Buf Technologies

Buf is building tools to help companies completely change the way they work with APIs throughout their lifecycle.


Buf assists teams in working with Protocol Buffers APIs throughout their lifecycle, whether they are creating a new API for a key customer or relying on one exposed by another team. It makes it simple to create and distribute consistent APIs. Buf is used by users to lint and detect breaking changes in the schema evolution, thereby protecting users.


Buf Technologies is dedicated to revolutionizing the way developers interact with Protocol Buffers, a language-agnostic data serialization format. Their core mission is to streamline and simplify the process of working with Protocol Buffers, enabling developers to build more efficient and reliable software systems. By providing powerful tools and resources, Buf Technologies aims to foster a collaborative environment that encourages innovation and enhances productivity in the tech industry.

Employee Benefits

  • Embracing diversity and encouraging people from all backgrounds and life experiences to apply
  • Opportunity to have a large impact from day one
  • Close collaboration with the team on Engineering, Product, and Developer Relations challenges
  • Opportunity to own components of the product design and enhance the frontend experience of Buf's products
  • Commitment to ensuring that the workplace can be anyone's workplace
  • Retention of personal data for consideration for future positions at Buf

Core Values

  • Innovation: Buf Technologies is dedicated to pushing boundaries and exploring new ideas, encouraging employees to think outside the box and create innovative solutions.
  • Collaboration: Teamwork is essential to Buf Technologies's success, fostering a culture of open communication, mutual respect, and shared problem-solving.
  • Customer focus: Buf Technologies is committed to delivering exceptional customer experiences, prioritizing customer needs and feedback in all aspects of the business.
  • Integrity: Buf Technologies operates with the highest ethical standards, valuing honesty, transparency, and accountability in all interactions and decisions.
  • Continuous learning: Buf Technologies values personal and professional growth, providing opportunities for employees to learn, develop new skills, and advance their careers.

Buf Technologies


Software Engineer at Buf Technologies

Akshay Shah

Software Engineer
 at Buf Technologies

 at Buf Technologies

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