Interview Question: Why Should We Hire You For This Position?

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February 5, 2020
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For almost any job interview, you should be prepared to answer why should we hire you into this role? We are here to help you give the best answer to this question, regardless of the job or company. All interview questions are aimed to answer this question in some form.

The interviewer won't always come right out and ask, so listen for other interview questions that are asking the same thing. Below are a few examples of common questions with some sample answers to help you better prepare for your next job interview.

Interview Question: Why should we hire you into this role?

It's the hiring manager's job to find the candidate that's the best fit for the company. When you are asked this interview question, make sure your response shows that you are the right person for the position.

Focus on your experience and skills. Use examples from previous work to explain how your qualities match the job description. Practice your response!

One idea is to bring a few notes with you so you don't miss relevant information. The hiring manager is looking to hire a candidate who has the necessary requirements to do the job. Lots of candidates can look like a good fit from their resume though.

Your interview is the time to show the company why you are the best one for the job. Give an example of an experience where you shined as an employee. Think about the position and what skills you have that others might be lacking.

Interview Question: What qualities make you a good candidate?

Hiring managers want to know if you have the experience and qualifications to get the job done--plain and simple. If you are asked about your qualities, here are a couple of sample answers you can tailor to your background and the job description.

Answer one: After reading the job posting, I feel my experience and knowledge of the industry make me a great fit for this position. I have similar values to what I read on the company's website.

Given the opportunity to work here, I am certain I can meet all expectations and excel at the company. I understand there will be new things to learn but I am ready to take on a new challenge.

After your intro, make sure you give some examples of the work you have done in the past. Any big accomplishments are great to mention.

Reference research you did during your job search and why you want to work at the company. The hiring manager is looking for candidates that would be a good fit for them in particular.

Focus on your career, and areas that you are an expert in. One way to end your answer is to ask the person interviewing you if there is anything else they would like to know.

Answer two: Jump right into your background and why they should hire you for the position. Think of your answer as an elevator pitch for yourself. Get right to your experience and skills and why you want to work there.

Answering a job interview question in this way is great if you are in sales or another high-pressure position. It allows future employers to see how well you can get the job done. It's also a great way to demonstrate your experience and skills.

If you approach your answer this way, you will want to practice it. Practicing and using notes really makes a difference. You can get your point across easier and with less anxiety.

Final thoughts on answering why you should be hired for this position at the company?

Interviewees only have one chance to give the perfect answer to each interview question. During your job search, try to find companies that match your experience and skills.

Once you find a position at a company where you have many of the skills and experience they are looking for, spend time preparing for your interview. You want to cover as much as possible to show you have what it takes to get the work done.

One other problem hiring managers say candidates often make is applying to a job they aren't qualified for. Spend time on the company's website before applying. Does your previous work experience and skill set to match what the employer is looking for?

If the job posting doesn't get you excited, you might not be a good fit for the position. Take your time finding the right company and position. If something doesn't feel right, you could be wasting your time.

Remember, there is a company and a team out there for everyone. You just need to be patient and remain positive. Always be prepared, and allow your experience and skills will shine through in your interview.

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I tailor my response to the "Why should we hire you?" question to match the company's culture and values?

To tailor your response effectively, research the company's culture and values beforehand. Then, highlight aspects of your experience and personality that align with those values. For example, if the company values innovation, discuss your track record of creative problem-solving. Be specific and provide examples that demonstrate how your approach to work will fit seamlessly into their culture.

What are some common mistakes to avoid when answering "Why should we hire you?"

Common mistakes include being too vague, lacking confidence, or being overly boastful. Avoid general statements like "I'm a hard worker" without providing concrete examples. Instead, focus on specific skills and achievements that set you apart. Also, ensure your answer is balanced—showcase your strengths confidently but remain humble and aware of the team's collaborative nature.

Is it appropriate to discuss salary expectations when answering "Why should we hire you?"

It's generally not appropriate to discuss salary expectations when answering "Why should we hire you?" This question is an opportunity to sell your skills and fit for the role, not negotiate terms of employment. Salary discussions are typically reserved for later stages of the interview process or when the employer brings it up.

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