The Best Email Subject for a Job Application to Help You Land an Interview (With Examples)

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June 6, 2023
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3 key takeaways 

  • Why email subject lines for job applications play a crucial role for any job candidate
  • How to craft effective subject lines to increase your email open rate
  • Examples of quality email subject lines to help you create your own job application subject line

Are you tired of your job applications getting lost in hiring managers' inboxes and never hearing back? Capture attention and maximize your chances of landing an interview with a compelling email subject line. 

In today's competitive job market, a well-written email subject can make all the difference during your job search. We’re here to help you write the best email subject lines when sending a job application, along with impactful examples to win you an interview.

With these proven strategies and attention-grabbing phrases, you'll elevate your application to the top of the pile and increase your chances of securing your dream job.

Let's dive in!

Why job application subject lines are important

The subject line of your job application email is your first chance to make an impression on hiring managers. It acts as a gateway to your application, influencing whether your email gets opened or ignored.

A well-crafted subject line can pique curiosity, highlight your qualifications, and distinguish you from other candidates.

In a competitive job market, it's crucial to understand the significance of subject lines and invest time in optimizing them. By mastering this skill, you can increase the chances of your job inquiry standing out and secure more interview opportunities.

Job application email subject line best practices

To ensure your job application stands out in a crowded inbox and avoids the spam folder, follow these best practices when crafting your subject line:

  • Be concise and specific, summarizing your major qualifications and relevant details
  • Tailor the subject line to the specific job and industry, showcasing your relevance
  • Use job description keywords to convey your attention to detail and grab the reader's attention
  • Personalize the subject line whenever possible, referencing the company, specific position, or referral name
  • Experiment with creativity while maintaining professionalism
  • Double-check that you follow directions briefed in the job listing and use a professional email address—this does not include your AOL screen name from middle school

To incorporate the best keywords in your personalized email subject for job application, use Teal’s AI Resume Builder to quickly compare the skills and keywords in the job posting to those in your resume. Make sure to implement them to ensure a good subject line.

Teal’s AI Resume Builder compares the skills in a job description to the skills in your resume to give you a Match Score.
Teal’s AI Resume Builder compares the skills in a job description to the skills in your resume to give you a Match Score.

A poorly written subject line for job applications can fall through the cracks or miss the appropriate folder. By implementing these subject line best practices, you'll enhance your chances of capturing the hiring manager's attention to help earn you a coveted spot on their shortlist.

Incredible Examples of Job Application Email Subject Lines for Various Industries

Navigating the job application process can be overwhelming, so don’t be afraid to leverage Teal's examples and tweak them to suit your needs. 

Crafting a subject line that resonates with the hiring manager and aligns with the specific industry can significantly increase job seekers' chances of securing an interview.

Take a look at these industry-specific subject lines below. The following email subject line examples can help spark your inspiration to help create a perfect subject line:

General application subject lines:

  • Experienced [Job Title] seeking exciting opportunities
  • Results-driven professional ready to make an impact: [Your Name]
  • Talented and versatile [Job Title] available for new challenges
  • Energetic self-starter seeking a dynamic work environment: [Your Name]
  • Ambitious and motivated [Job Title] passionate about driving success
  • Seasoned professional ready to build on academic degrees: [Your Name]

Sales application subject lines:

  • Stand-out sales associate with a proven track record of exceeding targets: [Your Name]
  • Boost your sales numbers with a top performer: [Your Name]
  • Passionate sales manager eager to drive growth and make a good impression
  • Dynamic BDR with a proven closing record: [Your Name]
  • Strategic sales professional skilled in building profitable relationships
  • Results-oriented AE leader ready to inspire and lead high-performing teams: [Your Name]
  • Driven and persuasive inside sales rep seeking new challenges to win
  • Accomplished sales executive with a knack for winning new business: [Your Name]

Marketing application subject lines:

  • Innovative content marketer with a knack for driving brand success: [Your Name]
  • Strategic marketing generalist ready to elevate your campaigns
  • Creative marketing professional harnessing the power of online channels: [Your Name]
  • Digital marketing specialist with a track record of ROI-driven results
  • Experienced senior marketing manager skilled in 2x MQLs: [Your Name]
  • Dynamic content creator passionate about captivating audiences
  • Growth marketing strategist ready to boost your brand 2x: [Your Name]

Engineering application subject lines:

  • Accomplished engineer offering solutions for complex challenges: [Your Name]
  • Skilled engineer seeking new engineering frontiers
  • Innovative problem solver with a passion for engineering excellence: [Your Name]
  • Experienced back-end engineer bringing efficiency to manufacturing processes
  • Detail-oriented front-end engineer committed to building sustainable infrastructure: [Your Name]
  • AI engineer with expertise in power systems and energy efficiency
  • Results-driven software engineer ready to tackle cutting-edge projects: [Your Name]

Product application subject lines:

  • Results-driven product strategist eager to make an impact: [Your Name]
  • Dynamic product manager passionate about delivering customer value
  • Innovative product developer with a track record of launching successful products: [Your Name]
  • Experienced product marketer driving adoption and growth
  • UX product designer creating intuitive and engaging experiences: [Your Name]
  • Agile product owner skilled in driving roadmaps and prioritization
  • Product strategist with a vision for market disruption: [Your Name]

Customer success application subject lines:

  • Customer champion dedicated to delivering exceptional support: [Your Name]
  • Proactive customer success manager ready to delight your customers
  • Empathetic customer care representative committed to resolving complex issues: [Your Name]
  • Multilingual support professional fluent in engaging global customers
  • Patient and solutions-oriented tier 2 technical support expert: [Your Name]
  • Customer success manager focused on driving onboarding, retention, and satisfaction
  • Customer success supervisor with a talent for building and retaining high-performing teams: [Your Name]

Human resources application subject lines:

  • HR professional fostering a positive and productive work environment: [Your Name]
  • HR operations manager committed to empowering your team
  • Strategic HR manager driving talent acquisition and development: [Your Name]
  • Employee relations specialist skilled in conflict resolution and mediation
  • Organizational development consultant enhancing team effectiveness: [Your Name]
  • HR generalist with expertise in performance management and rewards
  • HR business partner with a passion for providing relatable career advice: [Your Name]

IT application subject lines:

  • Tech whiz equipped to solve your toughest IT challenges: [Your Name]
  • IT expert with a passion for streamlining business operations
  • Innovative solutions architect driving technological advancements: [Your Name]
  • Experienced network administrator ensuring seamless connectivity
  • Cybersecurity specialist with a focus on protecting sensitive data and mitigating risk
  • Data analyst skilled in extracting insights from complex datasets
  • IT project manager delivering successful technology implementations: [Your Name]

Pro Tip: If you were referred for the position you're applying for, make sure to include that in your email subject line. Here's an example of a job referral subject line: "Referral from Jane Doe: Innovative professional with a track record of success: [Your Name]

Feel free to customize these subject lines to fit your specific skills, experiences, and the job you're applying for.

Remember, a well-crafted subject line can capture the attention of hiring managers and increase your chances of securing an interview. 

Example of a professional-looking email for a job application

While your email subject line needs to hook the reader's attention, the content within the email needs to be just as strong. Teal provides guidance and email templates to help you articulate your interest when submitting a job application.

Find communication templates in the Job Application Tracker.

See our example below of a professional-looking email for a job application:

Subject: [Your Name] - Passionate [Job Title] Ready to Drive Results at [Company Name] - [Job ID, if applicable]

[Hiring Manager's Name],

I hope this email finds you well. As a dedicated and results-oriented
[Job Title], I was thrilled to come across the exciting opportunity at [Company Name]. With a proven track record in [relevant achievements and skills], I am confident I am the right person to contribute to your team's success and make an immediate impact.

In researching
[Company Name], I was impressed by your commitment to [specific company values and initiatives]. I share the same passion for [relevant industry or field] and believe that my skills and experience align perfectly with your requirements.

Please have a look at my resume attached. I would welcome the opportunity to discuss how my expertise can support
[Company Name]'s goals during an interview. Thank you for considering my application.

Best regards,

[Your Name]

[Contact Information]

Complete and track your job applications with Teal

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Don't let your application get lost in the shuffle

An excellent subject line can amplify job seekers' visibility within a hiring manager’s inbox and boost your chances of getting hired. Don’t sell yourself short due to a simple lack of savvy email etiquette. Embrace the power of personalized subject lines and well-crafted application emails to stand out from the competition.

After submitting your job application and email, don't forget to follow up accordingly to stay top of mind as an applicant. Within Teal’s Job Application Tracker are communication templates to use as a starting point for a follow up email after applying for a job. Make sure to tailor it to the specific role.

Use communication templates within Teal’s Job Application Tracker to follow up after applying for a job.
Use communication templates within Teal’s Job Application Tracker to follow up after applying for a job.

Start your job search journey with Teal today and embark on a rewarding career path. Good luck, and remember, Teal is here to help!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do you express interest in a job via email?

When expressing interest in a job via email message, use a professional subject line, and personalize your first few words. Demonstrate enthusiasm for the tasks the job requires and highlight relevant qualifications and accomplishments.

Express genuine excitement about the opportunity, explain why you are interested in the role and the company, and briefly summarize how your skills align with their needs.

Keep your email concise, professional, and error-free. Remember to keep your format simple enough that it can be easily read on mobile devices, include your contact information, and attach your resume and any other requested documents for the potential employer.

How do you start an email for a job application?

When starting an email for a job application, address the hiring manager by name if possible. Begin with a professional greeting, such as:

"Dear [Hiring Manager's Name],"


"Hello [Company Name] Hiring Team."

In the opening paragraph, introduce yourself and state the purpose of your email. Express your interest in the position and briefly mention why you are a strong fit. Here's an example:

I'm Anna, a Product Designer with 3 years of experience working as a junior and principal designer, and I have a deep passion for sustainably-made medical devices.

Keep your tone confident, friendly, and professional, setting a positive tone for the rest of your email and any replies. You can use phrases like,

"I'd be thrilled to be considered for the role." or "I'm eager to build upon my existing skills and expertise and would be happy to schedule a call to learn more about what the position requires."

What should I put in the subject line of an email when sending a resume?

When sending a resume via email, the subject line should be concise, specific, and relevant. Include your name, the position you are applying for, and possibly a brief phrase highlighting your qualifications or enthusiasm.

For example,

"John Doe - Application for [Job Title]" or "Experienced Marketing Specialist Applying for [Job Title] Position."

Make sure the subject line is attention-grabbing and tailored to the job you are seeking, as it will significantly impact whether your email gets noticed in a crowded inbox.

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