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Tempus Ex merge AI, ML, and data science technologies to delivers cutting-edge solutions that aim to change the sports experience.


Tempus Ex Machina is the technological vanguard for the sports and entertainment industry. Merging sports, video, and data with innovation and accessibility, Tempus Ex technology enables the creation of new interactive experiences around live events. Harnessing the latest AI, machine learning, and data science technologies, Tempus Ex has partnered with the National Football League, premier global sports leagues, broadcasters, gaming companies, and world-class athletes to deliver cutting-edge solutions that will forever change the sports consumption experience. Tempus Ex recently closed a Series B investment round led by Silver Lake and Endeavor. Additionally, Seed and Series A investors Andreesen Horowitz, General Catalyst, and Will Ventures also participated in the Series B funding round.


Tempus Ex's core mission is centered around harnessing the power of technology to drive innovation and efficiency in various industries. By developing cutting-edge solutions and fostering a culture of continuous improvement, Tempus Ex aims to empower businesses to adapt and thrive in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Their commitment to collaboration and excellence ensures that they deliver tailored, impactful solutions that address the unique challenges faced by their clients, ultimately transforming the way organizations operate and achieve their goals.

Employee Benefits

Core Values

  • Innovation: Tempus Ex cultivates an environment that encourages groundbreaking ideas and cutting-edge technology, inspiring employees to push boundaries and redefine the tech industry.
  • Collaboration: Tempus Ex emphasizes the importance of teamwork and open communication, fostering a culture that values diverse opinions and encourages collective problem-solving.
  • Integrity: Tempus Ex upholds the highest ethical standards, ensuring that honesty, transparency, and accountability are at the core of every decision and action taken within the organization.
  • Customer Focus: Tempus Ex is dedicated to providing exceptional customer experiences, prioritizing the needs and satisfaction of its clients while continually striving to exceed their expectations.
  • Personal Growth: Tempus Ex supports the professional and personal development of its employees, offering ample opportunities for learning, skill enhancement, and career progression.

Tempus Ex


Founder at Tempus Ex

Erik Schwartz

Chief Product Officer at Tempus Ex

Adelle Lin

Chief Product Officer
President at Tempus Ex

Vitaly Domnikov


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