11 of the Most Interesting and Best Careers for Psych Majors

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November 12, 2021
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A bachelor’s degree in psychology opens various job opportunities. There are various careers in psychology that you may find interesting. The beauty of the field of psychology is the fact that you get to learn about human behavior. 

Let’s say you have a major in psychology and now you’re wondering about your career options. Psychology students can pursue higher education for career growth. 

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, you can expect a growth of 8% for the overall psychologist job opportunities from the year 2020 to 2030. 

Let’s find out more about the best careers for psych majors. 

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What Can You Do with A Psychology Degree? 

A psychology degree opens many career options for you. You can become a teacher, a clinical psychologist, a correction officer, a police officer, and a lot more. You can simply opt for copywriting if your writing skills are on point. A degree can help you explore a variety of career options. Although for some career options, the requirement is a high school diploma, with a psychology degree you get an edge as you will understand human behavior. As a psychology student, you can know of criminal justice, the subject itself can help you understand human behavior from various perspectives. You can look into private practices when you have the experience, expertise, and knowledge. 

The Best Careers for Psychology Majors

#1. Psychologist

A psychologist helps people to overcome challenges in thinking and behavior. When people find it hard to connect with their feelings or understand themselves, a psychologist can be of great help. You can pursue your career as a psychologist after obtaining a master’s or doctorate in psychology. You also need a license so check the requirements with your state as some states will require a doctorate in psychology. Some people study clinical psychology and some opt for other career paths. With higher education and certifications, you can expect to earn more than the average, but a major in psychology will definitely open this career opportunity for you. In short, it will be a stepping stone. 

The average base salary of a clinical psychologist in the United States is $95,438 per year.

#2. Market Research Analyst

As a market research analyst, you can analyze data of the market to understand the behavior of consumers, products, services, etc. With a psychology major, you understand consumer behavior so you can study why a consumer makes a certain decision and under what circumstances. Companies want to understand the buyer’s journey and you can play an integral role as a market research analyst to study the relevant data. 

A market research analyst earns $60,100 annually in the USA. 

#3. Correctional Officer

As a correctional officer, you have to maintain safety and security in the jail or prison. You get a chance to observe the human behavior of the offenders. Psychology majors can help you in this field. So you can pursue your career as a correctional officer. 

A correctional officer earns an average salary of $32,454 per year in the United States. 

#4. Police Officer

You can also become a police officer with psychology majors. You have to maintain law and order, prevent and investigate criminal activities, and respond to emergency situations. Because of your majors in psychology, you can understand human behavior that can be of great help in catching thieves and robbers. 

A police officer earns an average of $53,461 per year in the United States. 

#5. Public Relations Specialist 

As a public relations specialist, you will be maintaining the brand image of your company or client. You will guide them on how to communicate with the public. You will work for the betterment of the brand image and thus, social psychology majors can be of great help as you can improve the relations of a company or client with society. 

The median salary of public relations specialists in the United States is $55,941 per year. 

#6. Career Advisor

As a career advisor, you will be advising people about their working life. Your clients will be people who want to know what career will be suitable for them or people who are looking for a career change. Because of your background in psychology, you can be a better advisor as you will know what career will match with a person’s behavior. You can also guide the unemployed and advise on what education or skills can be helpful. 

A career advisor earns an average of $43,456 per year in the USA. 

#7. Teacher 

A teacher with a psychology degree can teach psychology as well as most social science subjects at the high school and junior high level. If you're interested in teaching elementary school, you can likely teach all subjects. Whether you teach at kindergarten level or higher, you will be able to guide students. When you have knowledge of human behavior you can shape society for the better. You will be required to get certain certifications and a license so check with your state. 

In the USA, a teacher earns $15.02 per hour on average, though this varies with geography and tenure.

#8. Advertiser

With a psychology major, you can become an excellent advertiser. You will create ads for products and services. The purpose of ads is to capture the attention of customers and it involves the art of persuasion. If you are interested, you may find this career highly engaging! 

As an advertiser, you can expect to earn an average of $43,934 per year in the United States, though salaries quickly increase as you progress past entry-level roles.

#9. Child Care Worker 

You can even work as a child care worker if you are interested in taking care of kids. You can work in a daycare or in after-school programs. With experience, you may even be able to open your own daycare after getting the license and fulfilling the relevant requirements from your state. For more information, you can check the rules and regulations of your state. In some cases, no formal education is necessary but imagine the impact of your knowledge and wisdom on small children. It will be a win-win for society. 

According to the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median salary of a child care worker is $25,460 per year. 

#10. Sales Manager 

With a psychology major, you have a lot of potential in sales. You will understand how to implement the principles of psychology when it comes to sales and managing teams. Your goal is to achieve optimal sales and guide the sales team to work to its full potential. You will be analyzing the sales data and hiring team members. Thus, a background in psychology may boost your career. 

A sales manager earns an average base salary of $72,374 per year in the United States. They can also earn a cash bonus of $15,000 per year and a commission of $24,000 per year. These amounts often increase with seniority and skill.

#11. Copywriting

If you have a background in psychology, you can pursue your career as a copywriter as you will understand the psychology of people. However, you also need to have writing and communication skills. Copywriters can even work from home! You can learn copywriting from various online platforms and schools for copywriting. 

A copywriter can earn an average of $53,372 per year in the USA. 

Final Words 

Now that you know that you have many choices with a degree in psychology, you have the final say! You can study school psychology and help kids. When you pursue higher education, you get more opportunities. Based on your preferences, you can decide what’s best for you in life. It depends on your interest and also on your expected salary and experience. 

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Frequently Asked Questions

What are some unexpected industries where a bachelor's degree in psychology can be particularly beneficial?

A bachelor's degree in psychology can be beneficial in industries such as marketing, where understanding consumer behavior is crucial, human resources, where insights into employee relations and organizational behavior are valuable, and in user experience design, where knowledge of human cognition can inform product design and usability.

How can psych majors tailor their education to prepare for a diverse range of interesting careers?

Psych majors can tailor their education by pursuing specialized courses or minors in areas such as business, education, or statistics, engaging in internships to gain practical experience, and by developing skills in research and data analysis which are highly transferable to various career paths.

Are there opportunities for psych majors to work in non-traditional roles outside of clinical and counseling settings?

Absolutely, psych majors have opportunities to work in non-traditional roles such as corporate trainers, market researchers, forensic psychologists, or as consultants in organizational development, where they apply psychological principles to improve workplace productivity and culture.

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