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Aug 9, 2022
Sep 19, 2022

How To Write Availability on Your Resume

Hailey Hudson

You may want to write your availability on your resume to highlight that you're open to work immediately. It can also clarify any schedule constraints you may have.

It might be important for you to let recruiters know when you’ll be available to start a new position or what your scheduling hours are. Putting this information on your resume saves everyone time by presenting the information up front.

Here’s how to write availability on your resume.

Should I include my availability on my resume?

You might be wondering whether it’s necessary to put your availability on your resume. After all, if hiring managers want to know, they can just ask—right?

Not necessarily. For certain candidates it’s helpful to add your availability to your resume. This is especially true if you’re in a service-oriented career and your work hours vary. Or maybe you’re hoping to start work immediately. This is good information to let people know up front.

In the next section, we’ll cover a few specific situations in which you should add your availability to your resume.

When to write availability on your resume

You want to start work immediately

In some cases, you’ll need to give your current employer a certain amount of notice—typically at least two weeks’ notice—before moving to a new job. This will impact the timeframe for when you can start at a new position. 

In other cases though, you might be available to start work right away. For example, maybe you:

In this case, you can write “available immediately” on your resume to let recruiters know you can jump in as soon as they’re ready. Just make sure you’re willing to honor that commitment and start work at any time.

There are times you can’t work

Maybe you have responsibilities you can’t get out of that limit the times you can work. For instance, you might have another part-time job, or maybe you help care for an elderly relative. 

If so, make clear on your resume any days and/or times when you cannot work. This is respectful to potential employers and ensures that you don’t waste your time or theirs.

You’re a student

If you are a student, it’s smart to look for an internship or part-time job that will help you gain on-the-job skills and experience. But your studies should be your top priority—and that's something that recruiters will likely admire.

Consider sharing your availability by using statements such as:

“Available from May 15th to August 30th”
“Available X hours per week during the school year (September through May).”

You need to give notice

If you’re currently in another position, you may want to make it clear that you’ll need to give notice before moving somewhere else. State this by saying “Available to start after April 15th” or “Available to start after giving a two-week notice at my current job.”

Where to include availability on your resume

Add your availability near the top so it can’t be missed. If you’re available immediately, this will catch the eye of companies who might need to hire someone ASAP. 

Put your availability in your resume header with your name and contact info if it’s short enough, or directly below the header in italics. Consider using phrasing such as:

Available to work night shifts Mon-Fri

  • Available beginning October 1st
  • Available to start with a few days’ notice

Keep things short and concise. Don’t over-explain or give excuses. If you aren’t available to work on weekends, there’s no need to explain why. Simply state that you’re not available and move on. You can share more details in person if the topic comes up during an interview. 

It’s also helpful to focus on sounding positive rather than negative. For instance, instead of saying “Cannot work weekends,” say “Available to work Monday through Friday.”

Another good option is to include your availability in your objective statement, which summarizes your past experience and future goals. This might sound like:

Accomplished software developer with 10 years of experience writing code, searching for a full-time position beginning in January.

Incorporating your availability right into your summary saves space on your resume since you won’t have to separately state your availability. 

Finally, remember to reiterate your availability at the end of your cover letter. This is a professional way to close out the letter — it shows potential employers that you’re planning ahead and respecting their time.

Start building your resume

Including availability on your resume is important because it gives recruiters the information they need to know at a glance. The best way to write availability on a resume is by including a concise statement at the top of the page. Teal’s free resume builder can help you craft a resume that includes everything recruiters need to know and helps you stand out in the best way possible.

Hailey Hudson

Hailey Hudson is a full-time freelance writer and content marketer based out of Atlanta, Georgia. She writes in the healthcare, digital marketing, education, and pet industries.

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