How to Get a Job in Tech Sales in 2022

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January 28, 2022
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According to Glassdoor, the average base salary for technology sales is $77,357 per year. The highest salary for technology sales in the United States is $132,080 per year. The lowest salary is $45,306 per year. 

The job varies by location, experience, skills, and more! When you familiarize yourself with the common titles and learn about the important skills, it would be easy to customize your resume as per the job description. Also, focus on what the employers expect from the tech sales jobs to increase your chances of securing the position in a reputable organization. 

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More About Tech Sales Jobs 

If you want to apply for tech sales jobs, know that you would be responsible for selling and promoting technology-related products and services! Depending on the job description, like account managers, you would be the company's salesperson and provide relevant technical solutions to your clients. 

In the tech sales jobs, you would be responsible for maintaining the relationship with the key customers. You would also generate leads. There is a lot that you would do and it depends on the company’s job description. 

Common Titles 

A quick web search can tell you the search terms people use when finding tech sales jobs! You can switch on the job alert so that you can easily apply to the tech sales jobs when they are available! 

Some of the common titles are as follows: 

  • Technical lead.
  • Technology sales associate.
  • Technology sales specialist.
  • IT technical sales analyst.
  • Technology sales supervisor.
  • Senior sales consultant technology. 
  • Sales operations analyst.
  • Sales technology manager.
  • Director of business development. 
  • Customer success-Cyber risk and security design. 
  • Sales director.
  • Senior associate client relations.
  • IT sales system analyst. 
  • Regional sales representative.
  • Sales analyst.
  • Sales manager, adobe experience manager.

You can easily spot these and more titles when looking for tech sales jobs online! 

Requirements And Skills 

The requirements vary from job to job! As a technical sales professional, employers may expect you to have a bachelor's degree in IT. Your strong background in sales can boost your career! Also, some employers would demand a bachelor's degree in Marketing or associate. You can also get a degree in computer science or a related field! 

Some entry-level jobs may be okay with high school or equivalent candidates. However, sales experience can play a vital role in getting the job! Some employers may ask for eight years of experience for other tech sales jobs. 

You must know marketing and sales strategy to perform better on the tech sales job! It's best if you know the IT industry jargon. It's also great to possess knowledge of the industry trends so that you can keep pace with the fast-changing world. 

To grow in your career, you can get coding and programming knowledge by enrolling in online courses. In addition, it's excellent to learn full-stack software development. 

Apart from all this, the client relationship development skills can help you retain the customers. Moreover, you would be able to acquire more customers for the company. 

In some cases, you need to work independently, but it's best to have strong teamwork skills. In addition, your strong communication and listening skills can help you on the job, especially at the beginner level, to learn and grow. 

If you give attention to details and have problem-solving skills, it can help you provide better solutions to your clients when they have an issue with the company's products or services. 

Final Words 

You must be looking for tech sales jobs and wondering about the field! First, it's good to know the average salary and essential skills for a perfect job. Plus, if you know the common job titles, it would be easy for you to apply to the jobs of your choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific skills are most sought after by employers in tech sales positions?

Employers in tech sales often look for candidates with strong communication and negotiation skills, the ability to understand and articulate technical concepts, and proficiency in sales software and CRM tools. Additionally, a track record of meeting sales quotas and an understanding of the tech industry trends are highly valued.

How can someone with no tech background transition into a tech sales job?

Individuals without a tech background can transition into tech sales by gaining knowledge of the industry through online courses, certifications, and networking. Demonstrating transferable skills such as customer service, problem-solving, and a willingness to learn about tech products can also make a candidate attractive to employers.

Are there any certifications that can improve my chances of getting hired in tech sales?

Yes, certifications can be beneficial. Consider obtaining certifications in sales methodologies like SPIN Selling or Challenger Sales, as well as certifications for CRM platforms like Salesforce or HubSpot. These can showcase your dedication to the field and your ability to learn and apply sales techniques and tools.

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