Finding Remote Sales Jobs that Let You Work From Anywhere

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July 21, 2021
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9 Sites & Apps to Look For Your Desired Remote Sales Jobs 

What Are Remote Jobs and What Are Their Advantages

Any job that does not involve working from a traditional office environment can be categorized as a remote job. Remote employees can work from any place, like home or cafes, etc. So, there’s no need for the employer and the employee to be at the same place. Both parties can contact each other via voice calls, video calls, or text messages, at their convenience. Some typical examples of remote jobs include social media managing, web designing, sales representative positions, and many more.  

Working from home comes with so many advantages. Some of these being:

  • All the other office and location-specific jobholders need to commute to their workplace and then back home on workdays. Remote jobs are free of all these hassles.
  • Since these jobs do not require you to be at an office or a designated workplace, you can do your work from anywhere. Even if you relocate, you wouldn’t have to worry about being away from your office. 
  • You can strike a better work-life balance if you’re working remotely. Your workday can start and end as you please as long as you take your work seriously and complete your work on time. 
  • Staying home and not having to come and go to your place of work every day can save money. It will also save the time you spend getting ready for work.

Remote Sales Jobs

Sales is an integral part of every business and thus, jobs in this field are highly sought after. The pandemic, like every other aspect of life, has also affected the service industry and people are becoming more and more interested in jobs that let them work from home. Combine these two concepts and you have a sales job that lets you work remotely

So, now coming back to the claim we made in the very beginning, let’s see which apps you can benefit from in your search for the career options of your choice. If you want to go even deeper into niche job boards for remote sales, check out our guide on navigating job boards with a list of over 40 different sites.

When searching for remote sales positions on job boards, don't limit yourself to just one job board. Using a tool like Teal's Job Application Tracker, you can save remote job listings from anywhere on the internet in one place.

1. LinkedIn

LinkedIn remains one of the biggest platforms where you can land your dream career. LinkedIn is also one of the best platforms to keep yourself abreast of the latest business trends, etc. This can help with your job since sales are related to business. You can find thousands of career options like sales manager, sales specialist, sales account executive, etc, and choose one according to your skill set and priority. LinkedIn is free to use and is compatible with both Android and iOS.

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This is an amazing option for you because the job board only includes advertisements for remote jobs. If you want a career in remote sales, you can take any of the positions advertised here. While some jobs may come with many requirements like travel and video calls, others may not have any such stipulations. Go with the option that fits your requirements. is free to use for job seekers but it costs 179 U.S.D to post ads on its job board.

3. Indeed

Indeed, is one of the top-notch apps that can help you with your career hunt for any kind of job. Just set your priority for remote sales jobs and you can have multiple career opportunities pop up on your profile. You can take their assessments to find out more about your skill set. The app costs you nothing and is compatible with iOS and Android.

4. Flexjobs

This platform offers you thousands of fully vetted flexible and remote jobs. There is also an added benefit of career coaching. You can take skill tests and build an impressive resume with the help of their career coaching team. Flexjobs also gives you a description of top companies in a field, for example, you can find out about the best companies hiring remote sales workers on this platform. The monthly subscription price of Flex jobs is $14.95.

5. Glassdoor

This app is free to use and filters through millions of job listings before directing them your way so you will see job options that are compatible with the skills you have. It lets you read reviews of companies left by previous workers which can be very helpful in case of Telework. Browse through thousands of jobs related to sales and set your priority to remote jobs and you’re good to go. It can be downloaded on iOS and Android, both.

6. NoDesk 

NoDesk is a platform that keeps you updated on remote jobs and connects employees who prioritize working remotely with employers who are building their remote workforce team. Like other job search apps, you have to personalize your search and you’re ready to go. Use the services of NoDesk for free and put your business skills to use by working as a digital nomad. 

7. ZipRecruiter

It’s yet another free-to-use app that will make your search for a job very easy. Get access to the listings of your choice by adding keywords and job titles. With the trend of Telework on rise, ZipRecruiter lets you find jobs that do not require you to work in a typical office environment. Download this app on your Android or iOS device and apply for jobs in sales.

8. We Work Remotely

This platform is one of the biggest platforms for finding amazing remote job offers with 2.5 million monthly visitors. Jobs are organized by category and you just need to set your category to sales and adverts by companies looking for people with skills in the business field will be directed your way. That’s how easy it is for you to start a career as a marketing manager or account manager etc. This platform is free to use for job seekers. 

9. Remotive

Remotive can prove to be your partner in your search for a work-from-anywhere job in sales. Job offers will be sent to you via email. Subscribe to its newsletter to get tips and advice on how to be productive while working from home and how many hours you should dedicate to work. Work hours can be difficult to set when you’re comfortable in your home, especially for jobs in areas like sales. To be a part of this community, you just need to pay a bi-annual fee of $29.

Final Words

Remote jobs can be hard to find but these apps provide an easy solution to all your problems. You can get access to thousands of job postings in a range of industries. Use Teal's free Job Application Tracker to manage your job search and increase your chances of finding a remote job you love.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the key skills needed for succeeding in a remote sales job?

Success in a remote sales job requires a combination of strong communication skills, self-discipline, and proficiency with digital tools. Sales professionals must be adept at managing their time, building relationships virtually, and using CRM software to track client interactions and sales progress effectively.

How can I ensure a remote sales job offers a good work-life balance?

To ensure a good work-life balance in a remote sales job, look for companies that value flexibility and employee well-being. Check their policies on work hours, expectations for availability, and any provided support for remote workers. Additionally, setting personal boundaries and creating a dedicated workspace can help maintain a healthy balance.

Are there specific industries that offer more opportunities for remote sales jobs?

Yes, certain industries are more conducive to remote sales roles, including technology, healthcare, digital marketing, and SaaS (Software as a Service). These sectors often have products or services that can be easily demonstrated and sold online, making them ideal for remote sales positions.

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