How Taking a Work Personality Test Can Help You Thrive in Your Career

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July 20, 2021
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Meyers-Briggs, Enneagram, zodiac signs, Hogwarts Houses ... there's a personality-oriented categorization for everyone. Psychologists have known for centuries that distinct personality types can have a tremendous impact on interpersonal relationships, working styles, and more. 

If you want to leverage your curiosity and boost your career, take our assessment today!

Many people have dismissed the idea of a work personality test as bogus. What could an online personality test tell them they don't already know?

Experts say that an unbiased sense of self-awareness is difficult to develop. The benefit of personality tests is that they help define how you come across to others, which includes clients and coworkers.

Baseline knowledge of psychology can be a major differentiator in career advancement. It helps you relate to others, communicate in a more persuasive manner, and helps you identify strengths and weaknesses.

That's why we've developed a guide outlining the benefits of a work personality test. From highlighting knowledge gaps to discovering different work styles, it's a great way to boost your career.

Taking A Work Personality Test

Have you ever heard your own voice on a recording? Many people cringe when hearing their own voice played back to them. It sounds nothing like what their voice sounds like to them!

The same is true for working styles. How you perceive your work style might differ greatly from what your coworkers think.

You might view your working style as fun and engaging. While this makes you a rockstar for breaking the ice with difficult clients, coworkers might focus on your issues with hitting deadlines and completing tasks.

Shrinking this gap between personal and public perception is one of the primary purposes of an online personality test. It's also a sign of someone who will put in the work on themselves to be a better employee.

Often, these kinds of insights are only provided during performance reviews. If there's a gaping hole in your work performance or culture fit, wouldn't you rather have a personality test tell you?

Choosing A Career

Career tests are usually pushed on juniors and seniors in high school. They're rapidly approaching the precipice of adulthood, and aren't sure what they want to do yet. 

A work personality test may provide examples of careers they may not have thought of and to show which professions they may have a natural aptitude for.

This information is valuable as a teenager because the world is an unopened oyster. With a few years or decades of employment under your belt, this information is even more invaluable.

The unbiased information provided is one benefit of personality tests. Coupled with your real-world experience and increased self-awareness as a mature adult, you'll be unstoppable.

If you're looking to make a career change, an excellent test will take a few factors into account. For starters, it will account for your current and past roles and education. This dictates what careers you're practically suited for.

Emotional intelligence, social preferences, and more are also important.

Finding Motivation

Motivation is one of the biggest factors that influence productivity. Different things motivate different people, and leveraging this is one of the biggest parts of career advancement.

When asked, some people can't identify what motivates them. Beyond practical matters, such as salary and health benefits, they do not know why they're showing up to work. 

Depending on their personality, some people want to be problem-solvers and make the world a better place. Others want to prove their worth and achieve accolades. 

Understanding this is the key to knowing why you've experienced dissatisfaction in some roles. Some personalities need attention and accolades to shine. 

Putting that person behind the scenes where they rarely see the results of their work is a recipe for disaster. For an introverted person who would rather minimize small talk interactions, that position would be a dream.

There's nothing wrong with either person and their approach to work. Instead, they just tick differently and respond to different motivations. Knowing these things before it becomes an issue is what work personality tests are for.

Are You On the Right Path?

Trial and error, the school of hard knocks ... there's something to be said for practical education. But it can also be a waste of time, and there's often a fast track. 

Some people just don't know what they want to do until they've spent some time experimenting. A personality test can display options and highlight gaps much faster, which can help identify the track for you without spending decades in a career that doesn't really appeal to you. 

If you're always striving for more, there will be a gap between where you are and where you're headed. For many people, this gap is educational. 

Want an exciting job that involves jet-setting to a new continent every week? You'll likely have to learn a new language. Want a new position within your company's IT department? It might require certification.

Experience is also a crucial part of this yellow brick road. You might need to work on your soft skills, such as emotional intelligence and communication. Or, you might need to intern for a few months in order to get a feel for the job.

The biggest part of career advancement is making a plan and sticking to it. When choosing a new career, or trying to advance within your new one, planning is everything.

Picking A Work Personality Test

We get it, you're busy. That's why a good work personality test is to the point, taking five minutes or less. Learning about your triggers, relationships, work style, and public perception shouldn't take long!

That's why we've developed a test that blends hundreds of hours of psychological research, feedback from colleagues, friends, and family, and a focus on career health to help you out.

If you want to leverage your curiosity and boost your career, take our assessment today!

Frequently Asked Questions

How can a work personality test contribute to career advancement?

A work personality test can illuminate your strengths and weaknesses, enabling you to leverage your natural tendencies for success. By understanding your work style, you can seek roles and projects that align with your personality, leading to increased job satisfaction and opportunities for advancement.

Can work personality tests help in team dynamics and collaboration?

Yes, work personality tests can be instrumental in improving team dynamics. They provide insights into each member's communication style, decision-making process, and conflict resolution strategies, which can be used to foster a more collaborative and efficient working environment.

Are the results of a work personality test applicable across different industries?

Work personality tests are designed to be broadly applicable, focusing on universal traits and behaviors that are relevant in any professional setting. This allows individuals to apply the insights gained from the tests to various industries and job roles, enhancing their adaptability and employability.

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