Virta Health

Virta delivers a clinically-proven treatment to reverse type 2 diabetes and other chronic metabolic diseases.


Virta develops treatments to reversing type 2 diabetes without medications or surgery. Among enrolled patients in its clinical trial at one year, 60% achieved diabetes reversal, and 94% of insulin users reduced or eliminated usage altogether. Results extend beyond diabetes reversal to other areas of metabolic and cardiovascular health, with sustained improvements in blood pressure, inflammation, liver function, and BMI. Delivered through Virta’s novel continuous remote care platform, the Virta Treatment provides unparalleled medical and behavioral support and is transforming the lives of people living with type 2 diabetes. Founded in 2014, the company is headquartered in San Francisco, California.


Virta Health's core mission is centered around revolutionizing the treatment of type 2 diabetes by leveraging cutting-edge technology and personalized care. Their primary objective is to empower individuals to achieve lasting health improvements, ultimately reversing diabetes and reducing dependency on medications. By combining innovative digital tools with expert medical supervision, Virta Health strives to create a holistic, patient-centric approach that transforms lives and redefines the standards of chronic disease management.

Employee Benefits

  • Competitive salaries
  • Comprehensive benefits package (details available on Virta's Careers page)

Core Values

  • Patient-centered: Virta Health puts patients at the center of everything they do, prioritizing their needs and well-being above all else.
  • Science-based: Virta Health is grounded in scientific evidence and rigorous research, ensuring that their interventions are effective and evidence-based.
  • Continuous improvement: Virta Health is committed to ongoing learning and improvement, constantly seeking to refine their approach and deliver better outcomes for patients.
  • Teamwork: Virta Health values collaboration and teamwork, recognizing that their success depends on the collective efforts of their diverse and talented team.

Virta Health


Head of Commercial and Policy at Virta Health

Mike Payne

Head of Commercial and Policy
Vice President at Virta Health

David Hatch

Vice President
Head of User Experience Design at Virta Health

Amit Shah

Head of User Experience Design

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