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May 26, 2020

How Long After an Interview is a Job Offer Made

One of the worst parts of the interview process is waiting to hear back. Did you get the job or will you be brought in for additional interviews? While each company handles hiring differently, we can provide some helpful tips.

One of the worst parts of the interview process is waiting to hear back. Did you get the job or will you be brought in for additional interviews? While each company handles hiring differently, we can provide some helpful tips.

We'll discuss how long to wait after an interview to follow up and also signs to look for throughout the process. Most companies will have you interview with more than one person, so chances are you will not get a job offer after the first meeting.

Signs you got the job after an interview

Candidates should have a gut feeling after a job interview on how it went. There are signs you can look for to know if it was a good or bad meeting though. Understanding the difference will help you know if you can expect a follow up from the hiring manager or if it's time to move on to the next job opportunity.

Signs the interview went well

  • The interview went over the scheduled time.
  • The hiring manager schedules a follow-up call or interview.
  • Was the interviewer engaged with you?
  • Did you see positive body language from the interviewer?
  • You were introduced to other members of the team

Signs the interview did not go well

  • The time of the interview was very short
  • The hiring manager thanked you for your time
  • You heard negative verbal cues such as, we are still meeting with other candidates
  • The interviewer mentions a different position at the company

How long does it take to hear back from a company after a job interview?

Candidates are always anxious after a job interview. They want to find out asap if they moved on to the next round or if they are getting a job offer. It's not always easy to simply be patient, so what should you do after your interview?

One of the first things you should do is send a thank you email. You will want to send the email as soon as you can. Take some time to put together a thoughtful note, and mention how excited you are about the position and the opportunity to join the team.

Reference one or two things you spoke about to show you were paying attention during your interview. You can also ask for timing or the next steps in your email. This is a good way to end your email and ask if the company needs anything else from you.

Don't be shocked if you don't get an email back right away. The employer might take some time to finish interviews and decide on how they are moving forward. If two weeks or more go by without any news, it might be time to continue your job search elsewhere.

The position you are interviewing for could affect the timing of the hiring process. During your first interview with human resources or the recruiter, you can ask for a timeline. Hopefully, they can give you the average number of interviews you can expect too.

Throughout the interview process, you can always check in with HR or the recruiter. This person should be your main point of contact during the interview process and is more likely to get back to you.

Try not to bombard them with a lot of email or phone calls though. Give them time to gather feedback and reach out to you.

You should wait at least a couple of days after your interview to check back in with the recruiter. If your email or voicemail doesn't get returned for more than a week though, you might want to move on to another opportunity.

After your initial screening, you'll usually interview with the hiring manager. This will be the most important meeting and every candidate should be prepared.

Make sure you practice common questions and answers before the day of your interview. This interview will give you the most signs if it went well or not.

After this, you might have a second interview with other members of the team or an executive at the company. If so, this is a great sign that your meeting with the hiring manager was successful and they are interested in you for the open position.

Will I get the job offer?

If you've had multiple rounds of interviews, ask the recruiter for an update. Here are a few questions you can ask either over the phone or in an email.

Wait a few days after your interview before reaching out though to give them time to make a decision. Of course, always send your thank you email right after your interviews.

  • Any update on where the company is in the hiring process?
  • Are there other candidates still being interviewed?
  • Are there additional team members to meet with?
  • When will the final decision be made?

If your final interview went well, you might get a verbal offer before even leaving the office. If this happens, it's safe to assume you will be receiving a formal job offer.

If a day or two goes by without receiving paperwork, ask the recruiter for an update. Oftentimes a delay is because of something not related to your position.

How long is the full hiring process?

Every job search is different and each company could be on a different schedule. It takes time to fill an opening and there can be a lot involved in the decision though, so be patient.

Looking for a new job takes time and you will have to wait before you get that job offer. Every company wants to hire the best new employee, and it takes time to find the right candidates. Keep applying and your job offer for your next career choice will come in no time.

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