Mission & Methodology

Our mission is to enable fulfilling careers.

The Teal Method

The old paradigms of work are ending, so we are building a new space for people to thrive.

Teal's platform is meant to travel with you from job to job and give you the autonomy, support, and confidence you need to do work that matters.

Teal Members ask hard questions, get real help, and work on becoming the best human beings they can possibly be. We challenge the status quo of what career growth looks like, and we help people cultivate career confidence.

Becoming a Teal Member is an active investment in your career, and it gives you access to an entire suite of tools, services, and networks that you can carry with you from company to company.

We tend to think of professional growth as a straight line going up and to the right. In reality, your career isn’t like a profit chart.

You’re a human being, and your career is much more complicated—and exciting. You change, the work changes, the world changes. The way you approach career growth should match the fluid nature of life. The Teal Method allows you to feel confident while also staying agile and open.

The Teal Career Growth Loop

There are three basic stages of the Teal Growth Loop, and we all find ourselves in one of them at any given moment.

1. Define

This stage is all about learning more about yourself and exploring possibilities. Many of us aren’t 100% sure what we want to do next, and we find ourselves in this place throughout our career.

2. Search

Once you know what you want, you have to take a leap and go after it. The stage is about the process of pursuit. Sometimes this means looking for a new job. Other times, you’re working towards a promotion.

3. Grow

Once you've reached your goal, it is time to make the most of it. You’re feeling fulfilled and exactly where you need to be. When you eventually outgrow it, it’s time to re-enter the Define stage.

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