. Even if you are a recent college graduate or new to an industry, you still have qualifications and qualities that make you a good candidate for the role.

Before your interview, think of past responsibilities that match what the job is looking for. Make sure you study the organization and its history. What you lack in experience can be made up for by showing your determination to learn and grow.

Focus on the type of employee you are and how with a little training you have what it takes. Use some of our tips on how to talk about yourself when preparing your answer.

How to answer the interview question

You have now been asked the interview question, what makes you the ideal candidate for this position? Take a breath and remember you are prepared. Glance at your notes if needed, but always make eye contact when you give your answer.

The interviewer knows from your resume that you have many of the requirements to do the job. Use your answers to interview questions to stand out from the other candidates. Find ways to show your personality and enthusiasm.

Think of your answer as a sales pitch for yourself. Share past experiences that highlight your strongest characteristics. Here are a few things to consider mentioning during your interview:

  • Sales record
  • Examples of working well under pressure
  • An opportunity where you were able to go above and beyond the job requirements
  • Reference research you did on the company or an article you read and how it matches your background
  • Your ability to multitask and attention to detail
  • Strong work ethic

As you answer the interview question, always reference details from the job posting. You want to show the recruiter you are not only a good fit for the role, but you did your homework. A mistake candidates often make during job interviews is being too generic with their answers.

You want to give them something that is unique to you and your background. Anyone can say they are a team player and have great people skills. So if you really want to advance your career, give an answer the interviewer will remember.

When giving your answer, pay attention to your body language. You want to exude confidence and leave a good impression. Make sure you have dressed appropriately and act politely.

Offer a handshake to each person you meet and make eye contact. Little things can have a big impact.

Final thoughts

Every question you answer during your job interview is ultimately answering, why should we hire you? Whether you are applying for a customer service role, project manager, or c-level executive, you still need to prove yourself. The interview process is long and the job market can be competitive.

Interviewers have a tough job of narrowing down their list of potential employees. Keep your responses short but strong. The more prepared you are, the better you will be. There is an incredible job out there with your name on it!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tailor my ideal candidate statement to match the company's culture and values?

Research the company's mission, values, and culture beforehand and reflect on how your personal values and work ethic align with them. In your statement, provide specific examples of how your behavior and achievements demonstrate a fit with the company's culture, such as collaboration, innovation, or community involvement.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when answering 'What makes you the ideal candidate for this position'?

Avoid being too vague or generic in your response; instead, offer concrete examples of your skills and experiences. Don't exaggerate your qualifications, and steer clear of criticizing other candidates. It's also important not to focus solely on what the job can do for you, but rather on what you can contribute to the company.

How can I demonstrate that I am the ideal candidate when I lack direct experience in the field?

Focus on transferable skills and experiences that are relevant to the job. Highlight your ability to learn quickly, adapt to new environments, and your enthusiasm for the industry. Provide examples of how you've successfully tackled similar challenges in the past, and express your commitment to growing and contributing to the company.

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