7 Tips to Get a Digital Marketing Agency Job In 2022

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January 14, 2022
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Most job descriptions tell you that most companies look for experience - it can be difficult to find true entry-level jobs. If you don't already have a job, it can be hard to get experience. Luckily, many digital marketing agencies require experience that can be easily attained through volunteer work, self-led learning, internships, and more.

According to Indeed, the average base salary of a digital marketer in the United States is $60,954 per year. 

Let's find out more.

How to Find Digital Marketing Agency Jobs 

You can see job titles such as SEO specialist, digital agency account manager, front-end WordPress developer, digital content writer, marketing coordinator, and more when you check out the jobs listed at various digital marketing agencies. When looking for digital marketing agency jobs, you have to see the most viable option depending on your skillset and education. You can also start as a digital marketing intern. 

The education requirements would vary depending on the job description, but generally, a bachelor's in marketing or a related field can help find a suitable job. Formal training or experience in the related field can also help! 

When applying for the digital marketing agency jobs, you can keep the following points in mind:

#1. Upgrade Your Knowledge

The field of digital marketing is competitive, so you need to upgrade your knowledge constantly. When there is cutthroat competition, you need to think outside the box and develop a proactive approach. You have to see what's the current trend and acquire knowledge accordingly. 

#2. Enroll In Courses And Practice 

To get a digital marketing agency job, enroll in courses and learn ad platforms like Facebook Ads Manager, Google AdWords, and more. The goal here is also to get applicable experience as well as get a sense of what the day-to-day of an advertising job will be like. Practice what you have learned on your own business a family members' business, or a non-profit's (if you can find a volunteer opportunity). Many small businesses require online advertising to survive, so there are abundant opportunities out there.

#3. Do Volunteer Work 

If you find it hard to get a digital marketing agency job, you can volunteer and build your experience. The volunteer work on your resume would show your serious attitude towards the position. If you work on any projects or accomplish any big goals, you can include these in the description.

#4. Create Your Online Portfolio

Nowadays, it's a must to maintain an online presence. Of course, you can have an active social media profile, but there must be a place to showcase your talent, and that's where a portfolio can help. It can highlight your achievements and give the clients a chance to know you professionally. You can also create a blog to share your knowledge with the world. In turn, it can show that you are a potential candidate for the relevant job.

#5. Optimize Your LinkedIn Profile

Don't forget to optimize your LinkedIn profile. It highlights your professional life, so you must present yourself most efficiently. The display picture on your profile has to be professional. Use the right keywords common in most of the job descriptions of digital marketing agency jobs. For a more comprehensive list of suggestions, we recommend using a LinkedIn profile review tool to find other improvements you can make to stand out.

#6. Focus On Networking

Networking can help you land jobs! Not many people are aware of the significance of networking. It's easy to connect online these days. You can connect with people on social media, especially LinkedIn. You can get a job via networking! 

#7. Make A Customized Resume And Cover Letter 

If you have applied to several jobs and it isn't working, then it's time to review your resume and cover letter. You could be using a template for all the jobs, and it may not be interesting. Remember your resume and cover letter represent you when you are not in front of the hiring manager. So, the resume and cover letter must speak on your behalf, and when you put your time and effort, it shows! 

Final Words 

Finding a digital marketing agency job may seem daunting, but it doesn't have to be! First, you need to know what's missing and take the right steps to get the job of your dreams. Follow the points above and see if it helps! Good luck in finding a digital marketing agency job in the new year.

If you're already looking for a digital marketing gig, take advantage of a free Job Application Tracker to stay organized throughout your job search. You can use this to save agency jobs from across different boards and job hunt like a pro.

Frequently Asked Questions

What specific skills should I highlight on my resume when applying for a digital marketing agency job?

When applying for a digital marketing agency job, emphasize skills such as SEO/SEM, data analytics, content creation, social media management, and PPC advertising. Also, showcase your proficiency with digital marketing tools and platforms, and highlight any successful campaigns or projects you've been involved with.

How can I gain relevant experience in digital marketing if I'm new to the field?

To gain experience, consider starting with internships or entry-level positions at marketing agencies. You can also create your own content, manage social media for a small business, volunteer to help non-profits with their digital marketing, or get certifications from recognized digital marketing courses to build and demonstrate your skills.

Is networking important for securing a job at a digital marketing agency, and if so, how can I effectively network?

Networking is crucial in the digital marketing industry. Attend industry webinars, join digital marketing groups on social media, participate in local meetups, and connect with professionals on LinkedIn. Engage in discussions, share your insights, and express your interest in agency roles to build relationships and get referrals.

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