How to Make a Resume With No Job Experience

If you are creating your first resume, you might not know where to start. Once you land that first job and get some work experience it becomes easier. In this article, we will help with writing your first resume.

A resume with no work experience can seem like an impossible task, but we are here to help. By the end, you will be able to write a great resume and land that first job!

What do you include on a resume with no work experience?

Your life stage will affect what goes on your first resume. Resumes for teenagers will be more simple than job seekers trying to break into the workforce. College students applying for an internship might also create their first resume. Even if you do not have work experience, you will have other relevant experience to include.

Resume for teenagers

Teens seeking their first summer or after school jobs are not expected to have a lengthy resume. Companies want to see you put in the effort to get the job. Make sure you include your contact information. Both your physical address and email address should be visible.

You should also include an education section. List where you attend school and any extracurricular activities you participate in. This could include sports or clubs. Think of things you have done that are relevant to the position you are applying for.

Read the job description from the company and look for things that are noteworthy. You can include a cover letter that addresses why you want to work at the company.

Focus on your skills. Just because you have no job experience doesn't mean you don't have the skills to be successful. Maybe you have babysat or been a camp counselor for example. This counts as work experience.

Employers are looking for any skills that you can use in the position. Include any computer or communication skills you might have. Younger candidates can sometimes impress employers with the abilities they got from school programs or even hobbies.

College students resume

If you are in college, focus on your education section. Have you done any volunteer work or relevant coursework? Be creative when applying for your first job. List any extracurricular activities you've participated in. Greek life can be a great talking point if the interviewer was also involved.

Gather as much information on the company as you can before sending your resume. Include findings from your research in your cover letter. Writing your first resume and cover letter can show employers your communication and writing skills.

The hiring manager wants to see any and all relevant experience, even if this is your first job. Include things you did in high school if they make sense for the position. A company looking to hire a college student knows your education comes first. List any skills or classes you are taking that would help you excel in the position.

Recent college graduates

If you are applying for an entry-level job right out of college, employers expect that you will have little to no work experience. Address your level of experience in your cover letter. Call out any relevant coursework or volunteer work that would impress the company. As you write your cover letter consider including things like:

  • I am willing to put in the extra hours to learn the necessary skills.
  • I am a fast learner and can get up to speed in a short amount of time.
  • My resume is short, but I'm a hard worker and require little supervision.
  • Given the opportunity to interview, you will see I'm the right person for the job.
  • I have done extensive research on your company and I think I would be a great fit.
  • I would take the time to ask questions and learn what is needed to get the work done.
  • I'm getting my degree at night to add to my qualifications.

Make sure you acknowledge that you don't have a lot of experience when you apply. Employers want to find candidates that are willing to do what it takes to get the job done, so show the company that you will find the time to do the extra work.

Tips on writing a resume with no experience

When you don't have a lot of work experience, you'll want your resume to be as perfect as possible. Avoid grammar or spelling errors. These can be a red flag to a company or potential employer. Search for resume samples or templates on the internet. They can help you best layout your resume.

If you have no work experience, your education section will be the main focus. Use bullet points to make it easy to read. Focus on any projects you have done that are relevant to the position. Mention the accomplishments and achievements you have received. A strong GPA can be impressive too. If you are earning any certifications or degrees that meet the requirements of the position, make sure you include them.

You can also include an incoming job on your resume if you've accepted a position that you'll be starting soon.

Include a skills section. You can list any relevant skills you have acquired or are studying, such as:

  • Communication skills
  • Team player or leadership skills
  • Software or hardware expertise
  • Time management

A summary section is a great way to show employers you are the right person for the job. Explain how your education and life experience make you a great candidate. Include relevant personal information that allows the hiring manager to picture you working with them. Find a way to tie your extracurricular activities to the job description.

During your job search, look for a position that matches your skills. As you write a resume with no work experience, find ways to stand out. Your experiences and education are more valuable than you think.

Employers often look for candidates who they can teach and mold. The best resume is an honest one. Never add fake work experience or skills you don't really have. With a little effort and creativity, your first resume will lead to your first job.

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